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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 2010 Google Model Your Town Competition Winner

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JORGE DE ALBERTIS BETTOCHI: Barranco in Spanish means

cliff, and yes, we're in the cliff right next to the sea.

Hundreds of years ago, Barranco was a town

far away from Lima.

Now, Lima has grown around Barranco, but still preserves

like it's the feeling of a small town.

The architecture of Barranco is very special.

It's very old houses made of adobe and wood.

And it still preserves the feeling of the old town it was

hundreds of years ago.

One of the most important parts of Barranco is the

Bridge of the Sighs.

This bridge, this is like the heart of Barranco.

I got into SketchUp almost by accident, and it's perfect

modeling a little house here, a building here, to be able to

upload them to Google Earth.

I got into the competition because many people from

around the world that had known my models asked me are

you going to get into the Model Your Town competition?

So I found a good team, but I wasn't thinking of winning.

And many people from around the world, Peruvians

everywhere, started emailing me, showing me how happy they

were to see the town modeled in 3D and

started voting all around.

And people got proud to see that Barranco was in the

competition, that Barranco was a finalist in the competition.

And these were people from all over around the world.

So many people were behind expecting to see Barranco,

their district, win.

So when Barranco won, I was really relieved for all these

people that made the project their project.

So it was great.

It was really great.

Part of winning the competition is that Google was

coming to town to help a school.

We decided that Reino de Espana was the school to be

chosen, as we found out that they were making a lot of

cultural and other activities, such as bands, such as music,

as ballet, and no other school had this kind of activities.

After the competition, I'm still modeling Barranco and

other parts of Lima because people are very

proud of this award.

I always think that I haven't won the competition.

I really think that Barranco has won the competition.

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