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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: NEW! ДЕМЕТ ОЗДЕМИР - НОВОЕ ИНТЕРВЬЮ ДЛЯ ЖУРНАЛА IN STYLE!

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Demet Ozdemir became the star of the latest issue of InStyle Magazine!

Each image is good in its own way!

And she gave the magazine an interview about which they will be talking.

Demet Ozdemir - a woman who possesses exactly

a smile that charges positively.

Dancing has an important place in your life.

What does this mean for you and what has it given you? asked


- Dancing for me is freedom, a method of expression of feelings,

another way to be silent, smile and cry.

Thanks to dancing, I learned to trust my body and

feel strong.

I am glad that I was introduced to dancing.

If you love your body, then thanks to dancing.

Would you like to ever open a dance school?

I would really like that.”

Especially the thought of being with children who never

didnt dance before and werent even familiar with dancing,

really excited me.

Maybe one day in the future it will be true why

would not?

You said earlier that you want to participate in dramatic

projects, you fulfilled this desire in your new

the series "DEK".

How is it different from romantic comedies?

- Their whole worlds, auras and dynamics are different.

The biggest difference is that DEK is real


But there is no such a huge difference between drama and room-com.

I do not look at work like that.

I was very interested in starting a drama project

after a long period of work in a romantic comedy.

Zeynep is the one who began her life with a score of 1: 0.

What character traits do you resemble?

- The desire to strive and the promises she makes

to your family are actually traits that

we have common.

We all dream of our families and are working to ensure that

these dreams have come true.

What difference does it make in the series that began its journey

from a real story?

- I think that is a big responsibility, although in

filming time, the fact that these events are really

survived, amazes me but also allows me

learn the character of Zeynep.

In addition to the real story, the script attracted me.

The wounds and life experience of the girl greatly influenced me.

She is so expecting that others will accept her with love.

The series is looking for the answer to the question of whether your fate can change.

Do you think that the fate of man can change?

What was the turning point in life for you?

- Of course, our fate may change if

we are aware of what we need, even if our responsibilities

before families are saved.

For example, I grew up in a small place.

I arrived in Istanbul at the age of 11, my environment and all

my life has changed, and this was a turning point for me.

When you shop, what do you spend the most money on?

- Mostly on shoes and bags.

As well as tracksuits.

What is the most valuable thing in your wardrobe?

I suppose my favorite things are leather jackets.”

What do you do when you do not work?

- There is no such moment when I do not work.

On rare occasions when this happens, I spend

time with my family and miss everyone's life.

That is why in my free time I try to be with

their relatives.

How do you get along with fame?

I never got along with fame.”

This is just what my profession brought.

I dont have a special feeling for being a celebrity.

Is it news about you or bad words in social

networks are not upset you?

They obviously upset me, whoever was upset.”

There is a family too.

No one is happy to read bad or false news.

But, I think, I began to get used to it and pretend that I do not see.

What are your hobbies and phobias?

- My hobbies are listening to music and dancing.

I also like to walk and get fresh mountain air.

I have no phobias.

What was the last gift you received and the last

which you gave to someone?

- Recently I bought a necklace for mom.

And the last gift I received was wonderful

aroma candles.

What inspires you?

- Two things inspire me, silence and music.

What is the last movie and last performance you


- I watched the play "Son" and the film "Parasite."

Do you have a quote or word that you often recall


- "Just dream" is what I repeat to myself,

and it always makes me feel strong

by man.

Nothing is impossible if you do it with pure


What is the perfect valentine day plan?

- I would say a trip that I did not plan,

but spontaneously happened.

Who doesn't like surprises?

Who would you call if you had problems?

- If I had difficulties, I would call my sister.

How do you take care of yourself as a person who

always on screen?

What are your workouts, nutrition and beauty rituals?

I take care not to neglect my skin.”

I try to devote time to sports, even a little

and usually run.

I take off my makeup before going to bed and regularly use tools

for hair and skin care at home.

Here is such a small but informative interview

gave Demet Ozdemir to the magazine, where she told us a lot

interesting facts about yourself.

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