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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Shopping in England: Everything you need to know

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Hi everyone in today's lesson we're going to do a lesson on shopping in England

This will be useful for you

If you ever come to England on a holiday or you're coming to stay for a while

It will also be a general culture talk an informal talk where I'll

Talk to you about the shops. I know that are regular from around England and the kind of things that you can buy there

so let's start with the


We have some main

supermarkets that most people you will meet buy most of their food groceries from the

Supermarkets in London, they are generally

They're generally a bit smaller if they're in the city

Or they might be in a retail park

Which is where you you generally get a few supermarkets together and a big car park

but because it takes up a lot of

Land and a lot of space you never get the really big supermarkets like that right in the centre

where the property is really expensive you need to go a little bit further out or



Town most towns will have their own retail park where you get all of these

Supermarkets in the city, what's much more likely as you get a small?

metro version of

These supermarkets. They don't all have them you won't have such a

Big selection inside that supermarket, but it's more convenient and people can walk there

They don't have to drive if there's no car park on these ones and you can just buy enough food

Groceries just for that day or the net the next day and the next breakfast but most of the time those small

Supermarkets people don't buy absolutely everything for days

So here are the main ones if you've been to England, I'm sure you've already heard of these names







Waitrose and

Marks & Spencer

Now I'll talk you through the different

supermarkets if something comes to mind that they're known for I'll I'll let you know if

There's nothing that's special about them. I'll just skip it so

Tesco is the

The most famous

English supermarket, I would say and

they have

been expanding into other


so perhaps in your country, you've seen a Tesco and

According to my mum who knows more about supermarkets than I do. She says that Tesco is not that good anymore

She said that

They it's like they stopped making that much effort in England and went into other countries or something like that. So

depending on who you ask Tesco is not that good anymore and

Their slogan is every little helps

So they're like really helping you when you go and so up there


Have a slogan called taste the difference

because their

Idea is

That they're a little bit higher than Tesco. So if you go to Sainsbury's it's like

everything is a little bit more tasty here over then at Tescos and it's a little bit more expensive and they have



Products or more unusual products that are slightly more expensive or more organic products and things like that

then we've got Asda as

there is

always a big

supermarket and they're known for being

quite cheap or you could say good value and

their slogan is

As the price ching-ching then that's what they do

Cheap in my opinion not necessarily always tasty, but that's just what I think

Morrison's I tend to think of it as a bit of a northerners supermarket. I'm a southerner

I'm from London, and we do have Morrison's here but their products

It is it is

Culturally, there are differences between the north of England and the south of England and that includes food often and what people eat

So I find in Morrison's they have more

Old-fashioned products or

Products that you haven't seen in a while and that's not necessarily a bad thing. It's just that

There are some things that you'll find in Morrison's that the other main ones don't do

Maybe it's because they're more for northerners. I don't know. That's just what I think about them

it's not like they advertise themselves as for that little


Little and little and aldia kind of similar they've been in England for about the same amount of time and

They are


supermarkets, so I'm not sure if the two of them come from Germany or if it's just Aldi, but they

Those if you go in those supermarkets, they look different to these English ones

peep they tend to be really busy, especially at a weekend and

People don't go there for small shopping. Usually they buy a lot of stuff so they fill up their

trolley really high and

They have

They have the main things that you buy all the time the

Vegetables or the meats

canned goods and things like that, but they also have something that I've not really understood properly a

random aisle where

Things change so they might have I guess it's seasoned all things in there. They might have camping

Chairs or tents or barbecues sometimes and other times of the year, they sell snow boots

Things are always changing there and you might be surprised by a by a bargain if you look

Yeah, and what's different about these ones which you have to know if you're not used to going there when you buy your shopping and

You go to pay for it


Don't let you pack

At the

The checkout where you are they go beep and you're supposed to get your things and chuck them really fast

into your trolley because other people are waiting you just really as fast as you can and you go and


On the wall by the wall

If you try and pack and organize it there at the checkout

Then the cashier might look at you in an angry way or tell you that you're not allowed to do that

