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SPORTSCASTER: ...went down to spring training camp

and he's definitely got the inside track.

Word is that they're having some problems with injuries.


And, uh, are they looking into free agent signings

last second, anything like that, or...?

SPORTSCASTER: Possibly, and they've got a strong farm club, too.

They've got some triple-A ballplayers

they might be bringing up, but again,

Peter would certainly be able to tell us

a little more about that in the next half hour.

SPORTSCASTER 2: Who do you like?

Well, I'm telling you,

so far, I like what I'm seeing in New York.

They've got a strong ball club, as usual.

That's in the American, and in the National,

I'm still liking Chicago

with a little bit of a twist here for Los Angeles.

SPORTSCASTER 2: Okay, so we're looking at

New York-Chicago World Series, possible Los Angeles.

You got it here.

They could be a dark horse.

SPORTSCASTER 2: Hey, hold him to it at the end of the season.

That's gonna do it for us from the Sports Desk right now.

Back to you guys in the studio. Thanks, Dave.

SPORTSCASTER: Thanks for nothing, Eddie.

ANCHOR: Thank you, guys, and that's not all we're following.

Here's Karen at the Health Desk.

The world of medicine has seen its share of miracle cures,

from the polio vaccine to heart transplants,

but all past achievements may pale

in comparison to the work of Dr. Alice Krippin.

Thank you so much for joining us this morning.

Not at all.

So, Dr. Krippin, give it to me in a nutshell.

Well, the premise is quite simple.

Um, take something designed by nature and reprogram it

to make it work for the body, rather than against it.

You're talking about a virus?

Indeed. Yes, in this case, the measles, um, virus,

which has been engineered at a genetic level

to be helpful rather than harmful.

Um, I'm not... I find the best way to describe it

is if you can, if you can imagine your body as a highway

and you picture the virus as a very fast car, um,

being driven by a very bad man,

imagine the damage that that car could cause.


But then, if you replace that man with a cop,

the picture changes, and that's essentially what we've done.

And how many people have you treated so far?

Well, we've had 10,009,

um, clinical trials in humans so far.

And how many are cancer-free?

Ten thousand and nine.

So, you have actually cured cancer?

Yes, yes.

Yes, we have.

(ominous music plays)

(insects chirring in distance)

(gull screeching)

(birds twittering)

(wind howling)

(birds chirping)

(engine roaring in distance)


(engine revving)

(birds squawking)

(tires squealing)

(engine revving)

What you see? What you see?

(tires squeal)



(tires squealing)

(engine revving)

(hooves clattering)


(birds twittering)

(thundering hoofbeats)

(tires squealing)

(bird hooting echoes from distance)


(undergrowth rustling)

(insects chirring)


(insects chirring)

(insects chirring)




(raspy snarling)

(wheezing gasp)

(low grunts)

(bone crunching)

(steady beeping)

(lion growls)

Let's go, Sam.

Come on.

(lion growling)

(ominous music plays)

(birds chirping)

(motors humming)

ANN CURRY: Hey, good morning, Matt.

It is looking great, I'll tell you.

I mean, and not only was this now the biggest snowstorm

in New York City history, it's gotta be one of the prettiest.

Imagine waking up on Sunday morning to 26.9 inches of snow

in New York City...

Here you go. Just the way you like it.


'Scuse me, 'scuse me.

ANN CURRY: It was quiet.

All right. Come on, relax.

...however, did strand

planes, trains and automobiles.

There was a report that a Turkish Airlines flight

skidded off the runway at JFK.

No one was injured, but for the most part, Matt...

Here you go.

(Curry continues indistinctly)

I'm gonna show you the, uh, Bob Hager rule of thumb here,

and I'm gonna plug my ruler in, and in New York, uh,

in, uh, 30 Rock, we had 16 inches of snow, Matt.

Back to you, Matt and Katie.

MATT LAUER: Gosh! All right, it looks great.

It'll be beautiful for the next day, at least.

And then it turns brown.

COURIC: If, if that.

LAUER: Yeah.

COURIC: Anyway, Ann, thanks so much.


No, no, no.

Eat your vegetables.

Don't just push 'em around.

Eat-eat 'em. I'm not playing.

REPORTER: Good morning, Katie.

This morning, all up the East Coast, Virginia...

