Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Mole S13E7 - Wie is de Mol 2013 [English] - South Africa

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He doesn't read any newspapers, but which one the Mole reads, will be a question on the next test.

I read everything out loud, dependable as I am.

That question will be on the next test. Are you going to share it? - Yes.

I could also keep that information to myself.

Inside, the Mole awaits you.

So it's a child bearing, female Mole with long hair.

It's completely confusing.

I think the Mole has struck.

How can it be that I lost more than 10.000,-?

Daniel said to me: Look what I found.

That envelope was lying in the bus like this.

Show me the money!

What did you get? Yay!

Knowledge is power, and yet you let your advantage for the next test slip through your fingers.. sharing all the questions.So your advantage over the rest is gone.

Once upon a time nine contestants and one Mole started this game, but that seems a long time ago.

Exactly half of them are left now that Tania's gone.

The Mole is feeling just fine, even though the pot has been found.

Not like there's that much in it anyway. But that could soon change ...

Because today it will become clear what these tubes contain...

...which the contestants earned during the safari challenge ... well as the Big Five-challenge, where they liberated Tim.

Also, one contestant will earn an exemption for the finals this afternoon.

Which is worthless though, if they don't survive tomorrow's execution.

'A development'.

The problem is that the game makes it necessary to negotiate with each other.

To form alliances and such.

But I really think that means nothing at all in the end.

Obviously you need to know things about each other like:

What's your father's name, what is your favourite food?

But creating an alliance.. You don't know who you can trust anyway, so that's just confusing.

I think we'll get a challenge during which we'll be able to develop that paper.

At breakfast we were talking about those black tubes which we earned during challenges.

Take your pick. One more thing: Maybe you shouldn't open them.

Then I saw three tubes in his back pocket.

Shall we take a look what's inside?

I really don't find those tubes all that interesting. - Yeah, me either.

Can someone spark the fire in me?

I think it's photo paper that hasn't been developed yet.

I think we'll get a challenge during which we'll be able to develop them.

You can develop a film, and then project that onto paper. - No.

Well not everybody would recognize it being photo paper..

How do you know that we'll have to do something with it later, Daniel?

We have two of them left which probably contain money.

There's no money in them, no way. - You did not open it, did you?

I really think so.

Does anyone want to open them? Or should we keep them closed? - Open them!

No way! - Since when did you become the boss, Daniel?

I'm not the boss, I'm just telling you what I think.- No, you're telling us not to.

How many tubes are left unopened? - Just two.

Until we know exactly what it is we should leave them closed.

Let's see what happens today.

If there's no challenge involving them today, you can open them tonight.

Otherwise we'll just open them without Daniel, that's possible too.

Give it a try.

That being said, Art suddenly appeared at our breakfast table.

I'm bringing you money.

Whom should I give it to? Here you go. - Thank you.

1000 Rand in shopping money.

You should use it to buy stuff to obscure a room.


No, that's not possible!

Pay attention when shopping.

For the best products are not always at eye level.

Good luck.

Buy things to create a darkroom. -Jeez, you know!

You're all a bunch of incredible suckers!

We were about to open those two tubes.

This! You know.. They just wouldn't listen.

I just knew it was like this.

We had to create a darkroom.

We were given 100,- which is 1000 Rands, to do so.

I suggest that we spend all of it.

Yes, there might be another challenge involved.

That we need to spend the exact amount, or something like that.

From now on I won't question what Daniel thinks anymore. - Indeed.

Now I'm taking you seriously again.

From now on, everything you're saying is true for me.

Yes, we have to spend the full amount precisely.

I'm happy with my new position.

I think Daniel felt really good then, rightfully so.

What he said all along was true, we had to make a darkroom.

That corner is drawing me to it instantly.

It was a funny little shop.

Ok this costs 4,-

They had all kinds of stuff.

Like clothes, blankets, as well as food and household items.

8,-. And this is a tenner.

It was the kind of shop for an area with few other shops.

Give it to me, put it on my arm. One, two. That's 22,- approximately.


Kees, Carolien and Zarayda had come up with the plan to use blankets.

They thought that would be a good idea.

Treasurer, we have about 77,- worth in blankets here.

Sounds great to me. - That should be enough, right?

I was thinking more along the lines of paper used to obscure rooms during the war.

That seemed more useful to me but where do you buy that stuff?

