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- With Christmas right around the corner,

a transfer of power at the North Pole

could not have come at a more inconvenient time

but white Santa rocked his staff

by resigning and implementing a black Santa.

This black Santa believes that he can meet the demands

of Christmas deliveries

while also diversifying the workforce

starting with the elves.

Let's give black Santa a call.

(upbeat music)

- First off, let me tell you thank you

for just reaching out and talking to me

and I'll start by saying that Saint Nicholas is a good man

but I do have my hands full here as black Santa

and I try my best to meet the demands

for Christmas deliveries while also diversifying them.

We're doing a good job right now,

we hired two black reindeer,

we've got three more waiting on background checks

and after that, we're gonn move into hiring black elves.

- Okay, that's a great start but where are they?

- I'm sorry, excuse me?

- The black elves that you say you're going to hire,

where exactly will you find those black elves?

- We have multiple diversity initiatives

for hiring black elves,

we're gonna look through those databases

and hire black elves from that talent pool.

- This pool you say,

how many black elves exactly are in that pool?

- (beep) I just got this job, shit, goddamn.

I don't know but two elves,

I know Tony and I know little Larry, aight?

Tony told (indistinct), little Larry got COVID

so I don't know where (beep) Imma find one, all right?

So you then let me know where the (beep)

I can find a black elf since you know so goddamn much.

Stay off my ass.

Shit man, shouldn't have took this job.

- St. Vick was crumbling under the pressure

of his new position and was being combative,

but thankfully, I was able to speak

with one of his new diversity hires,

a black reindeer named JBo.

(payphone ringing)

- Yo wassup, wassup,

let's get something straight real quick off the top man.

I ain't hating on black Santa all right,

I respect what the brother trying to do.

Okay, black Santa coming through

trying to make the North Pole black,

I'm just saying it's happening too fast.

Some of these reindeer man, they ain't ready.

It take a long time to be ready

to be a toy-delivering reindeer, aight?

These reindeer can't fly,

they don't know nothing about a map,

how you can read a map?

We've got to deliver toys across the globe in 24 hours.

They not ready man, they just not ready.

- So essentially what you're saying JBo

is that you're kinda between a rock and a hard place

because if you do diversify the workforce

at the expense of efficiency,

then poor Christmas deliveries could reflect bad

upon black reindeer population.

- Yeah cause they just hiring anybody

trying to fill a diversity quota.

Half these folks up here ain't even reindeer,

bitch I'm an antelope.

- [Man] Better not be no reindeer on the phone.

- I gotta go man, I gotta go--

- One more question real quick.

- No, no, no, I gotta go, I gotta go, I gotta go.

- [Man] JBo what I ain't told you

about stop talking to the media.

- [JBo] I wasn't on the phone.

(JBo wailing) - JBo?

- [Man] White folks is looking at us,

they want us to mess up.

- JBo are you there?

- [Man] You gonn let them, keep your head in the game

and take your ass--

- JBo are you okay?

(JBo wailing) (payphone beeping)

(upbeat Christmas music)

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