So there they're different

maybe that's why they're a bit cheaper because the staff costs lower and

It's not really about customer service. It's about getting a



You're not spending too much money on your food and

Being efficient, you know being a bit German about it. Next is wait trays

Wait Rose is known as the posh posh food supermarket

It's probably the most expensive one

Similar to Sainsbury's maybe a bit more expensive they have lots of organic food and

Food that comes from special farms and lots of food

That perhaps

many people in the country

Never eat because it's new or it's fashionable or they haven't really heard of it or they're not used to it

so Waitrose a lot of the time you get you get in very rich areas or

areas, where people would really desire to live

Then we have Marks and Spencer Marks & Spencer


most people go there to buy

Food, I would say although they also sell cloves

things things for the home

But I think most of the money they make most of their business comes from their food

Food stores that's in there and Marks and Spencers does

same like all the other ones does ready meals and

Will sell vegetables and things like that, but what Marks and Spencers does in

terms of convenience food in terms of ready meals is that

The way they package it and the way they their whole brand is

they make make it seem delicious the ready meals and

Something that you could enjoy or something that you could spoil yourself with

whereas a ready meal from Asda

Or or Tesco

It wouldn't it would never be considered a delicious thing. It would be considered maybe


Just something you're eating quickly if you don't care

whereas Marks and Spencers

Whether it's really is true and it's more delicious. I'm not sure whether it's the branding



You feel like you enjoy it. Basically, I don't I don't know why it's true. But I like Marks and Spencers and

Most of everything they sell in there

Has their name on it. So the biscuits that you buy will be

Marks and Spencers




the other biscuit factory makes them and

They just put the Marks and Spencers label on it

The way they sell everything with their name

They do it in a way that it's high and it's and it's good

whereas a lot of these other supermarkets when they do things in their own name, they're seen as

cheap or unhealthy

Maybe not so delicious. So yeah, I keep saying it must be about the branding or maybe they are better. I don't really know

Okay, so let's look it

This is like a word association

Or vocabulary that we'd use in these supermarkets

The first word is bug off

it's a new word a new word people invented from

the saying

From the special offer that you'll find in a supermarket called buy one get one free

So that's when you go in there and you were only going to buy one washing up liquid

but you see that it's a bug off if you buy it, you'll get two and

this word came because there was a

Time where the supermarkets were doing these promotions so much and


People were thinking I'm getting such a good deal here. They were always buying too and they it

It was found out that

What the supermarkets were doing was?

slightly increasing the price of the products just before they did a

Bug off so people weren't really saving money. They just thought they were

So these days you don't see so many

bug off

deals, but

Occasionally, you'll see one on a special offer

next many of the supermarket's have loyalty cards when you

Go to buy your shopping. They'll say do you have a points card? Do you have a loyalty card and

If you use the card every time

That's the way that you save money over time

Or they send you in the post some

vouchers that you can get a discount next time

now if you're just visiting

England for a holiday

Obviously, you're not going to have a loyalty card and it won't be useful for you

it's most useful for people who regularly go to the same supermarket and

You also have to bear in mind about things like loyalty card says

They know what you buy every time if you always use the card

So that could be a good thing in the way that they would send you the discounts more suitable for you

That you're going to buy

but in another way if you don't want the

Supermarket's to know everything that you buy then you wouldn't be interested in the loyalty card

Okay. Next is the meal deal many

of the small supermarkets

the Tesco Metro for example they have

People go in there to buy their lunchtime


So they didn't prepare anything when they went to work that day, they want to grab their lunch inside Tesco

so there's a meal deal which is generally you can get a

sandwich a packet of crisps and a drink

bottle of water a can of coke

You get it for a cheaper price because you're buying it all together

if you buy the

Sandwich and the crisps and

The bottle of water separately it will cost you like one pound more or something

so many people get that deal to save money because actually

Sandwiches are the most common lunch the most English people eat at work

But if you go and buy a sandwich in the shop, they're more expensive than you would imagine

A lot of the time if you're not going to have the most plain sandwich just with a slice of cheese in it

