Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Mediadel | Game of Zones Season 7 Premiere

Difficulty: 0

When people ask you what happened here,

tell them King James still rules the East.

Also, tell them I'm better than Michael Jordan.

He said what?

Your generation is soft with your

load management and your analytics

and your AAU Superhouses.

The Gods of the game will not stand for this.

A reckoning is coming.

Hello old friend!

Ah, Ser Dwyane. Welcome to the Mediadel.

Thank you.

Im so delighted to be teammates again.

Likewise. We need you.

Were a man down without Chuck.

Wait, what? Where is Ser Charles?

Hes like the funniest guy on the sh-

...I mean...well,

Well, luckily Im ready to go.

Ive actually prepared a bit.

Its calledWades Grades.’ You see, it

Woah woah, slow down, chief.

You cant be on the show until youve earned your press pass.

Press pass? How do I get a press pass?

You audition.

An audition? Im Dwyane Wade!

Dont worry, they make it easy on ex-knights.

You just do a quick apprenticeship

and then present your findings to the other maesters.

Youll be reporting on an injury.

Apprentice to Maester Marc Stein

in his investigation of an injury

to a horse?

Oh, I get it. Youre being funny.

Four full MCL tears.

Four full ACL tears.

Four full Achilles tears.

And a full neck tear.

Looks like the horse will be out


So what happened?

Foul play?

My working theory is that

Robin Lopez mistook him for a mascot.

Ive seen that mark before.

My squire season I think.

Yes, its hand-checking, no?


Dont be silly, Dwyane. That was banned years ago.

What was this horse doing when it got hurt?

Horse things I assume.

Take this report to the ravenry.

Make haste. I dont want to get scooped.


Oh! Um, excuse me, Maester Wind Horse.

Ah, Ser Dwyane.

Im supposed to take this to the ravenry.

Do you know where that is?

I do. Im going there now.


Poor thing.

Tell me about it.

A future Hall of Famer

serving as an errand boy to Marc Stein...

I meant the horse. Out indefinitely.

Seems he paid a heavy price for speaking ill of His Airness.

Where did you hear that?

My little birds are everywhere

well...mostly around LeBron,

but some other places, too

Have your little birds told you anything else about this horse?

I noticed a strange mark.

No. Since the horse injury,

my birds from TorOnto have become useless.

Theyre just repeating the same things over and over.

What kind of things?

Oh, how knights these days are soft,

how the '90s were the best,

how Ser Jordan is the GOAT.

Boring old man stuff, really.

Boring, eh?

Could it be related to the Soul Box?

Hm, I didnt think to make that connection.

But then again, I dont have your instincts.

I never played the game.

You never played?

No. Everything I learned about basketball, I learned

in here.


So many books.

All the stories, records, recaps, box scores

and even memes.

They all live here.

We are this worlds memory, Dwyane.

Without us, the histories and legends of our Realm

would all vanish

like James Harden in a meaningful playoff game.

Some say if its not in never happened.

Now if youll excuse me for one moment, Dwyane,

I need to grab a book.

Wait, I cant come in?

Im afraid this is very sensitive information.

Only Maesters with a press pass can enter.

Hello Dwyane.

Ser Paul.

There is no more Paul. There is only...

The Truth.


Now that I am in the media, I see all.

I know all...and yes,

I am better than you.


I have to go now.

Is he…?

All right, lets go.

Well this looks like a nice place to have

a long-form, intimate conversation about basketball.

Ah yes, here is where we do our pondcasts.

Here we are.


Welcome to the ravenry.

This is where the Mediadel and fanlings connect,

or some say, even merge.

The network of platforms you see represents

the various localities that make up the greaterSocial Mediadel,’

a never-ending conversation between fanlings,

scribes and knights.

You see, until very recently,

only those cloaked in Mediadel chains

could reach all corners of Balleros.

But no longer.

So, what do you have for me?

I have this injury report

Id like to send out from Maester Stein. How do I

Horse out indefinitely?

I broke that 10 minutes ago. Haha!

Wind Horse, what about you?

Another story about LeBron?

Those were different times.

THIS is a story about how Luka Doncic the next LeBron.

-This generation is soft! -No fundamentals! -Jordan is the GOAT!

Wind Horse, look!

Looks like its not just my ravens.

What in the Seven Hells is going on in TorOnto?

-Jordan is the GOAT! -This generation is soft!

Well whatever it is, it seems to have spread.

Dwyane, weve got to get to Cream City!

I agreeoh wait.

My audition. Its tomorrow night.

Don't worry. I'll get us there in no time.

For I am as fast...

as the wind.

You little mumblecrust,

Ill rip your bloody antlers off!!

Robin, come on, bruv.

Its supposed to be play wrestling, ya know?

This bastard tricked me

into signing a giant fake contract!

What the...

I ask that you bestow on me the gift of range.

Please, Jesus...



Come quick. Were being attacked.

Is this some sort of scheduling mistake?

I didnt think there was a battle today.

Wind Horse, look!

There's Giannis.

This generation is soft.

Jordan is the GOAT.

LeBron is weak.

Dwyane. Get down.

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