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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 美式英语发音的3点基础|美音口型要点|Nate Onion English

Difficulty: 0

a lot of my friends asked me how do I

fake American accent well let me tell

y'all something first of all we don't

need a fake at all playing like

teenagers for you you normally are going

English swinging so me I'll teach you

like consulate oh you know who I know

has had an tinge like a nice young

movies on Cody going to go in to eat

what kind of way Angela doing you saw

Nick ever we don't in July true hood

then well it's you saw this is my accent

was Yalta don't cooking in her teens

eyes true for them your data sounds hope

we are sent here in sunny Saturday so

uniquely so the tea would you say

there's Jovan so Santi ganja has a fool

getting comfortable with your speech as

I make open D hey yo girls I'm gonna

clean you know you can speak with a new

you are constant you can do that in a

southern style our own genealogy you can

change our usual neutral accent

terbutaline de Mayo table you know you

dive onto a soda Maybelline Naja

neonatal a tomatillo Sanka which are

yo-yos shout that Cheney hope you talk

like Raja loosing negotiation maybe the


step 1 loosen up your tongue phone

someone should hope before you start

speaking get your mouth in a relaxed

position so Sebastian about shut up I

take offense on the widget so much

reading inching away just for fun so

anyway come with too eager dance

love to what I need your love I love you

now that cheap was sure laugh you push

your love love so you have found

sometimes she does to me

I need that straw ah sob HM washing that

I see so just to the time see the phones

on country of love for the most part

your lips and jaw along the rest of your

face should be at rest when speaking

American English

keep your tongue in the center of your

mouth just behind your two front teeth

so Eva Sabah turn good see the me a

booty other phone sonde so if we don't

so some orphanage on some case reopened

are called and they don't find sister oh

my god are you gonna bite me or


step 2 enunciate each syllable clearly

bomb a beans you

as usual break down words into small

units and say each one of them clearly

UK by you go to the function you go you

got a shout in Yeshua spectacular chicka

dance needs okay by that social spec tak


you got you got my mind so when you get

better at making the sounds individually

you can speed up and start speaking more


tell me bout magnesia father me hope to

create he's showing the are you sue I

might sound really the functional FAFSA

so in Yoruba you catch the unquiet I

don't need to fight you're gonna flip

out there you go see - yes yup

spectacular ocean spectacular


I'm gonna go sections you see each of

those two SUNY team without how the way

to spectacular the maturity entangling

justifying enough nicotine in conserving


success has Lydia step 3 pronounce vowel

sounds loosely so your inner so tricky

found so easy to each out so


generally speaking American valves are

wider than they are tall

this means that the corners from your

mouth will be doing more work in your

job don't allege so major into issues of

equality and I we should call it 0

treaty okey-doke idea you may sound

shocked had a food Oh Roberta Cheerios

on sulig Angela yo uncle Sousa sound are

three you don't so in the phone suicide

and this wider at all in crayons or

ensuing wider toe resume Gangi wider

hall so American Way

whiter tall whiter tall so a teeny tiny

Chinese yuan underneath an edifying you

idiot ponzu planetariums on Calavera

kimochi Sheikh Khalifa in sittin getting

comfortable in steps by Union Schroeder

consulting deeply boots or shallowly

which Nate just as yen

see you next time







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