Okay. You gonna eat your vegetables.

We will sit down here all night.

(Sam whining)

What are you whining about?

Why didn't you just eat your vegetables?

Ah, eh, all right, here's the deal. Look, look...

you're gonna eat twice as many vegetables tomorrow night.

All right?

Deal? Deal?

(switch clicks)


All right.

(Bob Marley and the Wailers' "Three Little Birds" plays)

(singing along): ♪ Don't worry

About a thing

♪ 'Cause every little thing

Gonna be all right... ♪

I know that feels good.

Rise up this morning

Smiled with the rising sun

Three little birds

Ah, Sam.

Pitch by my doorstep

Singing sweet songs


Of melodies pure and true... ♪

(beeping drowns out song)

(beeping drowns out barking)

(barking slowly fades in)

(beeping continues)

(fading in): ♪ About a thing

(mutters): I'm all right.

I'm all right, all right.

♪ 'Cause every little thing

Gonna be all right

Rise up this morning

Smiled with the rising sun

(beeping fades)

Three little birds

Pitch by my doorstep

Singing sweet songs

Of melodies pure and true


This is my message to you-ou... ♪

(creaking, clanging)

(music stops)

(distant wailing, shrieking)

(distant snarling)

(wailing and snarling grow louder)

(shrill clamoring)

(cacophonous roar)

(tires screeching)

(indistinct chatter)

WOMAN: Robert, what is happening? I've been trying

to reach you on your cell. I just keep getting a recording.

Cell service is down.

Daddy, where are we going?

Can't get used to the new regs.

ROBERT: You're going to Aunt Sara's, sweetheart.


Nah! No! Why?

Baby, here, just strap yourself in. Go.

MAN: We're at 30 minutes, Colonel.


30 minutes to what?

They're sealing off the island.

(engine revs, tires squeal)

(siren blares)

Seal off the island? This island?

But I don't wanna go to Aunt Sara's.

Did you bring all the money?


How much?

Uh, uh, $600. Wh-Why did you say, "You're going"?

(sighs): That's not enough.

Robert, you said, "You're going," not "We're going."

All right, when you get across, I need you to get to the ATM.

Get as much cash as you can get.

It's not even summer, you know.

Take Sara's car, go upstate. I'll meet you at the farm.

Bring enough food for two weeks.

Jesus, Robert, did it jump?

Is it airborne?

But we only go to Aunt Sara's in the summer.

It may be.

Oh, my God.

It's Christmas.

What about my presents?

He's announcing it.

PRESIDENT: Make no mistake, my fellow Americans...

You left my Christmas presents in the closet.

This mutating virus is lethal.

Hush now, Mar.

And it threatens the survival of not only our nation,

but of every other nation on the planet.

Mommy, look, it's a butterfly.

Marley, enough.

PRESIDENT: And so, it is with great sadness,

but even greater resolve, that tonight,

I have signed an executive order

initiating a military quarantine of New York City.

God be with us.

ANNOUNCER: This has been a special...

(turns off radio)

The window is still open.

We find something in a week or-or two weeks...

we can reverse the spread.

(distant siren chirps)

I can still fix this.


You can do the same work outside the city.

This is ground zero. This is my site.

We talked about this.

What are you doing?

What am I doing?


I'm not gonna let this happen.

Let? This isn't up to you. You can't co...



(gasps): Oh! Daddy, it's a monster!

(steady beeping)

How'd you sleep?



(footfalls thudding)

(treadmill motors humming)

Look out. Come on, you know better than that.


Uh-uh. I'll be back.

(electronic humming)



(tap running)

(door squeaks and clanks)

(keys clacking)

Dr. Robert Neville, September 5, 2012, GA series, serum 391.

Animal trials. Streaming video.

(switch clanks, machine whirs)


(fabric whooshing)

(frenzied squeaking, rapid thudding)

GA series results appear typical.

Compounds one, three, four, six,

eight, nine, ten, 11...

14, 16, 18

did not kill the virus.

Compounds two, five, seven,

12, 13, 15, 17...

all killed the host.

(muffled screeching)


Hold on a second.

Compound six appears to be showing

decreased aggression response.

(screeching continues in distance)

Partial pigmentation return.

Slight pupil constriction.

GA series, serum 391, compound six,

next candidate for human trials.

