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Phase Shift


Imagine You Are Going

on a journey


A Journey to a Place

far beyond

the realms of all known consciousness


You cannot solve a problem

on the same level that it was created...

You must rise above it to the next level

No math - no equations, it's just a matter of spin

"Join us as we use

The Science of Meaning

to uncover the ultimate secrets of reality


on The Next Level"

"Would you do me a favor

and push me onto The Next Level?"

as above-so below

so just go with the flow and

be cool.


who we are

"We are the ultimate mirror.

We reflect the cosmos

in the structure and form

and function of the human body


...transcending that holographic experience

to escape the Matrix

and to see the fundamental underlying reality."

Close Your Eyes


you are going on a journey

beyond all sight and sound

a journey

to a place

far beyond

'the realms of all known consciousness'


what you think you know


to our

true nature

It's a journey of perception.

"We're still on a kinda hero's journey

we're like trying to figure out where we fit in

to the natural order of things

and there's this much larger and much older

community of life

You know, we're actually like the young species

on the planet,

and the plant kingdom kinda got together

and designated certain plants

to be ambassadors or diplomats and teachers

and to help us evolve and get

to this next level of perception and awareness

Challenge Cultural Illusion

Embrace nature's power

"Nature is the great visible engine

of creativity.

The precondition for creativity

is, I think, disequalibrium,

what mathmeticians now call


We emerge out of Nature

Almost as it finest work of art

and you don't need to be a rocket scientist

to get an understanding

of how YOU created the universe.

All you need is

somebody like me who comes along

and just points it out to you...

and then it's clear, it's obvious

you can see it, "Oh Wow!"

"I never realized that," you say,

because it's just fairly straight forward

all that's required

is a change of perception

Because, uh, you are the universe

and what you're seeing as the

being which created that universe,

because that's what you are,

is, you're seeing the results of your own creation

which is mirrored in your own body.

The universe itself takes flight

on a pair of counter rotating vortices.

It's really simple!

There's no reason why it shouldn't be simple.

It's just that the culture in which we've grown up

the culture which has indoctrinated us

has managed to prevent us

from seeing what's blindingly obvious."

we create our universe

Your identity emerges into reality.

What this is saying to you

is that the entire design of your body

and in particular

the design of your hands, thumbs, ears and facial structure

instrinsically represent

the creation of the universe itself."

Somehow, part of the package

of being a living, thinking being

is that you get a universe

You know, you get a galaxy sized object

inside you

that you can access

and there there are the

mountains, the rivers, the jungles, the dynastic families

the ruins, the planets, the works of art

the poetry, the sciences, the magic,

of millions upon millions upon millions

of worlds.

and this is apparently who we each are,

we're, uh, a little bit of eternity

sticking into 3 dimensional space

as we awaken

from our collective dream

we discover...

"The universe is fundamentally friendly.

Life always gives you exactly

what you need

exactly when you need it."

our lives are made not of atoms, but of stories...

of our journey home

"You've just been on

the Next Level...

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