I walked upstairs in order to overlook the shop.

Because Art had said: The important things are not at eye level.

Oh, look! - Yes, very good! That's perfect!

This is what we really need.

Nice going, Daniel. This is it!

This plastic is what we need. - It costs 40,- though.

It's a huge role though.

Why is Daniel suddenly the Einstein of the group?

All Kees did was rumble around in some bins.

Apparently he thought there might be jokers in there or whatever.

He was groping around in those bins, looking for things that weren't useful.

Look what I found.

At some point I was crawling around that joint on my knees.

When suddenly I found this black tube..

How much is it supposed to cost us?

Kees found another tube. - 'Do not open'.

It clearly said: Do not open.

It costs 19,- so about 199 Rand. Pretty pricey.

So we had an extra tube.

It was here, inside this bin. - It wasn't visible straight away? - No.

So we started to frantically turn over baskets with shoes and hats..

In order to see if there was yet another tube.

It's inside those bins. - Where? Which bins?

We didn't find any more tubes.

I'm sure there must have been several more tubes out there though.

We just didn't find them.

So let's go and pay for it.- Yes. I can see this working as a dark room.

We collected all that stuff, cloths, ropes, the works.

The lady behind the counter also gave us some cardboard boxes.

Then we we were on our way to wherever we were going.

Nice, that's an old printing office. The Mission Press.

This is really cool!

We went to an old building with broken windows, an old printing office.

There was just one big room with high windows, which we had to obscure.

The red light. - Daniel was right. - Yes.

There were three entrances on the ground floor.

They were easy to obscure because we had enough plastic and tape.

So that was done in a flash.

This is my height, across.

I gave myself the role of a rush goalie.

It's twice my height, sort of.

I used my body as a yardstick to cut the right surfaces.

Wherever people needed scissors, I tried to help out.

This is big enough.

We should be ok with this.

The problem was with the windows at the top, however.

There's a ladder. That will make it easier.

That won't stick..

It should be taped again. - Yes, so it will stick.

I think this will get us a long way.

The only ladder I found was very small so we couldn't reach it.

So we were thinking like crazy about how to handle it.

I just saw something! - What?

I can see sticks. Maybe we can do use those.

I found some sticks outside. Kees and I came up with the idea.. bind those sticks together, and attach the canvas to it.

That way we could put that up against the windows.

So we'll have four sticks in the air, making a long banner.

We came up with several ideas.

Carolien had thought of making a kind of banner using branches.

We were supposed to stick those against the highest windows.

Wrap it around, Carolien.

We really worked well together at that moment.

It was great fun to do.

You're running stuck on that thing.. - Oh crap I'm stuck on that thing!

Should it be joined together? Should it be fixed? - No, that's the problem.

Oh man! So it has to be lifted over that..

If you come over here, I can lift it over. - That's what I thought too.

Wait, this one is coming. - Be careful, don't break anything!

You have to lift it over that one as well.

Get me that ladder, please.

Do you need help? - Yes, please!

I think we were at it for about 40 minutes, taping sticks together.

That turned out not to be the right way.

Actually, it only made it worse. It was hopeless.

Can someone stab it with a stick to pull it straight again?

It's too short.

I could see it wasn't going to work. - Crap.

I thought: This makes no sense.

I wanted to check if we could get on the roof somehow.

So I walked around the building and what do I see?


A huge ladder.

Wow, Paulien Cornelisse! No!

What the f*ck! Where did you find that?

On the other side of the building.

I don't know where she found it.

But Paulien showed up with a huge ladder, saying: I think we need this.

So we quickly forgot about the idea to use the sticks.

Are you going up? - Yes. Thumbtacks please!

So I climbed the ladder like crazy.

Obscuring those windows like a madman.

Where did you find that ladder, Paulien?

On the other side of the building. - On that side? - Yes.

Then it was fixed in a wink.

We attached black canvasses to the windows.

Kees was a kind of handyman who did it like 'wham-bam-thank you m'am'..

He was shouting down from his ladder, having everything in control.

So we quickly managed to obscure the room. - Careful.

Kees and Daniel were doing that so I took charge of the bottles.

I thought that job suited me better.

About half a cup? - Yes.

There are three liquids: a developing liquid ...

A stop solution and a fixative.

They all have to be mixed with water in various proportions.

Carolien and I mixed those very carefully.

