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good afternoon morning and evening this

is drive time of day and i'm dave i've been

buying and selling things stuff widgets

watchma doodles watchma things for

20 years people ask me questions I give

advice advice based on my experience the

things that I've learned wrong right or

otherwise I have failed at many

businesses and I have succeeded at many

businesses and I have succeeded in many

things and I have failed at many things

we learned through our failures people

that tell you that they've never failed

they've probably never done anything

he's here hardly get up get out of bed

take a walk across the floor without

doing something of sub- a time or two

not paying attention carelessly drifting

through my living room like people

carelessly drift through life you will

stub your toe you will hurt yourself you

will cause harm to yourself or others

that's never a good thing to do we

always have to pay attention to

everything that we do

so the moral of our story is when you

drive through wait that's not the more

of our story let me back up so here's

our question it's not the moral story

yet way ahead of myself because I

thought about this too much today

because of something that transpired

last night last night I pulled through

the drive thru of mcdonalds to get my

children their plain cheeseburgers as

they like so much and the mcdonalds that

I go to have to drive suit late and I

pulled in wine the garden pickup truck

for during the other one and I put the

wind down and it probably made it was 30

seconds that I said they're waiting and

in the same 30 second he revs his engine

and pulls up to the first window and

then you know I gave him my order and I

pull up and he pulls up to the next

window and the guy that took my money

I'm like wow he was he was very unhappy

because you didn't get with him right

away you didn't answer that call he goes

yeah that happens because the most

unhappy I've ever seen somebody was they

they come in their order was wrong they

took the hamburger that was wrong and

hit the manager with it

she's so nice the nicest manager so when

I pulled out the next window it was that

manager and I said wow he was he was

pretty unhappy she goes yeah he was he

was pretty I'm had because we you know

we didn't get to him within 10 seconds I

said well I understand the last time you

didn't get with somebody they they

watched you with a hamburger yes he was

pretty unhappy she is you didn't get a

drink with your order and I said no no I

just I got my kids some some hamburgers

they like the hamburgers and and I said

you know what's interesting about

McDonald's and I said it's not to be

mean but a matter of fact is when I go

through the drive-through and my order

is correct then I'm surprised I have no

expectation when I go through McDonald's

drive-through and I said so that matter

of fact it doesn't whether whether it's

mcdonalds or burger king or wendy's or

any of the fast food places my orders

very very very rarely correct and that's

normal and when it is correct I'm like

well they're just won the lottery it's


and she and she laughed she does would

you like something to drink no Mike

actually would I just forgot where she

gave me and she gave me a drink and I

told her you know I'm started somebody

hit you with a hamburger i clicked

imagine my day being so bad I would be

so upset over ordering a hamburger that

I would want to throw it at somebody or

hit somebody with it

this is where you have to have a clear

understanding of the way things work

simultaneously as your ordering your

food and that drive through there are

other things going on inside that

business people want to believe that

they are the only customer that that

business should be concerned with at

that moment in time and that is simply a

fact that it's just never going to be


you always put yourself in that position

whether you're that manager or you're

the person ordering the food I never get

upset when i go to you know table

service restaurant let's go in and sit

down I'm going to weight it on when the

food comes out and it's wrong which

happens frequently it seems like it

happens a lot more now than ever before

or I just actually am paying attention

more now than ever before because these

are the things that are constantly on my

mind how to improve my own customer

service what are the constant problems

that we're having over and over and over

and over which by the way is just crazy

it's why can't I get my customer service

reps stop doing the same things ever

ever but it's not the exact same

situation and it's interesting it's

though I have 10 apples in a cart vs I

have a cart with 10 apples that's

exactly the same thing but for some

reason whether it's my customer service

reps or the order taker at McDonald's or

the manager or anyone countless millions

of people in life not everybody sees

that the same way and as soon as you

reverse it you say in a different way it

seems to be a different problem this

look all of the Care Bear mentality we

we need to care we need to slow down and

try to help as much as possible

there is some truth to that statement

but we do need to slow down we need to

help what can be helped and as I said

before when we don't like something we

don't like the way it works we don't

like the way it look we don't like the

way it feels and acts it talks and we

cannot change it we need to change how

we feel about it we can dislike it all

we want but the fact of the matter it's

not going to change and if it's part of

your life or part of some function of

your business that you need to learn to

work around the key is you simply need

to work around it complaining about it

and talking bad about it doing nothing

but creating more problems because of it

is not a path to succeed mostly a path

of self-destruction is you're just