You hang in there, number six.

(taps container)

(clicking tongue)

(bounces ball)

(door creaks)

(wings flapping)

(birds chirping)

(power window hums)

Yeah, that's what you want.

(starts engine)

(Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds" playing over speakers)

(music continues)

Don't worry

About a thing

♪ 'Cause... ♪


Good morning, Marge.

Morning, Fred.

What are you guys doing here so early?

Nice sweatshirt there, Fred.

Don't set it down anywhere.

(Sam barks)

I'll see you guys inside.

(hinges squeak)

What's happenin', brother?

(whispers): Yes.

Hey, morning, Hank.

I'm midway through the G's.

Hey, who's the girl with...


Never mind-- hey, I'll see you in the morning.


What am I supposed to say?


Want to see some infected rats?"


(birds chirping)

Okay, tomorrow.

I'm gonna say hello tomorrow.

(birds chirping)


(bird hoots softly)

(loud bang)

(Sam barks)

(whispers): Hey, hey, good job.

You did so good. Yes.


(switch clicking)

(curtain rod clatters)

(pills rattle)




(Sam whines quietly)

Look at that.

See that? Red salmon.

Wow. Actual Spam.


Uh, you'll get some of that later.

(CDs clacking)

Let's go.


(over speaker): My name is Robert Neville.

I am a survivor living in New York City.

I am broadcasting on all AM frequencies.

I will be at the South Street Seaport

every day at midday,

when the sun is highest in the sky.

If you are out there,

if anyone is out there...

I can provide food.

I can provide shelter.

I can provide security.

If there's anybody out there--



You are not alone.

(strikes golf ball)

(echoing): Fore...!

(seabirds calling)

♪ ♪


(sniffs, clears throat)

Keep your eye on this one for me.



(golf ball bounces, clatters)

(glass shatters)

(chuckles softly)

I'm getting good.

(sniffs, sighs)

(birds chirping)

♪ ♪




Sam, no!

No! No! No!

No! No! Sam!

No! No!

(whispers): Sam? Sam? Sam?

Sam? Sam?

(whispering): Sam? Sam?

Oh! Sam?



(whispering): Sam?

Come on, S... Sam!

(panting quiets down)

(foot slips)

(whispering): Oh, sh...

(panting quietly)

(eerie screeching)

(Robert gasping)

(continues panting)

(quietly): I got to go, Sam.

I got to go. I got to go.


(continues panting)

(panting, shuddering)


(water dripping)


(water dripping, Robert panting)

(dripping grows louder)

(boots creak on stairs)

(water dripping rapidly)


(panting, shuddering)

(whispers): Sam?

(panting, shuddering)

(flashlight clicks off)


(quietly): Sam?

(panting quiets)

(quiet crunching)

(brief clattering)

(panting quietly)

(rifle rattling)

(Sam whines)

(whispers): Sam!

Sam? Sam?


Sam. Sam.

(panting, whining quietly)

Sam, Sam, come on.

We got to go. Sam.

What are you doing?

(chewing, crunching)

(fierce screeching)


(roaring, screeching)

Sam, we got to go!

(creature screeching)

(screeching in distance)

Sam, go! Go!

Sam, get out! Get out!

(creatures screeching)

(screeching, grunting)

(grunting, screeching)

(guttural, raspy snarls)

(gunshot echoes)

(bird twittering)

(birds chirping)


(wheels squeaking)


Got to pay attention, okay?

Got to pay attention.

Listen, uh...


I want you to stay here on this one, okay?

Because you can still get infected.

And I can't.



So, look, if I'm not back by dark, um...

...just go.

(birds chirping)

(vial clatters)

(loud snap)

(creature screeching)


(loud thud)


(frantic screeching)

(screeching stops)

(fierce roaring)

(screeching roar)

(gruff panting)


(quiet, steady beeping)

(steady beeping continues)

Okay, subject is female,

likely 18 to 20 years of age.

Dilaudid push only sedates effectively

at six times human dose.

Core temperature: 106 Fahrenheit.

Pulse: 200 bpm.

Respiration elevated.

PA O2: 300% of normal.

(soft, rapid panting)

Pupils fully dilated.

Non-reactive to light.

(steady beeping continues)

(light whirring, skin crackling)

Extreme reaction to UV exposure.