Nice job, Kees. - Perfect, guys.

How are we going to go about this? - I have prepared these.

The room was completely sealed off, not a single ray of light came through.

So we could start developing the pictures.

I'm giving this to you. That will be the first.

It needs one and a half minute max. - Like this, right? All the way in.

We decided to do the tube Kees had found, which we had bought first.

It's dangerous. - Look, something's showing already.

Which one is this? - The one we just found in the store.

It's money! We're developing money! - No way! - Yes!

This is 500! Let's put it in here straight away.. There you go!

I'm opening this one now, ok?

We thought: This is good, we're doing well. Now for the other ones.

Should I put in the next one now? - Yes.

It's been in there for one whole minute now.

Guys, look. I think it's been opened.

It's turning all black. Should I take it out? - No keep it in.

I'll put in another one then.

We had six tubes, one of which we had found in the supermarket.

There was money on that one for sure.

At least two of the remaining five should have been kept closed.

We were 1000% sure of that.

This one is turning all black too.

But something may still happen to it yet?

Nothing is happening with this one.

Why not? - You saw how it went with the other one.

Because they have been opened? - Yes of course.

Ok put that one in there. Watch out for your hands.

Should I do it? I'm doing nothing yet I'm wearing gloves.

I've got tweezers too. -Yes, you take it out.

Be careful though.

I think something is happening with this one, right?

No, this one is turning black too. - Keep it in there please..

I was standing there with my heart pounding..

What's going to happen with those tubes?

Will it turn into money too, like the first note did?

Or will they all turn into black wrappers?

There should still be one - Zarayda you had two which hadn't been opened?

This one is black too. Dammit guys, what the hell is this?

That was very strange.

Because I thought the tubes Zarayda had in her bag had not been opened.

I don't understand, two of them weren't opened. - This one should turn out well.

Yes, this one is taking longer. - Is this still good?

But wait a minute, we bought one of them..

No this one is turning black too. Geez! - I don't understand either.

Clearly they have all been opened after all.

Are we putting it in the wrong liquid? - No because one of them turned out well.

The one we know for sure hadn't been opened.

So these must have been opened after all.

Black. Everything was pitch black.

Then this is it? Is this all?

That was a bit of a downer.

We had worked so hard creating the dark room.

The Mole probably knew it would be pointless, because those pictures were just all black.

One of us opened them, that's for sure.

Well, did you succeed?

Yes and no.

You could have earned a total of 6000,- with these tubes.

How much did you get?


500,-. So your curiosity cost you a lot of money.


Here you go. - Thank you.

At least you earned something.

We could have earned 6000,- with this challenge.

So if you're left with just 500,- out of the 6000,- you're thinking: How can that be?

Zarayda was sharing a room with Tania all the time.

Maybe at some time Tania thought: Let's open the tubes.

Even though I don't really suspect her..

Zarayda would have lots of opportunities to open the tubes too of course.

I have to say it's pretty cool that this one worked at least.

When I just got them, I talked to Tania about it in our room.

We opened the tubes briefly, looked inside: 'There's a paper in there', then closed it again.

I honestly thought it wouldn't make any difference.

So I think I ruined that.

There are four exemptions underneath the bowls on this table.

In pieces.

There are red, green, blue and yellow ones.

It's up to you to complete such an exemption.

The person who manages to do that first, moves on to the finals.

That made everyone's hair stand on end.

Ok. An exemption for the finals.

Because of this exemption.

The first one to have a set of four pieces of the same colour..

...wins an exemption to the finals.

I'll repeat it once more: An exemption for the finals!

But you'll have to survive this episode first.

Otherwise the exemption will fall through, which would be a shame.

So that didn't mean you'd be in the finals automatically for there's another execution first.

But if you make it through this execution, you won't have to do the last one.

Kees, the treasurer - that's a responsible task.

You may appoint the person who will start.

Paulien - Thank you!

There we go. Good luck to you all.

Yellow for Paulien.


Green for Carolien.

So we have a yellow and a green one.

From now on I'll keep my mouth shut about that, you'll have to remember by yourself.


Do you have your sight set on one yet, Zarayda? - Yes.

That's the one, it has your name on it.


There were yellow pieces, red, blue and green ones.

The first person to collect four pieces from one colour, would win the exemption.

If you lifted a bowl and there was a piece underneath, you could keep it.

You have to turn in a yellow one.