putting yourself in a bad mood when you

can just simply be like you know every

day in and out we do the same thing he

doesn't matter whether it's our marriage

whatever the bad habit of the person

that you're married to in a relationship

with your employees any manner of person

around you that you deal with on a daily

basis they're doing something every day

that you don't like and you find that

you're back there I was going to go

someplace with that and I just I

completely forgot what it was when you

find yourself there in that position in

front of that person that thing that

watch them a call it the widget whatever

it may be every day and every day you

are displeased dissatisfied which then

causes you to be dysfunctional because

you're so upset every day is the same


how long is it going to take you to

accept the fact that when i go through

mcdonalds and i order that food i have a

very high probability a super high

chance that it's not going to be right

and and so I start saying to myself i

end up with this that the detention

apprehension do you want me to go to

mcdonalds a horde of the kids food man

every time i go to mcdonald it's

terrible this is ridiculous but instead

i just go okay and I go and they were in

the back and I'm like well they got it

right that's great and then the next

time I go is a big dollars but I open to

like yeah you're missing a hamburger or

these aren't playing or that's a medium

Brian a large fry or whatever it's just

a natural course of business for me

get to strive to have a really proper

understanding the structure the

environment you're working with and I

have a pretty good understanding of

mcdonalds and the fact that they're

going to mess my order up nine out of

ten times and when they don't I'm

perfectly happy and when they mess it up

I'm so perfectly happy it's a minor

delay it only takes another moment a

minute maybe two minutes of my time so

if I had to go back and count up every

time oh my gosh McDonald's has wasted

hundreds of hours of my life that I can

never get back well I can simply just

stop going McDonald's but I got to be

honest it's pretty convenient

so I want my customers that are doing

business with me to think gosh we go

today because it's convenient I like

being convenient I like providing

service to people who think my service

is convenient or whatever the items are

that I might be selling it's convenient

I'm easy to do business with that's what

you want people to think even though

there's some complexities or there could

be some problems there could be problems

with everything again I can't seem to

walk across my living room without

stubbing your toe toe on something

I could blind my kids and go you know

you left that there the truth is I

wasn't looking it had very little to do

with them because if I would have been

looking I wouldn't have walked into it I

would have been paying attention to what

I was doing whether I'm reading an email

or shooting a video and I want to go

into the moral of the story before i

even told the story because I'm so far

ahead of myself and thought with what

I'm going to say I'm not being careful

and I've not planned accordingly my plan

was flawed so we want to have a good

plan our POA our plan of action and we

want to hear to our plan as closely as

possible with us when we come up with a

plan when we deviate from it typically

because ourselves more problems the

shortest distance between two places of

straight line and in business and life

if we come up with that plan and we know

what that distance is going to be and

then the second it has to change well we

know it's going to take additional time

there's no point in getting upset about

it if difficulty that that is it's a

very very key lesson

that we have to deal with everyday life

and business throws us a curveball and

we have to deal with it and getting

upset and allowing it to wreck our day

doesn't help us any because then we

can't think clearly and so we just have

to learn to deal with it over the

weekend I was asked a question how do I

deal with employees coming and going

they quit they leave they're unhappy

they don't stay but don't know I don't

think much about and that was my answer

and then I immediately get an email back

going what do you mean you don't think

much about it well I our employee they

do a job they want to quit it quit I

heard another employee to do the job

training just like I trained the last

one they weren't happy I would prefer

not to have an unhappy employee because

as it turns out that one unhappy

employees can create more problems with

Burrell that it's worth so it's easier

just for me to say hey you're not happy

I completely understand go go get

another job

if you are not happy you create your own

problem I can't tell you how to be happy

all I can do is tell you that all the

things that you think are problems truly

are not problems they're minor

inconveniences start looking at some of

these things that you think are

devastating problems is it really a

problem is it going to cost you all the

money in the whole world that you've got

to fix the problem or is it just require

you to come up with a solution change

something you're doing put a smile on

when you get have a smile will that fix

the problem a problem is a problem and a

problem is going to cost money time the

emotional side are other people involved

or is it a minor inconvenience an

annoyance that's what my problems are I

don't have real problems my real

problems are when my six-year-old has

102 point five fever that that's problem

on the emotional side everything if it

brings everybody down and there's no

there's no nothing in the entire world I

can do to make him feel better that is a

real problem i'm dave this is dr time

and you enjoy your problems because they

will make your life better or worse i'll

see you said


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