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Today we're going to be talking with HeatherAsh Amara about the retreat she's leading to Peru

in February of 2017.

HeatherAsh, can you tell us more about this retreat you're leading to Peru in February?


I am so excited to be going back to Peru which is one of my favorite places on the planet.

And so everybody's seen pictures of Machu Picchu.

But what you don't get is even as incredible of the photos are, being there in person - there's

nothing like it.

To be in this ancient site that was never discovered by the Spanish.

And to see not just the architecture which is completely mind-blowing, but to feel the

spiritual quality of the place, and the calmness and the peace that's there.

We visit not only Machu Picchu, we spend two days there.

But we also go to the Sacred Valley, which is where the Urubamba River runs through.

As well as Cusco, which is main city of the Andean whirl.

And then we go with my friend Jorge Luis Delgado who is a beautiful human.

He's a Shaman, his mother was Aymara, his father was Quechua.

And so he comes with both traditions plus he's also very western-trained.

He's able to speak so eloquently about the traditions of the Andes and of the Incas,

and to really blend.

We do a lot blending of Toltec Sharmanism from my background as well the Incan work.

And they work together really powerfully.

What kind of person would be a really good fit for this trip?

What is the goal of this journey and what is it that they're hoping or what can they

accomplish at this time?

This is a place for anyone that wants to have an adventure and to also deepen their connection

to themselves and to nature, and to spirit.

As we move through the different sites at every one we do ceremony, we slow down.

It really gives people the opportunity to unplug from their day-to-day lives and to

come back into relationship with listening to their own wisdom and connecting to the

wisdom of the land.

So, through ceremony, through really visiting these incredibly powerful spots that we then

open ourselves back up to our intuition, to our knowing and what I found is that when

we come back then to our lives there's a deep sense of calm.

I'll tell you a great story.

My mother and my father came with me to Peru many years ago.

And my mom, right after they got back, she called me really excited three days later,

and she's like "Oh my gosh, this is so great.

I loved Peru and it's totally changed me." And I'm like, "What's happened?"

She goes, "I just got home I realized I don't want to listen to the news every morning,

so now I listen to classical music."

And there were three little things like that were in her life that she realized was causing

her suffering or taking her out of the moment.

And from being to go away, be immersed in beauty and come home, she was able to create

that beauty in her life.

So the beauty was contagious.


She caught beauty, and brought it home.

And then of course that affects everyone around her.

So, this journeys are so helpful in that way because they help us get out of what's familiar.

And remind us of what's really important to us.

And then allow us to bring that back and recreate our lives in a new form from inspiration.

That sounds really powerful.

It is.

Thank you for telling us about the trip.

Thank you.

And if you'd like to learn more about this trip to Peru and find out if you're a good

fit, you can go to and please feel free to reach out and connect

with us.

You can email us, you can join our Facebook community.

If you have any questions, or you're curious, talk to us.

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