But if you had a piece and there was nothing underneath your cup, you had to put it back in.

The person after you could remember where it was.

So they could take your piece.


It really was a nerve-racking game.

The rule was that if after two minutes you were left empty-handed..

..and you happened to turn over an empty bowl, you were out of the game.

Two minutes are up.

So if you have nothing and you pick an empty one, you're of the game.

Paulien. - That one please.

Red for Paulien.


A blue one.





The green one is back into the game again.

Kees is empty-handed.

But not anymore.

You were also dependent on the luck of your predecessor.



That was nerve-racking. - Red is back into the game.

You're calculating: If he does this, what would that mean for me?

That's how you're playing that game when in fact you have zero influence on what's happening.



A red one back into the game.



Paulien, you have nothing in your hands? - No.

Good luck.

Have fun, guys.

I was out first, though I thought that for once this could be a game I was good at.

So that was actually pretty sad.

Carolien. Empty.

Red back into the game.



Empty, and you had nothing in your hands. - Good luck.

Empty hands, no exemption.

And a stomach ulcer on its way. That's how I left.

Paulien dropped out first, then Zarayda.

So Daniel, Kees and I were the three people left at the table.

Yellow comes back into the game.

The majority of the pieces were already out of the game.

But there were still some left underneath them.


That's when things really became exciting.

I had three green ones in my pockets and a yellow one as leverage.

Yellow for you.

I knew that Carolien was going for green.

I knew she had three green pieces in her pocket.

I knew that I myself had one green piece in my pocket.

Now I have to think for a minute.

Which one are you giving up?

So I didn't put the green one back.

I had other pieces I could use instead.

A red one.

I knew that Kees had my green one.

I thought: If he's out of other pieces he has to give me that green one.



A yellow one.


Yellow for Kees.


A red one for Carolien.


An empty one.

Yellow on the table.


I was constantly focusing on green.

And on yellow too, of which I had three pieces in my pocket.

The red colour was used constantly as some sort of change.


Are you still keeping up Daniel? - I hope so.

Yet again a red one on the table.

This is going to take a while.

I thought that all the pieces were already out of the game.

Yellow for Carolien.

So I thought I had to put back one of my precious blue ones.

And just like that I got a blue one there!

A blue one. - Congratulations!

An exemption.

For the finals. It's yours.

Thank you! - You're welcome.

I had four blue pieces.

So. What I received then...

O yeah!

That's this great mate!

Well done!

Good job man!

I actually wanted Kees or Paulien to get it.

But I think Daniel is a good one too...

Because I hope that he might not be doing too well on tomorrow's test.

So he might be going home anyway.

But that's a really mean thing to say, right..

Wow Dan. Good job man! - Yes.

You did it. - You forgot all about the blue ones didn't you?

I had completely forgotten about them.

I was constantly aiming for the yellow ones for I had three of them in my pocket.

Regardless, you just managed to get it from underneath that bowl.

Which none of us had looked at yet.

It wasn't just that we forgot about them.

There's a finalist standing here. - You're not sure about that yet.

With one foot on the other side.

The other foot is still, how do you say that? In the ditch?

Ditch, Africa, I think that's the fitting word here.

Let's go to the bus.

I really have to make it through the next test.

I have to make it through because then I'll be in the finals!

For real!

So, I'm a happy camper.

Or the Mole..

The Mole had a good day.

The tubes only earned the group 500,-

That could have been 6000,- instead.

A sabotage to be proud of.

Daniel had a good day too, because he won the exemption for the finals.

Two people with a smile on their face.

Or is it just one person, and is Daniel fooling everybody?

Regardless, tomorrow he'll have to defend his exemption to the core.

Today feels like a crucial day. Don't you think?

Totally, it really s crucial though. - Yes it is.

If Daniel makes it he's through to the finals. - Exactly.

So there's just one spot in the finals left. - Yeah.

The final three, basically.

We were having breakfast, having fun..

We were chatting a bit, discussing some questions.

But Daniel...? - Can I go get my diary then?

He's not here? - No.

It took us quite a while to find out Daniel wasn't there.

Good morning.

Have you got your exemption with you? - Yes.

Are you attached to it yet? - Well I'm still getting used to it.

It's your ticket to the finals. - Yes.

When did you see him? - Well every morning he's here before us.

He goes home later and gets here earlier.

