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Hey everybody what the heck is going on my name is Usman & today I'm bringing you guys

another video and this one is very exciting indeed although it is just a leak, which means

it's not confirmed, so today we got a new

patch and with that we got buch of game changing features, along with Nuketown camo and nuketwon

map being in the game for free, I made a seperate video about it where I showed you guys the

gameplay, I will link that video

down below. But in zombies today after the downloading the patch

someone tried to go and put on a camo on their gun, but fortuantely enough we actually saw

a glitch happened and it showed us the name of a gun that we currently don't have and

we saw half of the gun image as well,

and it looks like it's a mp40. I will link a charlie intel post down below, where you

guys can actually see the image by yourslef. I would've have it up on the screen, but because

of YouTube copyright mumbo Jumbo

I cannot and charlie intel is just a credible source for Call of Duty in general.

Now of course it could be something else, and we could be seeing this in the new zombies

map or maybe it's a place holder and we might see this in the coming days in multiplayer

and in all of the zombies map with new weapons update.

It reminds me of when we got the patch a day before the release of awakening dlc and we

got deathmachine added in zombies as a power up, I'm assuming we could see the samething

with the mp 40, but it's going an actuall gun within

the game. Now let me know what do you guys think about this, I definitely do think we're

gonna be getting mp40 aka hg 40 that's what it's called in the game now. But thank you

guys so much for watching and that is really about it.

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