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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Home Renovation For Inspiring Teenager With Cystic Fibrosis | George to the Rescue

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[music playing]


Am Tara. - Hi.

I'm John.

And we are in our home in Allen Park, New York.

We live here in this house with my son, John, JJ, he's 17,

and my son Kieran, he's 14.

GEORGE OLIPHANT: We're here in Island Park, New York,

where the Byrne family has lived for the last 14 years.

And they are proud members of this active beach community.

TARA: He's a great guy, John.

Takes care of our family.

He loves our boys.

And he's a great help to me.

Tara is a great mother.

She is over the top taking care of JJ

and Kieran the work she does here in the community.

She was a PTA president.

She's on the school board.

She can't say no.

That's the problem.

On top of everything she does, she

still does what any other mother would do and then some.

Between the doctors visit and hospital stays,

I don't know how she does it.

GEORGE OLIPHANT: JJ was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis

at seven years old.

Blockage in his lungs regularly affects

his breathing, digestion, and immune system as a whole.

First was like a little bit of disbelief.

It took me a while to kind of really

grasp and understand what he was up against.

JJ: The hardest part with cystic fibrosis

is the medication and the daily treatment routine.

I have to wake up at all hours of the morning

to do the treatment so I get out on time.

I have to stay up late.

TARA: It's hard for him, you know.

Back and forth to the doctor, and the hospital,

and medications and missing school.

It's pretty much a daily struggle.

JOHN: When John gets a cold, even just a common cold,

it's really bad for him.

Because his lungs fill up with fluid.

That's the borderline to going to the hospital sometimes.

He can't be around a dusty environment.

He can't be around an environment

where there's any chemicals or vapors.

His room, we always have to make sure his room

is as dust free as possible.

Little things like that make it a little tougher

around the house here sometimes.

Good job, Ry Guy.

TARA: JJ, he never wants anyone to think that cystic fibrosis

absolutely defines him.

He works very hard at bringing awareness to cystic fibrosis.

In JJ's heart of hearts he truly believes

that he's going to help find a cure for cystic fibrosis.

Because that is the most important thing to him.

JJ is a pillar here in Island Park.

His passion for raising cystic fibrosis awareness

and getting involved in local government is second to none.

John's goals when he was younger,

he's always wanted to be president.

Always wanted to be president.

JOHN: And all the kids used to call him Mr. President.

And once he was old enough and he was able to run for student

council, everybody got to know him in town

and the mayor made him assistant aide to the mayor.

JJ: I love our community.

I find it very important to be civic-minded.

I work with the mayor here in the village hall.

I also volunteer my time with the church.

It's hectic, but you know what?

It's all for the community and it's worth it.

A lady made this for me.

Is a flag with Team Shenanigans.

Team Shenanigans is JJ's cystic fibrosis fundraising


The Byrnes are incredibly committed to setting

up annual walks and meet-ups.

JJ: Our number one goal for Team Shenanigans

is to raise awareness.

Because if you don't raise awareness,

you don't raise funds.

I do a lot of work in the village hall.

But I also do a lot of work here at home.

And you basically, right now you cannot get

anything accomplished in there.

JOHN: We always wanted to make the front of our house

a little more livable and usable, more like an extension

to the living room.

But we never had a place for, like, to put shoes or coats.

JJ: You have paperwork everywhere.

The desk is ridiculously small.

Just a mess.

GEORGE OLIPHANT: The Byrnes need a more welcoming and inspiring

area for a teen that gives back to his community every day.

JJ: I would like the front room to be, you know,

the hub for Team Shenanigans and all the work

we do in the community.

JOHN: Right now, family time is almost non-existent because of

my work hours and my schedule.

I just think it would bring us all together.

JJ: George, we need your help to make our lives

easier, less challenging.

It's always going to be challenging,

but we can try and make it the best we possibly can.

I really would be so, so humbled.

JOHN: What's up, George?


How are you?

