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today we are going to Calgary Stampede

Best way to reach the event venue is by taking a Calgary Transit

Take a Somerset train get off at Victoria Station

Welcome to the greatest outdoor show on the earth...

[Background] Is it true?


visit the guest service and grab a copy of a program brochure

the brochure has

all the details about the event happening in different arenas

oh my god holy Moses

two-minute hang win hundred dollars

Ramiz is now going to try two minute hang challenge let's see if he can do it

so what do you think? Its doable but need practice.

Soo many options! Right? What to eat?

Everywhere is a long lineup

It's difficult to wait a half an hour for food.

you know what if you want to eat poutine we can go and lineup over there, this is the shortest line.

I really like this one, but.......

you want to say something very delicious

how about you?

Cheetos flavour

an onion is cut and deep-fried and served with spices and sauce

now charcoal soft serve ice cream

it's a pineapple and charcoal flavour

Poonam and muneerah they got to know that is a free show inside and they are

running like crazy not even

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