They're often quite a few pounds. So

This meal deal is a way to make it seem a bit cheaper that you're getting more value for money

Ok next

Supermarkets will have brand name products or

Own named products and

Sometimes a mix of the different kinds at different prices. So the brand named

product is usually the most

expensive one in the shop

It's the product that is

advertised on television

So you might for example have a particular kind of bleach which you use for

Cleaning your toilet

The brand named product will be most the most expensive one

But the own named product could be

Half the price it's often a really big price difference

Next in

England we're not allowed to


We're encouraged to always bring the carrier bags ourselves now

Because people say it's bad for the environment to use so many plastic bags

So there was a law that was passed about

Now every carrier bag if you want one because you forgot them

You have to pay for it most shops at the moment charge 5p for the carrier bag

So if you go to one of the supermarkets and you're buying shopping for a whole family

That adds up so most people in England I

Find a very good remembering to bring their carrier bags when they go out

So they don't have to pay every single time. They go

Next oh, yeah, and also to mention about those in case you don't know they're always plastic and

For some reason the bag is really really hard to pull apart from the other bags

It used to be

When they trusted us to touch the carrier bags ourselves when we didn't have to pay for it

Then you would sometimes be there feeling very stressed because there's all these people waiting behind

You and you can't open the bag

So it can be stressful but now because these are very expensive things that we can't touch ourselves

They give them to us so in a way it helps we don't have to open it ourselves


Next in most of the supermarkets

That are the

Higher ones or more expensive you'll get an organic

You'll get lots of organic products

Or you'll get an area in the supermarket that sells the organic products all together

As far as I know

there isn't much organic going on in Asda and

let me know in the comments, but I think

Lidl and Audi don't really do it either if you know write in the comments

Ok, another thing you need to know is that

More and more often though cashiers and the supermarket's that do the beep-beep

They're being replaced

by self-checkouts and what that means is you are trusted to

Do it yourself scan all your items beep put them in the bag and pay yourself


If something goes wrong

You press the wrong button





That you've got something there which you haven't paid for and it thinks you're trying to steal something

It will say to you

unexpected item in bagging area and

once it says that you can't do anything you have to just wait there and

try to get

somebody's attention

one of the people who work in the supermarket because

You can't you can't leave the supermarket and you can't pay until they've come to check

That you didn't steal something basically, so you will often hear this in an English

supermarket and

Incidentally, not that I'm recommending it, but apparently

the fact that

there are so many self checkouts now and a lot of places is

Encouraging people to steal because they think that they can get away with it

Well, they can as long as it doesn't say that maybe they could steal an extra potato or whatever. I don't know

I don't do it but

It's like the supermarket's trust you

To pay for everything there, but many people don't

Next this is a different kind of shop the corner shop is

Most of the time and

Independent shops, so it's not a brand

Name that you would see again like a Tesco or a Sainsbury's. It's

One guys shop often or one family's shop and they

Sell different things and they have a different function

their function is to be

Convenient and close to where you live

So if you live in a city like London, you can walk there very easily from your house

If you live in the countryside

Often they're not that close. You still need to drive there, but they they sell and

Provide they sell the same things and provide the same services

first of all, you can get your fags there that's slang for

cigarettes and

What happened about that a

few years ago is

They started to hide the cigarettes

So if you you have to ask them for what you want

They don't show you the cigarettes all the time and most shops


Built before that role of hiding the cigarettes. So you see

the the place where the man or the woman stands to

Give the money in everything. You usually see behind them

Just a black blind like a curtain where they're hiding their cigarettes

And I think that's because those if they built the shop design now

They would put something else that you can see that tempts you to buy but hey, that's how it is

Next is booze, which is a slang for

Alcohol so you can buy your beers their bottle of wine that kind of thing

They say they also sell


food that you would need to make breakfast or

the really common ingredients that most

people would need and

The only reason they're buying it from the corner shop is because they ran out that day and they need it now

So example being milk bread butter eggs

You can also buy

lottery tickets

the lottery is

Well, it used to be a big thing used to they used to

Do it on television and people would watch but the lotteries been happening for a really long time in England now

maybe 15 years and it's when you buy a


with numbers on and

You want the numbers to match?