You must be JJ.

How's it going?

We didn't think you were coming.

I wanted it to be a surprise.

Because we knew I was showing up.

I'm looking forward to doing a rescue for you guys.

Oh, great.



GEORGE OLIPHANT: So, surprise!

I want the mayor to come here for work.

He's like, I'm going over to JJ's office.

It's a lot nicer than what I got.

Being that JJ is so involved in the community

here in Island Park, it only made sense

that we use the local contractor and designer

to help the family out.

And who better than George To the Rescue alumni, husband and

wife team, Frank and Rose Ott.

I'm sure you guy have seen a thousand houses like this,

or are familiar with the style house.

Right now, it's kind of like a makeshift office slash


So I think the first thing we would do

is get rid of the carpet so we have a smooth surface

for his breathing.

And then over here we definitely need some storage

for all of his fundraising.

He has his t-shirts here.

FRANK OTT: I'm thinking we'll change some of these moldings

and make it match the inside of the house.

Maybe make it a little more office-like.

This is going to be like a civic outpost--

coming from the office of JJ Byrne.

There are some great things that we could do here.

Come on, Rose. I've seen your design.

I know what you can do.

So I'm just excited to come along for the ride.

Frank and Rose have some great ideas for this office.

And everyone knows JJ and Team Shenanigans definitely need it.

But I've got another trick up my sleeve.

I think we can do some for the family as a whole.

And I think I know exactly what that is.

JJ and the entire Byrne family do so much to bring

awareness to cystic fibrosis.

And doing the front room for them, that's a no-brainer.

But what they really need is a space where they can gather,

where they can be together.

And it seems like their kitchen has been totally neglected.

Well, it's time for that change.

Let's give this family a kitchen.

Just immediately, first reactions to this kitchen.

I mean, it's a little tight and cozy.

FRANK OTT: So, I think that we have to rip everything out.

We want to address the ceiling issues because it looks

like there's a water condition. Something's leaking.

So, pull everything down to the raw studs,

and then we were talking about taking this wall out

so it gives a more open feeling, that you

would get more maybe natural light from the dining room.

So we want to take everything down

because we want to get in there and make sure there's

no issues with mold.

We want to make sure that there's

no issues with pipes that are leaking, no wire issues.

So we want to get into it, get back to the basics,

and find out what we can do, if there's

any issues to make it right.

Now I'm ready.


I got it.

Thanks, [inaudible].

You can see one of the big issues with the cabinets

as they were, all the from here to there, wasted space.

Kitchen's just coming apart.

We could one hand it.

Give me something else to rip out.

Because JJ is dealing with cystic fibrosis,

it makes keeping the house clean so much more important.

And I bet they don't even know the dangers that

are present with the hole in the ceiling

and this old fan in the kitchen.

Who knows what's up in that ceiling?

There could be mold.

There could be mildew.

There could be rot.

But we can't take that chance.

So Frank, you weren't kidding.

This was a mess, this ceiling.

As you can see, exactly as you feared, this is all rotted out.

ANNOUNCER: George to the Rescue was sponsored in part by 3M.

For more information about 3M products

or to find a retailer near you, go to

GEORGE OLIPHANT: So Frank, you weren't kidding.

This was a mess.

As you can see, exactly as you feared, this is all rotted out.

We'll get all the flawed insulation out of here.

That's got to be hazardous to his health.


We're going to start from scratch.

We'll re-insulate it, and then it'll just be

cleaner, a clean, fresh start.

GEORGE OLIPHANT: Your house is only as good as what

you got in the walls.

That's why we have Diversified Plumbing and S&L

Electric helping us out.

So Frank, now that everything in this kitchen is gutted,

and plumbing has been rerouted, all the electric's been run,

I don't know.

This seems like it's a load-bearing wall.

It is.

So you'll see that the beams are resting on this wall now.

GEORGE OLIPHANT: So we are ready to take down the wall.

