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Hello, this is Volcano. Today, we will learn about Goma-ri.

Goma-ri is a year-old vine plant. It has a similar name to a flower. It has the meaning of a source of honey.

This plant grows well in the furrows. It's very good at purifying water. It was called Goma-ri because it means thank you.

The way to find it is by a stream, by a river, or by a wetland. Wherever it's moist, It's common to find.

And at the same time, there's a lot of colonies. You grow up, you grow up, you grow up, you grow up, you grow up, you grow up, you grow up, you grow up, you grow up, you grow up. There are many names such as Gomani.

The leaves and flowers are similar to buckwheat. The flowers are light red or pink or pink in July or October. It blooms in white and grows 10 to 20 pieces at the end of each branch.

It's high in nutrients and it's high in moisture. It can be used for food, like cows, goats, etc. Livestock are very fond of it, so it can be used as feed.

The taste of Goma-ri is bitter, plain or spicy. The action area enters the lungs, the intestine, and the meridian.

The main ingredient is quercetin in flowers. In the outposts, flavonoids, percarin, etc. It's contained

In the oriental medicine, it passes through the blood. It stops bleeding and rheumatism. It is also used as a haemostatic agent.

Applied diseases include dysentery and diarrhea, cirrhosis, pulmonary tuberculosis, Menstrual symptoms and bruises that don't stop. It is effective in treating muscle pain and so on.

(intervertebral detoxification) First of all, the pericardin contained in Gomori is the result of a buildup in the liver. It's an ingredient that decodes waste and toxic substances. Get involved in alcohol, protect your liver. It helps relieve hangovers.

And it inhibits the production of blood clots in the blood vessels. LDL cholesterol, known as bad cholesterol, It prevents accumulation in the body.

(bacterial disease) In pharmacology tests, cholera, dysentery, typhoid, etc. It has the effect of inhibiting bacterial or fungal growth. Decrease this, reduce diarrhea, abdominal pain, and... It has the effect of preventing food poisoning.

(Waste disease) Goma-ri's good for the lungs, so it's good for germs. Bacteria can penetrate the blood and cause inflammation and toxins to react. He'll treat the sepsis he's causing. It is also effective in treating pneumonia and tuberculosis.

In particular, the outpost contains percarin. The secretion of HMGB1, a protein related to vascular inflammation, It was also shown to be decreasing.

(improvement of constipation) It's also very rich in dietary fiber. It emits waste very well, so defecation activity. Improvements, no bowel obstruction. It makes it come out smoothly.

And we'll remove bacterial inflammation, gastritis and stomach ulcers, uterine, prostate, bladder, urethritis, and It is used to treat inflammation such as colitis.

(visual enhancement) It also has the effect of brightening your eyes. Protect conjunctivitis and eyes to relieve fatigue quickly. It helps to reduce swelling and urinate well.

In the private sector, when you have indigestion or an upset stomach from eating fish, It's said to be effective if you take it, and the hemostasis is good. It is also used for menstrual irregularity, intestinal bleeding, hemorrhoids, etc.

(skin disease) Other than eczema, atopic dermatitis, burns, abscesses, etc. It's used for therapy, but in this case, by crushing clean leaves or stems. Applying or applying to the wound will stop the bleeding. I also wash it by putting it on water.

Especially in Goma, flavonoids are caused by the constancy. Controlling disease and aging and steadily for a long time When you get a stomach full, it strengthens your immune system. It prevents adult diseases.

(skin wrinkle suppression) And recently, the substance extracted from Gomori has been found to be very important. The fact that it's effective in improving skin wrinkles It was revealed by domestic researchers.

According to the researchers, it's a substance extracted from gomori. Experiments have shown that the gomori extract is elastase and To inhibit the production of collagenase. They say it has been very effective.

Elastase is a good source of skin elasticity. A natural enemy that breaks down elastin, a protein. Collagenase is also a source of skin elasticity. Disassemble the collagen that is essential.

So the gomori extract is made of elastase and Because it inhibits the production of collagenase, It's a great way to improve your skin wrinkles. As the researchers explained, we have released a patent.

(Eating method) For food, we're going to harvest the young sprouts in April and May. It can be blanched with vegetables, and it can be spicy. So, you can boil it well before you eat it.

Besides vegetables, bibimbap or fried rice like bean sprouts, Or doenjang soup or kimchi stew. It tastes good when boiled.

And the spicy taste of Goma-ri keeps the fishy smell. It serves as a spice, so it's either spicy fish stew or... It is sometimes used in fish dishes.

(medical method) For medicinal purposes, we'll root out the grass in summer and fall. After drying it in the sun, 10 grams of water is about 600ml. You can drink it in hot water. You can take it twice in the morning and evening.

Or use only the roots separately as a medicinal ingredient. Flowers have a lot of quercetin. I also make and drink flower tea.

(Cautions) Goma-ri is easy-going and has no significant side effects. Men and women of all ages can enjoy it, but they can dry it up and use it as medicine. When you use it, it increases the effectiveness of the drug, so you need to use the appropriate amount. Please keep it and use it.

Thanks for watching. This has been a volcano.

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