Symptoms and tissue samples

confirm subject is infected with KV.

Vaccine test.

GA series, serum 391, compound six.

Commencing human trials.

(sets syringe down)

(panting, beeping slow)

Respiration slowing.

(beeping slowing)

Pulse: 190.

Core temperature...


104 and decreasing.

We may have something here.

(fierce screeching)


(screeching stops)

(flatline tone)

(flatline tone continues)


(exhales quietly)

(steady beeping begins)

(syringe clatters)

GA series, serum 391, compound six:

ineffective on humans.

(steady beeping continues)

(bangs cart)

(banging cart loudly)

(steady beeping continues)

(exhales, sniffs)

Test results linked to this entry

saved on six redundant drives.

Still no cure.


(eyeglasses clatter)

(beeping continues)

ROBERT: Day 1,001.

Uh, we came in close contact with a hive today.

Blood tests confirm that I remain immune

to both the airborne

and contact strains.

Canines remain immune to airborne strain only.

Can't go running into the dark, dummy.

Vaccine trials continue.

I'm still unable to transfer my immunity to infected hosts.

The Krippin virus is...


Just fishing in the dark, son.

Mm, uh... behavioral note.


an infected male exposed himself to sunlight today.

Now, it's possible decreased brain function,

or growing scarcity of food is causing them to...

ignore their basic survival instincts.

Social de-evolution appears complete.

Typical human behavior is now entirely absent.

(siren wailing)

Why are we stopping?


(distant honking)

Street's closed, folks. We hoof it.

You got less than ten minutes.

Baby, give me the dog.

(helicopter hovering)

(horns honk, crowd clamoring)

(seat belt clicks)

Come on, baby. Let's go. Let's go.


Let's go.

SOLDIER: Keep the colonel and his family between us

and don't let anyone stop you.

Mommy, they have guns.

It's okay.

They're in the army like Daddy.

(distant sirens wailing)

(crowd clamoring)

(over bullhorn): Please, return to your homes.

SOLDIER: Make a hole! Make a hole!

Coming through!

Coming through!

(slow, melancholy theme playing)

(indistinct radio communication)


MAN (over bullhorn): Unless you have clearance,

you cannot pass the checkpoint.

Please, return to your homes.

(shouting, clamoring)

(device trilling)

You're clear. Move ahead.

(beeping, trilling)


(indistinct shouting)

Step up.

(beeping, trilling)

You're clear. Next. Let's go.

(alarm beeping)

No good.

(beeping, trilling)


Look, look, look, look.

(beeping, trilling)



I'm not infected. I'm not infected.

Please, please, please.

(child crying)

Take my baby. Take my baby, please.

You're gonna have to move back!

(alarm beeping)

No good. No good.

What? What? No. Robert!


Whoa! Whoa!

Get your hands off my wife.

Get your hands off...

(Marley screaming)


Stand down!


Stand down!

Get your hands off of her!




Scan her again. Stand down!

Stand down, soldier! Stand down!

I am Lieutenant Colonel Robert Neville.

I am ordering you to scan her again.

Scan her again.

All right, scan her again.

(beeping, trilling)

It's clear.

It's clear. Move through.

(shouting, clamoring)

(baby crying)

Okay, let's go.

Move. Come on. Go, go.

Take my baby!

GIRL (crying): Mommy!


(wailing, speaking indistinctly)

Daddy, why can't the little girl come, too?

(fighter jets flying over)

(indistinct announcement over P.A.)

How long?

Five minutes. We'll make it.

This is Ranger 621.

We're on site.

(helicopter approaching)

MAN (over P.A.): Military quarantine is about to begin.


I won't take my eyes off of them, Colonel.

You've got my word on it.

ROBERT: Give me a kiss.


Dear Lord,

please watch over Robert

and keep him strong through the struggles ahead of him.

Lord, please just bring him home safely.


Daddy's going to make the monsters go away, baby, okay?

Sam, you protect Daddy.

No, baby, I can't. Daddy can't take the dog.

Sir, we've got to go!

Daddy, look! A butterfly.

(helicopter revving)

Come on, let's go.

(engine roaring)

(blades whistling, engine roaring)


(clanking, rattling)

How'd you sleep?