We have demoed the kitchen.

But to do that, we've got to make sure that the whole house

is supported.

And I mean the whole second floor and the first floor.

So if we were to cut this down, we could get--

basically, the whole second floor

could come down on top of us.

Well, it wouldn't happen all at once.

It would start cracking.

Doors might not work.

Bathroom tile might pop.

So we're going to avoid that by putting temporary walls up

on both sides.

GEORGE OLIPHANT: The wall came down like butter.

And now we've just got to get this place cleaned up,

put it in our Microllam, take down the temporary walls,

and we'll be ready to put it in our new floors.

Rose, I knew floors were going to be an issue.

That's why I got Ryan here from Empire Today.

Nice to meet you.

So we can tackle that right away.

The area that we're doing first is

going to be the office, right? So, I don't know.

What are you thinking?

I was thinking a laminate.

I was thinking something dark, rich.

RYAN SALZWEDEL: Well, you know, when you think of Empire,

you think of traditional wood floors.

You have your solid and your engineered hardwoods.

But laminate is a perfect option because it's budget friendly.

Thanks to printing technology it comes in a realistic wood

look, color, grain. ROSE OTT: It's gorgeous.

RYAN SALZWEDEL: It's going to be durable.

And it's going to last in that room.

GEORGE OLIPHANT: But when do we need it?


ROSE OTT: Immediately.

That's the great thing about Empire Today.

If we have your product in stock,

it can be installed as soon as next day.

ROSE OTT: Perfect.

GEORGE OLIPHANT: Check that off the list.


GEORGE OLIPHANT: So if Empire is able to come and take care

of everything, soup to nuts, and get it here next day,

would it be too much to ask for another room?

RYAN SALZWEDEL: I see you're remodeling the kitchen,

so we have some options for that as well.

Obviously, you have your luxury vinyl plank.

This is a product not a lot of people know about.

You can use it anywhere, your kitchens,

your bathrooms, your basement.

Thanks to the cork backing, you're

getting a waterproof feature.

So it's going to be water resistant, stain resistant.

But I have a product not a lot of people

associate with the wood look.

And we're talking about wood look tile.

GEORGE OLIPHANT: And I think tile is best in the kitchen.

If you can do it, you should go tile.


So you're getting the moisture resistance, strain resistance.

It's extremely durable.

If you take care of it, it will last you for decades.

I love this stuff.

It is the hottest flooring trend out there right now.

- What do you want to do? - I was thinking tile.

And I would love to do the wood look.

I think that would look fabulous with the cabinets.

And I think it would be really beneficial for JJ

to have tile in the kitchen.

But we definitely have our work cut out for us.

Well, actually, Empire has their work cut out

for them, because you guys have to rip out

and install two floors ASAP.

RYAN SALZWEDEL: That's not going to be a problem, because we

have the product in stock and it can be

installed as soon as next day.

FRANK OTT: Centre Millwork from Long Beach,

delivering everything right in through the front door.

JSI cabinets.

We'll get them all off the truck and we'll be ready to install.

GEORGE OLIPHANT: Small ones, big ones, doesn't matter?

I guess I'll take a small one, then.


ROSE OTT: So Countertop Design is here

today installing the kitchen.

This is anti-bacterial.

It is stain resistant, mold resistant.

This is the right product for this kitchen.

Stephanie. STEPHANIE: Hi, Rose.

I have some awesome products for you today.

ROSE OTT: The faucet and the sink came from Ferguson.

We did a beautiful burnished brass to make it really

pop in that gray kitchen.

And we matched the hardware to it.

That is gorgeous.

Tafuri Tile and Marble are installing

a backsplash which is Petals from Siena Tile in Merrick.


How are you?

It's good to see you.

I am so glad that Symmetry Closets is here to bring

some balance to the rescue.

And I'm really glad that we're here, too.

Because today we're going to provide

a fantastic laundry room.