The numbers that come out of the machine if we do that you win millions of pounds

so not

Not loads and loads of people win obviously, but if you do win you win a lot of money

You can buy those at the corner shop and there's a similar kind of lottery ticket called a scratch card


You find if you win there and then you get a coin and you scratch scratch scratch scratch

If you win you win some money and they can give give the prize to you in the shop

Next we have

You might not need to use this if you're just visiting England

But a lot of people pay their bills in the corner shop, they'll pay their electric in there


Their gas bill in the corner shop. They have a

They have a something in their till where that where they can do that for you

Also a lot of corner shops have ATM machines

but important to know about that is

That often the ones in the corner shops will charge you money

they'll charge you to take money out so it will be an

Extra one pound fifty on the money that you take if you use the ATM on the street


One that's by a bank. You don't ever have to pay to take your money, but it's different in the corner shop and


top-up refers to

it's not so common now because most people

in England

To have contract mobile phones where they pay

40 pounds a month, whatever

Every month and when they're on the contract mobile phone, it goes straight from their bank account

But the people who are not on the contract mobile phone

Can put money on their mobile phone they can top up the mobile phone in

The corner shop you can go in and you you can buy it ten pounds top-up 20 pounds to top-up

Again, it's it's not the only way to top up the mobile phone

you can do it by calling up using your card, but it's

The way people would use to top up their phone if they don't like

Using their credit card either online or over the phone

But a word of warning about

Going to the corner shop

You could say it's a ripoff. They charge you too much for what you get

You could say it's stale

so for example you buy

bread in there and

You go home and make yourself a nice sandwich. You bite into it and it's like oh

It's old. It's really not nice and

No offense to any

corner shop

owners watching this video

But it has been known that you have to check your change when you leave

Because sometimes it's not enough for them to rip you off

They also have to keep a bit extra as well and a funny

Observation funny story that happened recently

In my local corner shop in London was that some?

Americans came in the shop and

They started buying everything there. They they were treating the corner shop like it was Tesco

they were going like

Do we need this? Yeah, let's get that grab some of that and

they were put

all the food on the

It's not cashier really in the corner shop

It's usually just a small space where money passes and they're putting all the things on there

And the man who's working in the shop. He didn't seem to care. Maybe it wasn't his shop

But if the shop owner was there, he would have been like yes. Yes

Because they were buying everything in there and really that that doesn't tend to happen. You just buy

If you need it, you just buy the one or two things. You don't buy everything in there because it will cost you a fortune

but the Americans didn't know that so maybe they just

arrived in the area

Maybe they didn't know where the supermarkets were or something like that or yeah

I think it was that nobody likes to waste money for no reason or buy stale food

That they because they didn't realize

so always be aware of

the pitfalls of the corner shop and when we come back we're going to

Look at more to do with shopping in England

Now we're going to look at the other kinds of common shops that you'll find in England

the first

idea that we need to know is

the high street if you think about how old

England is and how old many of the towns are

Those towns were once

the center of the town a

long time ago was one Street and

in our times

Because those towns and cities have grown so much. There's many other streets and

and streets where people live and streets where there are even more shops, but the main

Street right in the centre of the town is what we call the high street

so across England, there are so many roads called High Street because

Most towns probably have one

most old towns, especially probably have place called the high street and

Even in London

There's no true center of London because it's grown in different directions at different times

Because there was a time where London used to be different

Villages in a way and then they grew together and now it's just all big London. There are

different high streets inside London

So a high street we can best understand it as in your local area

The street where most of the shops are and things like banks

but something else you need to know is that

There are different kinds of high streets and it depends on the area the kinds of shops that you'll find there

so we have

what I'd call the down market high street and we have



high street

so the shops here are

more expensive and

There are more

names of shops that you recognise

whereas in the down market tie straight

mostly they're

independent shops or ones that you haven't seen before it will not look as beautiful and

