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Hi, it's Susie from Nail Care Education

And I've had so many questions and requests on how to prep the nail for Acrylic or Gel. Whatever service

you're doing is the same. Exactly the same. So today,

I'm going to show you how to prep the nail for an acrylic nail or a gel nail. Whatever you're doing. Okay?

Let's get started.

So I'm lucky enough today to have a live model.

Thanks Ann. The reason why that's important and not using a fake hand is because, it's a natural organic hand.

I'm trying to show you how to prepare the natural nail

for polish, gel polish, gel sculpted nail, and an acrylic sculpted nail.

That's important because whatever product you're using on the nail. We prepare it exactly the same way for every

single service, even if it's a polish application or if it's a gel nail or a gel polish.

We want to prepare it the exact same way. So, the first thing we want to do. We're just going to cleanse the nail.

Okay, just clean it with a little bit of alcohol, and I put my glasses on so I can see.

Okay, so I like to use a cuticle stick and the first step I do, is pushing back the cuticle.

You just want to push it back because you want as much room to put your application on there, your gel polish or acrylic,

whatever you're doing. You want to get as much surface area as you possibly can for your application.

Okay, and now some people use these metal implements. They're great,

they have this roundness on the corner.

You can see that this blunt kind of round end that literally fits

right snug into the cuticle area and you can gently push it back .

A lot of places will flip it and use the other end which is the sharp

scraping side. Now be really careful with this because this is a natural nail

and it's attached to a person

we don't want to scrape it so hard that it actually kind of hurts or

even pits, or ruins the natural nail in any way, so you what you're trying to do is you just gently scraping it.

It can look like it's really hard sometimes

but we don't want to press really hard actually and we're just scraping off the organic

skin around the cuticle that's kind of stuck to there.

That is not where polish wants to stick. Polish or any primer

or acrylic or anything going on there will not stick to that. There's any lifting that could be one of your reasons

So we're just going to gently take off that little


Okay, we're going to prep the nail by buffing with a file

So the higher the number, the finer the buff. we don't want to put a fine buff on here when we're applying

Acrylic nails or gel nails on top of here or even the gel Polish the reason being is

because if we do it to smooth

The product won't stick. So we do want to get a bit more of a grit to it I like to use the 180 which is

a medium to a bit more of a grittier file

See, I like the files these ones which I couldn't because they're quit soft. You can really get it into the corner of her nails

Or the roundness. There's really no corners. I suppose

So when you're doing this you're taking off while the oil you're not going deep there's lots of layers of the natural nail

So, you're just really gently buffing the surface of the natural nail

To prep it before you put whatever product you're putting on it.

So, you want to get all the little corners, get all the way around. If you leave any little shiny area that

Also could be a reason why any one of your products is lifting. okay?

You can do this with a drill as well. I would use an arbor band

I would not use a coarse arbor band. I would put a medium or a fine on it.

The products are so excellent nowadays. They adhere so well. with the primers and preparation, you could almost

forget this step with some people and you still might have it stick.

But this will be for sure if you do this; you won't have any lifting.

Okay, that nail looks very happy and ready to go.

So, you just want to get rid of the dust. you can just use a little bit more

alcohol to do that and the next step is I like to use a prep step I use this one by INM,

and I literally just generously paint it on. You can hit the skin and everything

It's a dehydrator gets rid of the oil cleanse the whole surface gets rid of the dust. Really important, you

Don't want any dust around there whatsoever, and then the next step is your primer. I'm not a big fan of acid primers

I like more of an acid free. Low acid primer

You don't really need those ones if you're prepping the nail really well you really don't need too harsh of a primer at all

And then you can just put the primer ever so gently

Little just a couple of swipes and it will absorb

And [silca] read into the area you want you don't want to use too much primer because you don't want to over saturate the nail

If you do that

After a while the primer can get into the clients cuticle area into the nail plate, and it can actually cause some issues

You know may be months years down the road

But you don't want to over saturate this when we really gentle with your primer application and now this

bad boy is ready for an acrylic application. So, that's how you prep a natural nail.

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