Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Goodyear mobilizes with Microsoft 365

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Goodyear's mission is to deliver innovative solutions

that keep the world moving.

We've been innovating for a hundred years.

Today, when innovation is accelerating

in a pace faster than it ever has,

it's important for us to be able to connect

with each other very, very quickly.

Moving to Microsoft 365

was about modernization.

We partnered with Microsoft, we went through

nine months of planning,

and then we were able to execute

in three months.

The less time we spend

fighting with installs

of operating systems,

then we can focus on solving problems

that are needed for our business

and our customers,

that's where we win in the marketplace.

Our associates are coming to us and saying,

"Hey, we want to use Planner,"

or, "We want to use Teams."

And thankfully, because we have

a subscription model,

we have that possibility.

And now we've created a different

kind of culture.

Instead of having a resistance

to change,

we have a resistance

to stagnation.

We had a workshop

that involved teams both in

Akron and Luxembourg,

as well as around the world,

and it was really around enabling

our big data strategy.

Shared PowerPoint presentations

via OneDrive,

Skype for business connection,

We were working on the live whiteboards

back and forth.

We had people sharing

and collaborating in a way that

was a game changer.

The digital transformation is

enhancing collaboration,

it's optimizing operations,

and it's improving our overall security.

We're delivering on time, on budget,

on performance,

and we're producing the best products

in the tire market today.

We're modern and innovative in the

products and services that we deliver

to our customers,

and having the right tools that enable that,

it's essential.

That's why Microsoft 365 is right for us.

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