There's different kinds of shops, so I'll go through the different

Things you'll likely see in the down market high street

First of all, we have Pound shops

in the pound shop you can

buy things that cost a pound I

Guess you guessed that but they will be things like you can buy stationery that costs a pound

Fancy dress things that cost a pound cleaning products or sometimes they are a 99p store

I know that they've stayed a pound shop for a long time

So I think what they do is they just make the things smaller that you buy but a lot of people

Go to the pound shop and buy things

Things that you hate buying

That you don't really want to spend that much money on but you need I think that's

what a lot of people use the pound shop for

So certain things in the home certain cleaning products. Maybe they go and buy them at the pound shop

we also have

many charity shops

depends on your country, but not all countries in the world have these and these are

places where

People take the old clothes. They don't want or the old books. They have all the old pieces of furniture and

They give them for free to the charity shop and the charity shop sells them again to other people and

When the charity shop makes money, it makes a profit they spend that on

You know a certain group of people or certain calls like the environment or old people or something

Here is a common

charity shop


Brand that you'll see around. It's called Oxfam

Sometimes Oxfam is for clothes and sometimes it's for books

depends on the area and

another kind of

box Oxfam is a very

Professionally run

Charity shop. You don't in my opinion. You wouldn't get many bargains in there. They usually know what they've got and they'll

Sell it at the price where they can get the most money from it on the other hand

some charity shops

which are usually

If a charity shop is called a hospice. It means that it's a charity

That when it makes money

this money goes to very old people who dying or people who are dying and

Usually they're not that

Professionally run in the same way. No offense anyone who works in the hospice

But they're not it's not all organized in the same way

So if you want to get some bargains or you like vintage clothes, for example

you're more likely to find that kind of thing in a hospice because

Perhaps the volunteers who work there they don't

They don't know that they've got stuff that

They could sell for more

But in Oxfam they normally do

Okay. Next is the idea of the whole of England

having high streets

town centres that all look the same and

You can call it clone town England or clone town Britain. We have so many chains of shops that

This is the same as that place is the same as that place you you travel to a different area

But it seems like you never left where you came from. It's the same stuff there and I think this is this is really an

Advanced in England how many?

Chains there are and how all the towns look the same when I travel sometimes

In other places it's it doesn't seem to have reached that level of having so few

independent shops

On the downmarket high street will also see mobile phone shops. You can buy

second-hand phones in there new phones

we also have

Pawn shops

pawn shops

or where if you needed some money quick and

You had some jewelry or a piece of expensive electronic equipment. You could go there and

They would

Give you money that they would give you the money you need today and

Later, if you can you can go and buy that thing back

But if you don't have the money to buy it back you lose it forever and they sell it

the loan shop is a

much newer

kind of thing that I've seen on the English High Street and

This is where you don't have anything

then you can sell you haven't got any jewelry or


expensive watch you have nothing, but you can go there and

Depending on your situation they can they can loan you money for a short time

But they charge a lot a lot of interest to do that. So you you borrow a small amount

But if you don't pay it back quickly, or when you're meant to you will need to pay back so much

So there's more of these around

especially since

in a way, it was quite a long time ago the recession that hit England but

When that recession recession hit England, it really changed so many of our high streets to be

Pound shops

Charity shops, because the charity shops


Open in the places where other businesses closed down

Because they don't have to pay as much tax to the government

so you can see an area that is

You can see an area that is really


Financially by how many charity shops there are if if the whole high street is charity shops

It's probably because there's not a lot of jobs in that area and not many successful businesses

Next we have Gregg's Gregg's isn't really a shop

But you see it is not a shop for buying clothes or something

But you tend to see a Gregg's on this kind of high street. A Gregg's is a is a bakery

They sell things like sausage rolls. It's very it's very cheap if you want to get the cheap lunch

Next we have halal butcher


So many people buy their meat at the

Supermarket, I think that's why a lot of the old style English butchers closed down

But the reason we see halau

Butchers in the high streets is because if you're a Muslim and it's important to you to eat allow

that's where you can buy it from so there's plenty of those there's plenty of

Asian supermarkets where you can buy

International food oriental food and


We have a kind of shop


You maybe you don't have in your country or if you did come to England. Maybe you were thinking. What is that strange?


