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Daddy Clay: Welcome back once again to the Dad Lab lounge brought to you by Baby Bjorn.

Im Daddy Clay. Daddy Brad: Were out here on the back deck

at Freddies Place just enjoying the beautiful Texas summertime. Im Daddy Brad.

Daddy Owen: Im Daddy Owen. Todays question is a fill in the blank. The perfect day care

would have a ----. Man 1: A little tiny potty.

Jodi: Would never be closed. Man2: I want those caregivers to care as much

about my daughter as I do. Jodi: I wanted a place where I felt that the

teachers loved Arden. Man 3: There were several playgrounds that

we have been to that obviously it wasnt a parent that designed it.

Woman 1: Loving staff. As long as they love your kids thats huge.

Daddy Owen: One of the things I love about the daycare where Arden goes to is one of

her classmates his father owns one of the local breweries in town. So whenever we have

like school wide parties there are several kegs there. And I think that just makes a

school so much better. Daddy Clay: In a perfect daycare they would

say Oh well you kid is clearly the best kid. Is it okay as a consequence the love

the other children less? Woman 2: Thats fine, thats fine.

Jodi: In fact that I want it to be equally shared love. It can cause a lot of problems

when the love is not equally shared. Daddy Clay: So its okay if say the other

children are left to roll in their own feces? Jodi: Yeah thats an important part of cleanliness

and hygiene learning. Man 2: Its just that its personal that

they are interested in meeting the individual needs of each of the kids including my daughter.

Daddy Owen: Kegs. Man2: If they want to be there.

Daddy Owen: Hot teachers. Man 2: And that they are providing activities

that are stimulating for kids. Daddy Owen: How about a keg?

Man 2: A keg? Daddy Brad: Thats free tuition.

Daddy Owen: For a European that would be a luxury.

Daddy Brad: I am a socialist. Daddy Owen: Well we have learned a lot about

daycare desires. Thats all here from us. Daddy Brad: If it feels good do it.

Daddy Clay: If youve got a thought about what item goes into the perfect daycare please

drop us a comment on the video. Go to, join the community, jump into the conversation

there and let us know what you think. Thats all for us this week here in the lounge.

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