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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Publishing plans and a new schedule

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When Vicki gets an idea she has to write it down right away.

Hello everyone.

Im Jay.

And Im Vicki and were talking about publishing this week.

And we have an important announcement!

You probably don't know this but Vicki used to write text books for people who are learning


A lot of the books I wrote are very old now.

Which was your first book.

This one.

It was published in 1982.

That was long before we had digital publishing.

Books were all made of paper back then.

And there was no internet and no Amazon website.

We didnt have computers in our homes either, so how did you write it?

In long hand.

So just writing with a pen and paper.

Didn't you type it?

Only when I'd finished.

I didnt have a typewriter so I borrowed one to type the manuscript.

The manuscript is the document.

Its a book before its been printed.

And how did you publish it?

Well, I didnt publish it.

I wrote to a publisher and said I've got an idea for a book and I sent them a sample.

And they liked it?


They said we're not interested in your idea but they liked my sample and they said we

want a book on different topic.

Can you write it?

So you got a commission.


A commission is when an author gets a request to write a book and they get paid.

And they paid you royalties?

Yes, every time they sold a copy, I got a percentage.

How much?

Not much.

I cant remember.

Perhaps 10%?

And we didnt have email back then, so I had to post the manuscript to them.

You sent it by mail?

Yeah, it was a big pile of papers and I went to a shop and made a copy.

Luckily photocopiers had been invented.

And when I had to make changes, I literally cut and pasted the manuscript.

You know how on a computer we have the commands copy and paste.

Well, they come from the time when we did it by hand.

But the publishing industry was pretty quick to adopt computers.

So what was the first book you wrote on a computer.

I don't know.

Let's have a look.

Perhaps this one!

Hang on.

I'll tell you the date.


I had an Apple Mac and it was great because I could save the manuscript on a disk.

It fitted in an envelope so I could post it to my publishers and I didnt have to spend

hours in the photocopy shop.

And then email came along a few years later, and also video.

I wrote some video courses.

Not YouTube videos because YouTube didnt exist back then.


But I wrote a lot of English courses for Oxford University Press and they used to have a video


They published the videos on cassettes like these.

Yeah, and then later DVDS.

Videos were very expensive to make back then.

We had lots of actors and a big crew.

So different people for cameras, sound, lighting ….

One of the reasons we can make videos for YouTube now is because the cost of video equipment

has come down.

Yeah, and were the crew.

Youre my crew!

Cost isnt a big problem.

Finding the time is our problem.

And that brings us to our announcement.

Vicki wants to write another book.

This time I want to write an e-book that well publish ourselvesso Im going to try

self-publishing this time.

This project is different to our normal YouTube videos.

The great thing about a book is it can be more structured and organized.

So we can design it to help you progress.

We want to make an even more powerful learning tool for everyone who likes Simple English


Its a very exciting project but theres one big problem.

I need time to write.

And we want to go on vacation this summer, so time is short.

If only there were 30 hours in a day …. So weve been looking at Vickis schedule

and looking for ways to make more time.

Its hard because we want to keep making YouTube videos too.

We feel like weve gotten to know many of you and weve made a lot of new friends

here and lots of you have told us you look forward to our videos every week.

And we really appreciate all your encouragement and support.

Its very inspiring for us and you give me lots of ideas.

Did you go back to sleep?

No, but we do need to make time so heres the thing.

Were going to make a new video every two weeks instead of every week.

That way we can stay in touch with you AND Ill have time to write.

And we can carry on making videos.

There are lots we want to make.


I have a big list.

So that's our plan.

Were going to publish a new video every other week.

And in between, we hope you'll watch some of our other videos.

There are hundreds of videos on our channel so you probably havent seen them all.

You have no excuse to stop watching and learning!

And then in not too many months Vickis new book will be available online as an e-book.

Ive already started work on it and were experimenting together with tools we can use

because we want you to able to use it on your computer, tablet or smart phone.

So were not going anywhere.

Were working on a great project, and well be making a new video every other week.

So make sure youve subscribed to our channel and clicked the notification bell so you dont

miss them.

Does that bell work?

Because some viewers have said they haven't been getting notifications.

YouTube has been making improvements to their notification system.

They say its better now but it works best if you allow them to send messages to your


So click that notification bell and please share our videos with your friends.

Bye-bye now.


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