I thought he'd be here by now. - Daniel is missing.

Daniel is missing? - Yes.

The other four are going to try to take away your exemption.

But you may defend yourself.

Here you go. - Thanks.

I've got something else for you too. Go check it out.

Allright then.

He's not in his room and I've been here for 45 minutes.

Could it be a challenge? - It could very well be.

We were brought to some kind of field in between two pine forests.

It was kind of an eerie setting.

A field with this high, dry grass...

...and those spooky kind of established forests.

Good morning.

Behind you in the field there are parts of exemptions.

If you manage to complete one exemption of four different colours...

...and take it all the way to the other side of the field...

Daniel will lose his exemption, and you'll earn 2000,-

There is one problem though.

Daniel is going to defend his exemption. So good luck.

Wow! No!

I got a laser gun this size!

I was hanging out of the helicopter... try bust a cap into my fellow contestants!

Well, that's just great fun!

I'm a runner, you're a runner.

We'll be collectors, we also need collectors right?

There were many 'topitos' with different colours in the field.

We were supposed to collect four different topitos to form one exemption.

We needed to bring those to the table at the end.

When he gets over here I'll start running.

That would mean we'd cancel out Daniel's exemption and earn ourselves 2000,-

Crap. Who's going in first?

Shall we go first? - No we should go all at once.

Not together! - Yes we should! That way he won't know who to shoot.

Instant total panic. We had no idea what would be the wise thing to do.

Then he'll get all four of us like bang bang bang..

Kees run! Go!

Quickly, Kees!

I ran into the field first, hearing the helicopter blasting behind me.

It appeared above the trees and went straight at me.

The only thing I could do was to crouch or lie down.

Get the grass all around you so you're as hard to detect as possible.

Where should I go? - Over there, to those green flags.

To that first one? - Left, yes.

When you got a piece, you had to deliver it all the way at the front.

Then you could go back into the field to get a second piece.

A red one!

Thanks! - A red one.

I had my first piece so I went for the barrel.


Damn! I'm out! Oh damn...

I was hit straight away.

I was devastated. It's not good for your self-confidence.

You really want to be the war hero too.

It was really bad luck, and a little clumsiness that seems to follow me around from time to time.

I went in last.

Running towards the place to get a piece I stumbled across some people.

Carolien I'm right behind you. Have you got a yellow one? -Yes.

I wasn't really looking around me.

I was only focused on these green flags where the parts would be.

Look out!

Crap! - Take cover.

The helicopter started making ever smaller circles around us.

Daniel's grin got bigger and bigger...

Ooooh! Crap!

Well... I don't know what it is...

Somehow this fatalism comes over me...

Then I think: this is never going to work.

Carolien! - I've got one.

Should I get one too? - You get the next one.

Obviously you can't say you'll quit straight away either.

So I did go to get one piece.

But it was against my better judgement.

I already saw us failing big time.

I'm out.

Somewhere halfway this depression Daniel shot me. I was out.

The tree, hide near the tree! - Where?

Only Kees and I were left.


Which one did you get? - Yellow!

Crap! F*ck!

I knew Kees was ahead of me and that he had a part.

He shouted back at me he had a yellow part.

At the time I had two pieces with me but that wasn't allowed.

So I went back to drop one part.

Kees, you can only go with one colour!

With just one colour? - Yeah!

I think so! - What colour do you have?

Red. - Yellow. Here's green! - What should I do with it?

Put it back into the jar.

Being in the helicopter was fantastic!

We kept making these turns so I was leaning over all the time.

I was strapped tight so I could just hang there cool like a GI Joe.

Only thing was: I had no idea whether I hit them or not.

I just kept shooting and shooting like a maniac.

We need to get to the next stop. - The red sign. - Yes, together.

Wait a sec...


Go left. - Ok duck, duck!

Crap, there it comes again.

I put one down! Go, go!

Is that the finish?

Eventually we got to the finish.

Carolien was already there, she'd put the blue one down.

I put the yellow one down and went back into the field again straight away.

Carolien! I put yellow down.

I put green down and almost the red too.

So I should get the blue one? - Yes.

I ran into her and she said: I have a red one, there's green and yellow on the table already.

I thought: a green and yellow one?

What's down? - Yellow. What did you put down?

Whatever was lying there! - Blue I think!

I said: no you're confused, there's blue and yellow.

No it's a green one and a yellow one!