Crown molding, Shaker doors, we're

going to have beautiful hardware, lots of storage.

And it's going to have lots of style.

Frank and Rose have everything under control at the house.

So I've come down here to Village Hall in Island Park

to meet up with the mayor so I can

find out a little bit about what JJ does on a daily basis.

Hey. - Hey, George.

- How's it going, Mayor? - Good, sir.

How are you? - I'm doing great.

I'm doing great.

George is going to make the cut.

He's got a lot to do before 5:00 this afternoon.

Because as JJ'll tell you, there are no tomorrows.

Everything's got to be done now.

First thing he's got to do is provide me with a summary

of each and every case.

Holy smokes.

Hello? Mayor's office.

I'm sorry.

I'm going to have to put you on hold.

Here you, George.


I was just starting on this pile.

What is all this stuff?

Cat in the tree?


Maybe the fire department?

Does it have to be in alphabetical order?

I'm sorry. Mayor's office.

No, JJ is not here.

All right.

I didn't mean hang up on you, ma'am.

I'm sorry.

Can somebody tell me who I--

[phone ringing] Hello?

Turns out I'm not very good at JJ's job.

I think this rescue is going to be better served

with me back at the house.

Oh, man.

George To the George To the Rescue

is sponsored in part by Empire Today.

Empire makes getting beautiful new floors easy.

[empire jingle] 800 588 2300 Empire Today

Construction is done in the laundry room,

the kitchen, and the office.

Now it's time to add some energy to this place

with Rose's design.

Right now we've got the 3M ScotchBlue Painter's Tape.

This is the orange because it is for walls and wood floors.

It's also really good on trim.

It's got Edge-Lock technology, so I'm getting

super sharp paint lines.


Not only was the Byrnes' kitchen out of date,

their appliances were definitely not up to snuff.

So we sent them packing and Home Appliance has arrived today

with brand new Frigidaire refrigerator, stove,

microwave, and dishwasher.

Like a glove.

Like a glove.

All right.

Here we go.

It's like air traffic control, but for appliances.

You knew it was a Ott family affair

from the get-go by having husband and wife

Frank and Rose Ott.

But then in comes Frank's brothers,

James, Tom, and then his dad, the patriarch,

the man, the myth, the legend, Frank Sr. All right.

What's next?

Frank Jr.? - Lunch.


I'm in.

Let's do it.

Hey, what's up, Eric? - What's up, man?

Good to see you.

Good to have Abby's Parkside Nursery back on George

To the Rescue.

I'm feeling a fall vibe coming from the back of the Chevy.

ERIC: We you have some beautiful stuff for you today.

GEORGE OLIPHANT: Give me the name of this holly again?

- That's the variegated holly. - Variegated holly.

[singing] It's a holly jolly rescue.

All right.

I swear, like, a second ago Scott was in here

from The Complete Window.

Now you've got Tom from T. Michaels and his gang

bringing all the furniture.

This is just moving and shaking on the rescue right now.

This is amazing, Rose.

I can already see JJ looking out over Island Park,

getting things done right here for Team Shenanigans,

cystic fibrosis awareness, and also

just for the town as a whole.

This is command central.

GEORGE OLIPHANT: Command central.

I love it.

ROSE OTT: JJ is very traditional.

He loves that New England look.

So I figured we would do something that

looked like maybe Nantucket.

That's where we got the blue and the walnut-colored top.

GEORGE OLIPHANT: The idea that Rose came up

with is that, because she's bringing that nautical theme

into the design, she wants to hang this ridiculously

cool wooden swing.

Now the question is, how do we get hung up?

I know you already put the screws in the ceiling.

Now we have to actually get to hang.

And I understand that you are a master knot-tyer, Boy

Scout, sailor, what have you.

There's a lot of knots out there.

Anyone who's nautical knows that.

There's the lover's knot, the braid knot, the Zeppelin bend.

We need four knots.

ROSE OTT: We've got four Otts.

