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Hi guys, how are you doing?!

We've got very nice weather today

I am in Bremerhaven

port waters and sun in front of me

I've dropped my load

and I've got free time now till tomorrow,

or the next day - we shall see

I don't put sun blinds

it is so nice

the weather is so bad in many place around the world

I would close my eyes rather then put the curtains on

today I prepared sth new for you

so often you ask me what is my working system

how many km/miles I make a month, etc.

those data vary in oversize heavy haul transport

so I decided to start a new series of movies

"Summary of the month'

if you will like today's movie

I will keep on recording this type of videos

so please let me know

like, share, subscribe, whatever you can ;)


let's start with the time I spent at work

I've got a special notebook

where I make a notes

about my job activities

so please have a look

it is a kind of scribbles

but I will explain everything to you

so... this year

funny, but it is only January

I've started my work on 7th January

it is pretty late

usually I started work just after New Year

but this year we didn't have much work by the end of the year

the same with the beginning

in January I have spent 15 days on the road

and I have a lot of free time

first weekend was Sunday and Monday

then couple days more

cause my truck was loaded

and I had to wait for getting unloaded

but I was home

here as well, off

as you see, so far there is not much work

but that is totally normal for oversize transport

January and February are always like that

when it comes to loads

so we have one big box here

second one

oh, I had a bolter machine here

form Zielona Góra

so that's the 3rd load

the 4th one

and the rotor by the end

which I dropped today

so today we have the 4th of February

and that's all

now let's move to the mileage

this is my mileage card

let's move to the other site

it might be interesting to you

how many km/miles I made this month

so.. start on 7t h January

damn, need to work on it

I finish my card today

cause I refueled my truck today

so I made 4838km (3 006miles)

from 7th January to 4th February

this is how much fuel I used

and average fuel consumption

47l/100km this month

so nearly 5000km (3106miles)


I can imagine that international truckers will say now

that this is how much they make a week

or rather american truckers, 5000km (3000miles) and more a week

and that's the truth

but you need to remember, that oversize heavy haul

drives between 22:00 and 6:00

and the second things is that

I had to wait a lot this month

for a load, to get unloaded...

you will see how is changes during the year

4,5 load in January

this is totally normal

1 load a week

changing the subject...

today is the first sunny day this year

the weather was kind to drivers this year

no snow, freeze or black ice in January

it was the first such a warm January ever

so no winter this year

it is more like an early spring

it so nice and sunny today....

so nice

what's more...?

when it comes to new/old ones...

my little wind turbine returned to me after renovation

it nearly fell apart on the ice road in Canada

the ice road had been very nasty to it

it just need more power

cause it doesn't work smoothly

or maybe that basis is not places well...

but generally it is on

but it does't work as it should

I don't know if you remember,

but there was a date when I delivered my 100th blade

it is covered now with a new paint

as I said - it has been serviced

so need to find some picture of that

and put the date again

and of course there a red diode on the top and on the basis

another new is that I have a new camera

maybe you had noticed that

that the image looks different

I don't know about the sound

please let me know

till now I used GoPro 6 black or 7,

I think 6black

the one I've bought in Canada

or I used my iPhone X a lot

and that's it

now I've bought LUMIX GH5S


it cost me a lot

cause I spent 17,000zł (4500euro/$5,500)

for the body and two lents

you have seen the picture taken with that camera

on instagram and facebook

the one in Orlen navy blue jacket

and those pictures are so nice

I am delighted with that camera

I think I need to insure it

cause I love it so much already

that I will use it all the time,

during loading or unloading as well

I still need to learn how to use it's options

so the manuals are waiting...

it is very intuitional still I need to read about it's options

and there is another new thing!

and it's a pot!

I know, you are probably laughing at me right now

but you probably know I like cooking

and once a time I need to buy sth new for my kitchen

I purchased it on the border on Olszyna

it is so nice...

it cost 40zł (10euro/$12)

I bought it cause I don't have a small pot

for oatmeal (porridge)

I didn't want to buy anything for my truck

cause I have one already which is very multi functional, form IKEA

but it is too big sometimes

and like this one so much

do you like it?

maybe I won't use it, it is too pretty

so... like for very

stereotypical woman

I like to buy kitchen staff

so nice and shiny

and that handle

don't you like that?

I will put it there

so recently I ear oats agin

generally I put on weight a lot recently

though I always put on weight in winter

I don't fight it cause it doesn't make sense

when it gets cold I put on weight

when the spring comes my weight goes down

but this year I am so fat

I can't stand it anymore

I don't feel well in my body

so it's time to eat healty

it is not that I eat junk food

cause I don't, I just eat too much

OK, I am just checking in my notes

if I mention everything I wanted

I did

so if you like the idea of summary video everymonth

let me know in the comment below

and I will make another video by the end of this month

so thank you for watching

and see you in the next episode!

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