But there's a blue one missing. We're lacking a blue one.

I thought I must be going mad..

I could have sworn I saw a blue piece there.

So I'll go get green? - Yes if blue's already down.

Blue's down. - Ok.

I ran like crazy to the green pole.

It was one of the first poles, all the way at the start of the field.

When I got there I made my way back again...

Holding the green 'topito' with that chopper above me, I joined Carolien again.

Kees! - I have a green one!

Can you still keep going? - Yes.


Throw it. - Go, I'll distract him.

I'll distract him.

Bye bye Daniel.

Man this was so tough.

Fucking tough. - We got it though!

We got it? - Yeah!

Kees is one of my main suspects.

I was surprised by the fact he was participating so enthusiastically.

Sweat pouring all over his face.

I thought: if he's my Mole, I might just be wrong.

How did you do it? - Carolien had the blue one first.

She brought it to the barrel. I held a yellow one.

We put those down and ran back again.

She got a red one..

Then there was some confusion about which colours we'd put down.

Blue or green. I was positive there was a blue one.

So I ran back for green.

I really didn't remember. Blue, green...

I had already seen so many jars with colours...

I just forgot.

Carolien was back as well, I was almost at the end, around the middle there...

I asked Carolien to take the green one from me as I was exhausted.

You go running. - Oh man! GI Jane!

I was informed by the pilot we should be heading back.

Flying over the finish I saw four coloured parts lying there.

So I thought I had lost.

Our flying gunman. -Yeah.

Have you got your exemption on you? - Yes.

Could you give it to me? - Preferably not.

Here you go. - Thank you.

To retain this exemption you had to disable your four fellow contestants.


Zarayda and Paulien were elimitated instantly.

That left Carolien and Kees. - Yes.

I saw them.

We saw you too. - Did you hit them?

I felt like I had pulverized each and every one of them.

But I have no idea.

If you hit Kees and Carolien, this exemption is yours.


If you failed... - It's yours again, or one of theirs..

It's mine again.

You managed to disable Kees and Carolien.


No! - The exemption goes to Daniel.

Here you go. - Thanks!

Too bad. You could have earned 2000,-

You failed.

Then it became clear we didn't succeed in this challenge after all.

Kees was shot in the middle of the field, low.

Carolien, you were shot when you were climbing up.

To make things clear:

Daniel, if you survive this test and execution, you're in the finals.

So everybody prepare for the test and the execution.

Congratulations Daniel. - Congratulations.

Nice Job, Dan. - Sorry.

We thought we had nailed it.

Because I shot them all, they missed out on 2000,- towards the pot.

We were so convinced we nailed it.

I didn't regret that even for a second.

Very embarrassing. Congratulations.

Thanks. - It's great for you though.

I think it's great for Daniel.

I just hope he gets executed in the next test though.

I seriously think it's great Daniel got the exemption.

But I would have preferred it if we had been managed to take it from him.

That way everyone would have had an equal shot at making it to the finals.

Also to relax a little after the whole disaster of the dark room.

Making just 500,- was just pretty awful.

But alas. Today we earned squat again..

Got it! - Just how nice are we Dan?

Giving you all the information you missed at breakfast.

I really appreciate it. - It's very un-molish isn't it?

I'm really grateful to you guys.

We're grateful to you too for gunning us down..

So happy about it. - I really didn't want to but they forced me.

The Mole Gods made you do it..

They showed me a picture of my kids: Either you shoot all other contestants or...

Kees gave me his mole diary!

Why did he do that?

Well.. He obviously doesn't suspect me that much is clear.

No way he would have given me his diary otherwise.

The sucky part is that he's probably onto the same people as I am.

You may see it all, go on.

How long can we keep this up though?

Crawling into each other's lap with these diaries.. - Well we can't..

I said: How much longer can we keep sharing information?

Then everyone says: Yeah we can't, we should stop doing that soon.

But there is no such thing as 'soon'.. Soon is now!

The finals await us around the corner, so there is no 'soon'.

Basically we're digging our own grave..

The Mole's watching us, sneakily amused. I'm sure of it.

Daniel was responsible for us not earning 2000,- towards the pot.

He just defended his exemption. - Which I would have done too. - Exactly.

Paulien and I are sharing almost all information with each other.

I know who she's voting for and she knows who I'm voting for.

We just hope that other people are onto others.

