Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Loowatt Customer Testimonials at Port Eliot Festival 2015

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We really liked Loowatt. Didn't we, children? Yeah.

We love the clean toilets

and having somewhere to brush our teeth

and no queues.

Absolutely brilliant. I'm ready to come to another festival. This is my first festival.

This is the first of many. As long as you are here, Loowatt.

I really like the idea that they are eco-friendly and generating electricity.

I like it that when you flush, the water,

because it's waterless, it doesn't spray everywhere.

I did read the explanation on the back so it's quite ingenious. It's just lovely.

We've been delighted actually

and I would have been most unhappy at this festival if I had to use the other loos.

So yeah, 10/10. How have you found it, Ripley?

I loved using these cause

I got to spike my hair up and it was really funny.

It's just a bit of luxury, isn't it? In a sea of tents.

And so, we've really enjoyed it. We've come everyday.

We'd recommend it to everyone here.

Did you like the hairstyling? Yeah.

We styled our hair everyday, didn't we?

Did you style your hair, Sil? Yeah.

Should we do a thumbs up for Loowatt?

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