...Neville will be taking a closer look

at the ongoing mutations

of Dr. Alice Krippin's once-hailed

miracle cure for cancer.

So far, almost 5,000 patients

treated with the retrofitted virus

have begun exhibiting symptoms

resembling the early onset of rabies.

25 patients have already died.

Dr. Neville has ordered local hospitals

to stockpile antiviral drugs

and to begin preliminary quarantine protocol.

It's my birthday.

...we are fully confident

that Dr. Neville can see us through...

You gonna sing?

My name is Robert Neville.

I am a survivor living in New York City.

I am broadcasting on all AM frequencies.

I will be at the South Street Seaport every day at midday,

when the sun is highest in the sky.

If you are out there,

if anyone is out there,

I can provide food,

I can provide shelter, I can provide security.

If there's anybody out there--



You are not alone.

Listen, uh, if you're planning a party or something,

just tell me now.

Okay? Because you know I don't like surprises,

and I swear I'll act surprised, okay?


(tires scrape)

(engine revs, tires screech)

(tires screech)



Hey! Hey!

(tires screech)

What the hell are you doing out here, Fred?!

What the... What the hell are you...


No! No!


(cocking rifle)

What the hell are you doing out here, Fred?!

How did you get out here?!

Fred, if you're real, you better tell me right now.

If you're real, you better tell me right now!

(breathing heavily)

Damn it, Fred!

Damn it!

(wind whistling)


(gunfire echoing)

(glass shattering, shards clinking)


(Sam whimpering)

(quiet clink)

(metal creaking)

(cable whipping)




(barking fades)

(watch alarm beeping)


(beeping continues)



(Robert grunting)

(beeping stops)


(Sam barking)

I'm all right. I'm all right.

(groans quietly)







All right, I'm all right. I'm all right.

(grunting with effort)


(knife clattering)


(pained panting)

Oh, baby. I'm okay.


I'm okay. I'm okay.

(quivering breaths)





(grunting with effort)


(low growling in distance)

(distant snarling)

Let's go.


Ah! Come on.


Sam, come on.

(snarls growing closer)

(growling, snarling)




Let's go! Sam!

(snarling, barking)

(Sam barking)


No! Let's go! We got to go home, Sam.

Let's go.


(snarling, growling)

(panting, groaning)


(Robert shrieks)

(snarling weakly)







(panting and gasping)



Uh-uh. Mm-mm.

Sam. Sam.

Sam... it's okay...


You're all right.

It's okay. You're all right.

You're all right.


Samantha, look at me, girl.

Hey, you're okay. You're okay.


Just got to get you home.

Got to get you... Gotta take you home.

Let me take you home. All right, come here.

Come here.

(Sam whimpers)



(syringe clinking)

(needle clatters)

Come on. Come here, come here.

(Sam whimpering)



It's okay.


Don't worry

About a thing

♪ 'Cause every little thing

Is gonna be all right

Don't worry

About a thing... ♪


Rise up this morning

Smiled with the rising sun... ♪

Three little birds... ♪

(Sam panting)

(vicious growling)

(snarling, roaring)

(muffled grunting)

(labored breathing)

(paws rapidly scraping floor)

(labored breathing)


(breathing stops)

(scraping stops)

(stifling sobs)


(slow, melancholy theme plays)

(pills clatter)

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

(melancholy theme fades)

Promised my friend...

that I would say hello...

to you today.



Please say "hello" to me.

(voice breaking): Please say "hello" to me.

(engine roaring)

(clanking, rattling)

(insects chirring)

(soft footsteps)

(car engine starts)

(creatures yell)

(tires squealing)


(bodies thumping)





(tires squeal)


(creatures screeching, bodies thumping)

(intense action theme plays)

(fierce screech, loud thump)


(tires squeal)

(pole creaking)


(engine revs)

(screeching, growling)


♪ ♪



(Robert yelling)


(bang, clatter)

(soft, gruff exhale)


(electricity crackling)


(crackling continues)

(woman grunts)


WOMAN (slow-motion, distorted): Come on, stay with me!

(distorted): Where do you live?

(distorted): Hey...

Hey, stay with me.

Where do you live?

(louder): Where do you live?

ROBERT (weakly): 11...

11... Washington Square.

They don't know where I live.

(grunts softly)

Don't... don't let 'em track us.