And maybe you didn't go in because it was so unusual. You didn't know what it was

well, the betting shop is a place where you can go in and

Place a bet on something like horse-racing

Most of the time it's sporting events. You can place a bet on what's going to happen in the football

But it is also possible to bet on other things like what's the result of an election going to be?


Which famous person is going to win this thing at the Oscars and bla bla bla?

But most people who go in there will be going to bet on the horses and things like that

You have to be

Over 18 years old I believe

To go inside there. I

Have never been in one


Maybe it's time to change that and go and put on a bet on something

so now we have the

Upmarket high street, it's a completely different kind of area and in this area

People like

to spend time

So you will you will see lots of coffee shops here and I've noticed in London

That seems to be more than anything else

Coffee shop coffee shop coffee shop coffee shop is opening. We have so many of them now and

I think we see that in the the change of the change in the culture that we have here in England because

back in

Older times or even when I was younger there were more pubs open and people used to meet in the pub

socially a lot of the time

They still do but the pubs are really expensive now, so

the place of the coffee shop

The coffee shops have taken the place of the pub in a lot of a lot of people's lives

So we get we get the chain

coffee shops

Probably have these in your country or you've seen them at their airports in Europe

Starbucks Kosta cafe Nero

The other kinds of coffee shops in London

they tend to be a little bit arty a little bit hipster and

You will find

People in

England I don't know if they will admit it but there are people in England who

Will try their hardest

to avoid going to any of these they just hate they hate it that it's so

commercial and they will only go to

Hipster coffee shops. I did actually used to be like that myself

but then I I went to live in Dubai and

In Dubai, everything is a chain place and I agreed to quite like it after that. So I'm definitely not a

coffee shop snob about oh, this one's too much of a chain, but I will say


The polity of these


Which should be the same because there international brands you will often find in London. It is the dirtiest

Dirtiest chain coffee shop that you'll see in any other countries

Messy, no one cleans the tables and the furniture looks old and it looks like they need to paint the walls

It's like they don't really

Take a lot of a lot of care in many of the coffee shops

Compared to how they do in the other countries just saying

Next we have

department stores

these you will you will find on a very big shopping street and

You'll find it

This is the kind of place people go to do their Christmas shopping

because they they sell so many different kinds of

items in the same place on different floors from cloves to electronic items

The department stores

That you'll see most often are John Lewis and House of Fraser



people get very loyal towards

so people who like John Lewis

They will often

decorate decorate their whole house in John Lewis furniture and

House of Fraser I

would say

It used to be a bigger thing like 20 years ago, I would say

When we didn't have so many

When when fashion didn't change so quickly and you could you could buy things at a cheaper price

people really enjoyed going to these kinds of

Department stores because they sell lots of different brands in the same place and they make it easy for you as a shopper

So yeah, but you will only you will know you see this in a very big shopping

straight a

more local shopping straight you'll see a deli a

deli will sell

some expensive

Kinds of meat maybe it's an Italian deli

maybe it's

Food that they've cooked for lunch

Which they cooked actually cooked there

In their kitchen, so the lunch from here will be a little bit more expensive often. It's organic or special in some way


Flowers are so expensive

That you really only see florists in an area where the weather people will have

Extra money to be buying expensive flowers

Book shops are also an increasingly rare thing these days people

read books

Electronically or on their phone or they just don't read books. So wherever you see a book shop tends to be an area where


perhaps more sort of academic

Sophisticated class of people living who would enjoy having a bookshop close by rather than just order them off


Also, we have shops for buying gifts they are usually

More tailored towards things that women like cute things

stuff for the home, they sell

This they sell cards if it's somebody's birthday. You can buy them a card

We also have health food shops where you can go buy

Alternative medicines also a bit of organic food you can buy

Sometimes they have an area for massages in there and things like that

So it's a mix of things that you get but you again you only see them

in the areas where

Pee people

would have money to to buy those products because they tend to be quite expensive all the vitamins or the or the