Otherwise one of us may be out.

Zarayda.. She does nothing at all. - No she does nothing.

She still earned absolutely nothing for the pot. - Yes.

I'm going for two people. - Two people? Whom?

Are you going to tell us Daniel?

Fine with me but I'm not sure I will tell you too.

There's just five of us left now, four this afernoon..

Fine so we won't say.

It's time for the test.

20 Questions about the identity and the actions of the Mole.

Whoever knows least, is out of the game.

Except for the Mole who's never going home.

This is going to be the hardest test ever.

Because we just have no idea.

We whisper to each other: Have you got suspects? Who are you going for?

Are you going for one or two people?

Just to be 'safe' everyone keeps saying: I'm hedging my bets..

There's nothing left to hedge your bets on, there's just five of us left..

This test is going to be crucial.

There are five of us left.

It's really cut-throat now.

I think nobody really has an idea.

I'm starting to have doubts again too.

Zarayda? She does absolutely nothing.

She contributed zero euro to our pot.

She's scared of everything basically.

That sucks for her, but it could also be a great sabotage for the Mole...

To say that you're scared of everything.

I suspect Paulien.

I also suspect Zarayda and Carolien, still..

I'm going to hedge my bets between those three.

It's hard to do so because there are only 20 questions on the test.

After three questions I already forgot who I voted for on the first one.

So in the end it's always a bit of a guess.

Oh well.. I'm just going to give it my best shot.

I'm suspicious of three people.

Kees, Zarayda and Daniel.

All three of them have good Mole qualities.

Zarayda earned very little money.

Kees is good because he never slips up when talking about the game.

Daniel is a bit vague, hard to pinpoint.

That could be quite useful being the Mole.

We all know Paulien isn't very good at physical challenges.

Today she was the second to be eliminated, in the laser challenge she was out straight away.

In the minedump with the quads she was eliminated straight away too.

Sure you can say: That's just Paulien so that's why it happens.

On the other hand, all things considering..

Looking at how much money Paulien earned in each challenge, it's not all that much.

Quite suspicious.

Daniel has an exemption at the moment.

So what's about to happen now will be important especially for Daniel.

He may still be executed, in which case he loses the exemption.

But it's getting down to the wire for us too.

You collected six tubes during three challenges.

You managed to cash just one of them.

A costly affair.

But oh what does it matter really..?

If you're going home now you can't win the pot anyway.

Right, Zarayda?


I had a bad feeling about it.



Bye bye..

Carolien en Daniel.

It's between you two now.

Daniel, it's all or nothing for you.

If your screen turns green, you're in the finals.


If your screen turns red, it's all over in spite of your exemption.


I knew it.

That sucks.. - Yes.

I had a great time. - Me too.

Such a shame. - Yes.

Well guys, go for it.

Daniel leaving is terrible in so many ways.

First of all because a good friend is leaving.

He really did become a good friend.

Someone you could always rely on.

Cheerful, always up for a hug. Just the way Dan is.

How awful must it have been for him.

He was already with one foot in the finals.

And yet at the very last moment, he wasn't at all.

Are you coming, Daniel? - Yes.

Give them hell everyone! Go for it!

Personally speaking, I'm sorry to see Daniel leaving.

But for the game it's super chill.

Otherwise Daniel would have made it to the finals regardless.

It would have turned into a thrilling race for the other spot.

Now it's all open again, everyone can make it to the finals.

Daniel, how did you experience this?

I thought it was absolutely awesome.

I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

I'm really glad I was given the opportunity and that I made it this far.

This isn't fun, is it? - No.

The longer you stay in the game, the worse it gets. - Yes.

Terrible. With one foot in the finals..

There you go. - Thanks.

You definitely earned it.

It's a real shame, but that's the way it is.

He had an exemption in his pocket..

He was with one toe in the finals..

You defended this exemption like a lion.

Too bad it wasn't valid for this test.

I was too far off the mark.

Thank you for being here. - My pleasure.

Have a safe trip. - Goodbye.

Some cars just don't want to move. This is driving me nuts.

Zarayda, that's your style of communicating.

Pull! Yes, you!

Carolien, pull!

I can't!

Let me do it. You don't trust me at all do you? - No.

Look: a red light.

So I'm fluent in Zulu now.

The Description of The Mole S13E7 - Wie is de Mol 2013 [English] - South Africa