You got to stay out till dawn.

(engine humming loudly)

(helicopter accelerating)

(helicopter revving)

(explosions, missiles whizzing)

(explosions continue)

(loud, metallic creaking)

(people yelling and screaming)

(yelling, screaming continue)


SHREK (on TV): Donkey?

(footsteps nearby)

What are you doing?

DONKEY: I would think of all people, you would recognize

a wall when you see one.

SHREK: Well, yeah!

But the wall's supposed to go around my swamp,

not through it.

It is; around your half. See?

That's your half, and this is my half.

SHREK: Oh. Your half. Hm.

DONKEY: Yes, my half.

I helped rescue the princess...

(Robert groans)

(quietly): Oh, shi...

(movie continues)

(footsteps nearby)

DONKEY: No. You back off.

SHREK: This is my swamp!

(movie continues)

(utensils clattering)

(clattering continues)

DONKEY: I'm not through with you yet.

SHREK: Well, I'm through with you!

DONKEY: Uh-uh. You know, with you it's always "me, me, me."

Well, guess what? Now it's my turn!

So you just shut up and pay attention!

You are mean to me, you insult me,

and you don't appreciate anything that I do!

You're always pushing me around or pushing me away.

SHREK: Oh, yeah? Well, if I've treated you so bad,

(food sizzling in pan)

how come you came back?

DONKEY: Because that's what friends do--

they forgive each other!

SHREK: Oh, yeah. You're right, Donkey.

I forgive you.

(clattering from kitchen)

(Donkey groans in frustration)

DONKEY: You're so wrapped up in layers, onion boy,

you're afraid of your own feelings!

SHREK: Go away.

DONKEY: See? There you are,

doing it again, just like you did with Fiona.

And all she ever did was like you.

Maybe even loved you.

Loved me?

She said I was ugly!

(movie continues indistinctly)

DONKEY: She wasn't talking about you...

(tapping pistol)

(movie continues indistinctly)

I'm afraid the eggs are powdered.

Obviously, you know that.

They're yours.

But I did find bacon,

which is about the most fantastic thing in history.

And... some antibiotics in the bathroom.

I put by your plate, because your leg is okay,

but it won't be for very long

if you don't start a course soon.

Who are you?

I'm Anna, and that's Ethan.

Don't let it get cold.

It's okay.

Go on.

(chair legs scrape over floor)

(groans softly)

We came from Maryland.

We heard your message on the radio.

We were at the pier at noon; we waited all day.

We're going to Vermont.

(sniffs): To the survivors' colony.


In Bethel.

It's a safe zone.


There's no survivors' colony,

there's no safe zones.

Nothing happened the way it was supposed to happen.

Nothing worked the way that it was supposed to work.

In the mountains.


There's a whole colony of people there

who didn't get sick.


The virus couldn't survive the cold.

There's a whole...

Shut up! Shut up!

Everybody's dead.

Everybody is dead.

I-I... I just need... I need a minute.


I just...

(pounding table)

I just...

I was saving that bacon.

I was saving it.

Just... I'm gonna go upstairs, all right?

Just... let me go.

(chair legs scrape over floor)

Ethan, put the knife down.

(footsteps, soft groans)

(clattering from kitchen)

DONKEY: You there! Ogre!


CAPTAIN: By the order of Lord Farquaad,

I am authorized to place you both under arrest

and transport you

to a designated resettlement facility.

SHREK: Oh, really?

You and what army?

(clattering on TV)

(Captain gasping, whimpering)

(Donkey chuckling)

DONKEY: Can I say something...?

Say something to you?

(with Donkey): Listen, you was really,

really something back there-- incredible!

(Robert speaking along): Are you talking to... me?

Yes, I was talking to you.

Can I just tell you, you was really

great back there-- and those guards,

they thought they was all that.

Then you showed up, and bam,

they was trippin' over themselves

like babes in the woods.

See that, that made me feel good to see that.

Oh, that's great. Really. Man, it's good to be free.

Now, why don't you go celebrate your freedom

with your own friends?


But, uh...

I don't have any friends.

And I'm not going out there by myself.

Hey, wait a minute, I got a great idea.

I'll stick with you!

DONKEY (alone): You a mean, green fightin' machine.

Together we'll scare the spit out of anybody that crosses us.