Alternative medicines. They they they're if they opened in this high street. No one would be able to afford it and

The last shop will find there is the wine merchant

The wine merchant is the place for buying alcohol where they have


Thought about the selection and there they really know about the wines that they're selling

So for people who have dinner parties and things like that or people who are really enthusiastic

About wine and eating. This is probably where they go to buy their alcohol and

I'm just going to go through this list of shops relatively quickly. These are all shops that sell

clothing and this list is the list of the

It's the top ten of shops that sell the most cloves in England

so what's really interesting about this list is we see Marks & Spencer at the top and I

Said to you it's more

Famous for its food

But yet out of all these shops is they still sell the most cloves?

So they they're definitely a big business in England

Next we have next

next is I

would say

sort of mainstream kind of close shop where you can buy office wear and

If they do

They follow trends and fashion, maybe a little bit more slowly than a lot of places

they're not they're not trying to be really fashionable or whatever, but that

For the for the people who shop at next I suppose

That's why they like it and they also are famous for when they have a sale

they the sale that they

Know they start the sale when the shop opens

But people queue up to go into their sale from like four o'clock in the morning

They really want to get the next bargains when it happens

Next we have Primark Primark is known to be the cheap fast fashion


where most tops are very very cheap in there if you're buying women's clothes and

I think it's so cheap. That's something that happens is people go in there and they they buy more things

Then they don't bother to try it on because it's so cheap

They buy the things and perhaps they don't end up wearing some of it once they get at home

they just got carried away because it was cheap and

another thing that happens in

Primark is

Especially on a busy day like a Saturday


Don't really respect the shop or the clothes in it. So people will drop things on the floor and then someone else will come walking

Stamp all over it and walk off and the and it gets a huge mess in there because there's so many people

grabbing stuff putting it back

so it's a they have a very big one in the famous shopping street, which is


believe it's in Marble Arch in London, and that is

Only for the brave to go in there, especially at Christmas time

These shops here

Our different brands you'll find on English high streets or in English shopping centres

They look like they're they are different because these shops are to attract different customers

But actually they're all the same company. They're all part of the same group, but this shop

Topshop is for

younger people I would say

up to the age of sort of

26 27 is their main people that they attract

Miss Selfridge is

also a young fashion kind of


But Topshop has become more like edgy fashion

trendy and

Miss Selfridge is more like

clothes that you might wear if you're going to a club or

You're not you want to look my opinion. You want to look sexy rather than look fashionable. That's what Miss Selfridge is for

evans is the shop for if

You wear a plus-sized?

They will they go up to much higher clothes sizing in there

Dorothy Perkins is for

Older older ladies. So although they're all part of the same

One big company they appeal to different

different groups of people

Next we have George. This is the clothing that sold in Asda

the supermarket

Then we have Debenhams

Debenhams is


department store

But they are different because they sell their own clothes also

New look is a

Closed fashion store for young young women

TK Maxx is a store


their thing is that they


clothes from other companies and other shops and

They sell it in their shop but for cheaper


You can go in there and you can get

Good bargains. It's like a permanent sale, basically and

Sometimes there's a brand that's normally very expensive in other shops

But when they when they sell it you get it at the best price. So that's the reason a lot of people like TK Maxx


In the we have Tesco clothes in the big Tesco supermarkets, they they have a lot of clothing they're not just

Fashion clothes. They also have things like school, you know school uniform pajamas and things like that and

The last shop in the list is H&M and that's another

H&M has quite a wide

Amount of people

age range in their stores, they will have the very fashionable area and they'll have the middle age area and they'll have

men's women's and children so they do a lot of

In their one store

They have lots of different groups of people that they serve so usually we see

H&M in the in the big shopping streets or the shopping centres because their stores are normally quite big

So, there we go

many many stores for you

That you you've know something about now for when you come to England and you go shopping or you need something

Thank you so much for watching

What I suggest for you to do now is you do the quiz on this lesson. Bye

The Description of Shopping in England: Everything you need to know