Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Smokefree Women: Celebrating Smokefree Voices Video Contest

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Voice: Is she you?

Voices: She's my mom,

my partner, she's my bff,

ella es me hermanita,

she's my sister,

she's my next door neighbor,

she's my coworker.

Girl 1: She's Me; My clothes

and house no longer smell

like smoke.

Girl 2: She's Me;

I have more money to spend

on things that I want.

Girl3: She's Me;

When I became pregnant I decided

it was time to quit.

Girl 4: She's Me;

I have more energy during

the day.

Girl 5: She's Me;

I quit 2 years ago

and I haven't looked back.

Alison: Hey, have you heard

of Smokefree Women?

Smokefree Women,

developed by the National Cancer

Institute, is your ultimate

guide of staying clear

of tobacco & boosting your

quit attempt.

Think of us as a virtual B.F.F.

for tips, advice,

and support

to keep women smokefree.

Mother's Day 2010 marks the one

year anniversary

of the Smokefree Women campaign!

We're launching a video contest

and we want you to enter!

Shani: And we're so excited!

Videos must be submitted

by June 4th

and winners will be announced

July 2nd just in time

for Independence Day.

Let's celebrate freedom

from cigarettes and smoking.

And so, let me tell you the

contest themes.

There are two categories

that you can enter.

In the first category,

we want to hear why you are a

smokefree woman.

What are your reasons

and motivations?

What does it mean to you

to be smokefree?

Jeff: Not a woman?

Not a problem.

We all have someone special

in our lives

who should be smokefree.

The second category is for you.

Tell your mother;

tell your sister;

tell your cousins; a coworker

or a neighbor.

Tell them why you want them

to be smokefree.

Ami: Besides getting a chance

share your story

or encouraging a woman

in our life to stay smokefree,

there's prizes!

The National Cancer Institute's

Smokefree Women website will

feature the winning video

in each category

for all your friends

and family to see.

And, there's a cash prize.

Yvonne: Ok,

ready to get started?

We have all the information

about how to enter,

how to upload your video,

and the contest rules

and eligibility on our homepage.

So visit,

click on the Video Contest link,

and if you still have questions

feel free to contact us.

We can't wait to hear from you

and we're looking forward

to watching your videos.

Alison: The Smokefree Women

campaign is brought

to real real women.

Shani: We're here for you

and want to hear your

voice...your stories,

your struggles,

and your successes.

Ami: We know quitting isn't

easy...but every stumble brings

you one step closer

to your goal.

Yvonne: At Smokefree Women we

understand how hard it is...we

get it.

Alison: Think of us

as a support community Shani:

Because we want

to keep all our women connected

ALL: Don't forget

to add our website to the end

of your video!

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