(Shrek roars fiercely)

I like Shrek.

DONKEY: Wow! That was really scary!

And if you don't mind me saying, if that don't work,

your breath certainly will get the job done,

'cause you definitely need some Tic Tacs or something,

'cause your breath stinks!

Man, you almost burned the hair off my nose.

Just like the time... (continues indistinctly)

You're not so good with people anymore, are you?

Thank you for my leg.


Where have you been?

I was on a Red Cross evacuation ship

out of Sao Paulo.

Those boats weren't meant to be permanent.

No, they weren't.

When the navy fell apart, we starting docking

to take on supplies.

Someone picked it up on shore.

Five of us were immune.

You said five?

The Darkseekers got them.

You are the Robert Neville, aren't you?

It's too late today.

If we leave tomorrow at dawn,

we can make it to Vermont in a straight shot.

So, if you head...

I'm not leaving.

This is ground zero.

This is my site.

I'm not gonna let this happen.

I can still fix this.

(steady beeping)

(rapid panting)

(door opens)

(door bangs shut)

ROBERT: Whoa. Scared me.



I called down twice.

Oh. Well, uh, thank you.

Um... it's, uh, heavily sedated.

Don't worry, it's safe.

I've never seen one so still.

They're always biting.

You think that can cure her?

Um... no, this will almost certainly kill it,

but it's possible by drastically reducing

the body temperature I can increase

the compound's effectiveness.

(sips coffee)

Did all of them die?


My God.

God didn't do this, Anna.

We did.

Where can Ethan sleep?

(Robert grunts quietly)

He's heavy.

(quietly): Check the bedroom.


She's beautiful.

What's her name?


Her name was Marley.

It's a beautiful name.

Yeah, we named her after Bob Marley.


Uh, the singer.

Uh, Damian?

Uh, his father?

His father.


(falsetto): ♪ I shot the sheriff... ♪

(falsetto): ♪ But I didn't shoot the deputy... ♪

No, no! ♪



that is unacceptable.


Best album ever made.

(Marley's "Stir It Up" begins)

You don't recognize that?



(song continues)

He had this idea, it was...

kind of a virologist's idea.

Um, he believed that you could cure racism and hate,

literally cure it, by injecting music and love

into people's lives.

Stir it up... ♪

When he was scheduled to perform at a peace rally,

gunmen came to his house and shot him down.

♪ ♪

Two days later,

he walked out on that stage and sang.

♪ ♪

Somebody asked him why.

Stir it together

He said the people who are trying to make this world worse

are not taking a day off.

How can I?

Now you are here

I said

It's so clear

Light up the darkness.

There's so much

We could do, baby

Just me and you

(turns up volume)

Come on and stir it up

♪ ♪

Little darling

Stir it up

Come on, baby... ♪

(shutters and doors rumbling, slamming)

Come with us, Neville.

To the colony.

There's no colony, Anna.

Everything just fell apart.

There was no evacuation plan...

You're wrong-- there is a colony.

I know, okay?

How do you know, Anna?

(locking shutter)

I just know.


I said, how do you know?

How could you know?

God told me.

He has a plan.

God told you?


The God.


I know how this sounds.

It sounds crazy.

But something

told me to turn on the radio.

Something told me to come here.

My voice on the radio told you to come here, Anna.

You were trying to kill yourself last night, right?


And I got here just in time to save your life.

Stop it.

Do you think that's a coincidence?

Just stop it.

He must have sent me here for a reason.

What are you doing? Stop.

The world is quieter now.

We just have to listen.

If we listen...

we can hear God's plan.

God's plan.

(whispers): Yeah.

All right, let me tell you about your "God's plan."

There were six billion people on the Earth

when the infection hit.

KV had a 90% kill rate-- that's 5.4 billion

people dead.

Crashed and bled out, dead!

Less a one percent immunity

that left 12 million healthy people like you, me and Ethan.

The other 588 million...

turned into your Darkseekers.

And then they got hungry,

and they killed and fed

on everybody!


Every single person

that you or I has ever known

is dead!


There is no God. There is no God.

(distant clatter)

What is that?

Was it still dark when you brought us home last night?

You were bleeding.

There was light on the horizon.

Turn the light off. Turn it off.

(groans softly)

(eerie growling and grunting)

They followed us home.