GEORGE OLIPHANT: We've got four Otts?

Four Otts for four knots.

Lamps Plus hooked us up on all levels.

In the kitchen, in JJ's office.

What I really like is the desk lamp that JJ got,

I like the globe.

The globe goes up here. - Yep.

That's where the globe goes.

It was so nice to do this project, especially

for somebody like JJ, who gives so much of himself to everyone.

For all of us to come together and do this for him

was really special.

I can't wait to see their reaction.

And I know I'm going to cry.

You guys want to see what we did?

- Yes! - All right.

Come on.

JOHN: I can't wait.


Oh wow.

Did you ever think your kitchen would look like this?

TARA: No, never.



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You guys want to see what we did?

- Yes! - All right.

Come on.

JOHN: I can't wait.


TARA: Oh, wow.

Oh, wow.

Holy cow.

The front room used to be a clutter room, a catch-all.

Now it's beautiful.

Couldn't believe it.

I didn't imagine it to ever look like that.

The work, and the pictures of us, and JJ's desk.

Do you love it?

He loved it.

I could tell right away when he walked in.

He was almost crying.

He couldn't believe it looked like this.

He said, I can't believe this is our front room.

This is what we always wanted for this room,

but never knew what to do with it.

JJ: Rose did a fabulous job with the nautical feel,

and how everything has a place, storage.

It's clean, it's neat, it's open, inviting.

TARA: He actually has a name plate

that says John Joseph Byrne.

And I know whenever [inaudible] is, that's the first thing he's

going to do.

He's going to put that nameplate on that desk.

The reason we came is because of JJ, and because of just

who he is, what he represents.

You guys know this, as his parents, as his brother,

but we wanted to do something for the family as a whole.

So we felt your kitchen in a little love, too.

I want you to check it out. - All right.

TARA: Oh my god.

Oh my-- [gasp] Oh my god.

Did you ever think your kitchen would look like this?

TARA: No, never, never.

[gasp] When I walked into the kitchen I was shocked.

I couldn't believe how amazing it looked.

I couldn't leave that George To the Rescue did this for us.

I can't believe this is our kitchen.

I cannot believe this is our kitchen.

It's more space.

I also feel like I'm in a different home right now.

We had no idea that that was going

to be part of the project.

And it was just-- it's just an amazing feeling

and a big relief to not have that worry on us anymore

of how we're going to upgrade our kitchen.

TARA: Oh my gosh.

JOHN: I love the colors.

Oh it's beautiful.


I noticed the cabinets, the color.

I also noticed the nautical lighting.

It just fits into the theme that--

we love that.

JJ loves that.

And a working microwave.

And a working microwave.

That's great.

Appliances are always better when they work.

They just take up space if they're not working.

TARA: Oh, I love the floor.

I love everything. JOHN: Happy wife,

Do you love it? JOHN: Happy life.

Yes? You love it?

It's great.

You can't imagine what they're going to do to your home

when you're not in it.

And then when you come back and you see what George

and his crew did, I love it.

Did I say I love it?

I love it.

What's up, everyone?

This is one of those rescues where, in the town of Island

Park, you don't have to introduce the family

in any way, shape, or form.

Because if you don't know who the Byrne family is as a whole,

you know who JJ is.

And you know what Team Shenanigans is all about.

It was a great honor to be able to come in here

and do this office and do this kitchen and laundry room for

the Byrne family with you guys.

So, thank you for always being huge supporters.

JJ and his family epitomizes what

it means to be Island Parkers.

I, for one, am incredibly proud to be associated with them,

and to call JJ not only the assistant to the mayor,

but my dear friend.

Thank you, Mike.

This experience has shown me how much my community does support

me and does back me, and how important it

is to continue doing work in the community

and moving Island Park forward.

And for you sir--

Oh dear.

We think it's wonderful that you're with us.

And we're proud that you're here, very proud.

Thank you.

Thank you, Mayor.

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