(growling, grunting)

(fierce screeching)

(screeching continues)


(screeching, growling)

(rapid beeping)


(explosions stop)

(debris clattering in distance)

(whispers): Oh, shit...





(groans softly)




(flames crackling in distance)

(flames crackling)

(loud screech)

(groans, yells)

(fierce roar)

(Robert yelling)


(choking gasps)




(fierce roar)

(roaring continues)

(roaring stops)


(fierce roar)

(bones crack)



(light clatter in distance)





(fierce grunting)

(chamber clicks empty)

(flames crackling)




(loud clattering)

(ominous theme playing)

(muffled yell)


(Robert yells)


(shrieking continues)


(raspy gasp)

Come on, come on.

Are you okay? You all right?

(anxious): Yeah...

Are you all right?

You okay?

I'm good.

(eerie roars in distance)

(Ethan whimpers)

(fierce roaring)

Go to the lab.

Downstairs. Go!

Get to the lab! To the lab!

(snarling, screeching)



Get behind the Plexi.

Oh, my God. Come on.



(latches clicking)

Come on. It's okay, it's okay.

Oh, my God.

(crashing, rumbling)

(screeching, growling)


ANNA: It's working.


it's working.



(multiple thuds)


Stop! Stop!

Look! Look! Look, I can save you!

I can sav... I can help you.

You are sick and I can help!

(thudding, crashing)


I can... I can fix this! I can save everybody!


I can fix everything!

It's working!



Stop! Stop!

(loud thud)


Let me save you! Let me save you!


(Plexiglass crackling)


No! No!




(roars, thuds fall silent)

(quiet piano refrain plays)

MARLEY: Daddy, look. It's a butterfly.

(roars, thuds resume)

(Plexiglass crackling)

(thud, crackling)

Robert... what are you doing?

The cure is in her blood.

The coal chute.

I think it'll be safe.

Ethan, get in.

Come on.

Come on, get in. Get in.




I think this is why you're here.


(glass crackling)

What are you doing?

I'm listening.

Neville, there is room in here. Come.

No, they're not gonna stop. They're not gonna stop.

Stay until dawn.

(pounding, crackling)



(Plexiglass crackling)


(Darkseekers roaring)

(crackling, shattering)



(both roaring)

(wind blowing softly)

(engine humming)

(brakes squeaking)

(birds singing)





(doors creaking)

(bell tolling)

ANNA: In 2009, a deadly virus

burned through our civilization,

pushing humankind to the edge of extinction.

Dr. Robert Neville dedicated his life

to the discovery of a cure

and the restoration of humanity.

On September 9, 2012, at approximately 8:49 p.m.,

he discovered that cure.

And at 8:52, he gave his life to defend it.

We are his legacy.

This is his legend.

Light up the darkness.

(Bob Marley and the Wailers' "Redemption Song" plays)

♪ ♪

Old pirates, yes, they rob I

Sold I to the merchant ships

Minutes after they took I

From the bottomless pit

But my hand was made strong

By the hand of the Almighty

We forward in this generation


Won't you help to sing

These songs of freedom

♪ 'Cause all I ever have

Redemption songs

Redemption songs

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery

None but ourselves can free our minds

Have no fear for atomic energy

♪ 'Cause none of them can stop the time

How long shall they kill our prophets

While we stand aside and look, ooh

Some say it's just a part of it

We've got to fulfill the book

Won't you help to sing

These songs of freedom

♪ 'Cause all I ever have

Redemption songs

Redemption songs

Redemption songs

♪ ♪

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery

None but ourselves can free our mind

Oh, have no fear for atomic energy

♪ 'Cause none of them can stop the time

How long shall they kill our prophets

While we stand aside and look

Yes, some say it's just a part of it

We've got to fulfill the book

Won't you help to sing

These songs of freedom

♪ 'Cause all I ever have

Redemption songs

All I ever have

Redemption songs

These songs of freedom

Songs of freedom. ♪

(song ends)

(quiet, melancholy piano theme plays)

♪ ♪

(orchestration joins melody)

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

(slow, electronic rhythm joins in)

♪ ♪

(melancholy theme ends)

(slow, ominous theme begins)

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

(noble, ethereal theme joins in)

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

(music fades)

The Description of I am Legend (2007)