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Autoblog is getting busier, so we need more space for trips.

We got to drive an Opel Zafira. Why an Opel Zafira?!

Look, maybe it's not the most exciting car to drive.

There was also an OPC version of the Zafira B,

the model produced between 2005 and 2011.

The Zafira OPC beat a Golf GTI on the Nrburgring, so--

That's why our first thought went out to an Opel Zafira.

We looked at what you need to keep in mind with this car.

The car was produced between 2005 and 2011.

About 75% runs on gasoline, 25% on diesel.

83% has a manual gearbox, which is a lot. The rest is an automatic.

There's about 800 of them on AutoScout at the moment.

20-25 have an LPG tank, which makes it even more economical.

A number of engines were available:

a 1.6, a 1.8, a 2-liter turbo, and a 2.2 on gasoline.

There's also a 1.9 CDTI, which was later joined by a 1.7 CDTI EcoFlex.

ENGINES gasoline


Especially the 1.9 CDTI are the cheapest second-hand.

Prices start at 4.000 euros for high milage diesels.

If you want a younger car: the most expensive Zafiras are 20.000-22.000 euros.

PRICES minimum, average, maximum

There are plenty of reasons to buy a Zafira, especially when you have kids.

7 seats are standard, 2 fold in the trunk.

If you need the space to sit, you can unfold two real seats.

Convenient when you need to bring the kids to soccer practice or something.

Or if you want to join the editors on a trip.

It's a comfortable car, relaxed.

A soft chassis, nothing fancy, unless you get the OPC.

It's practical. There's a lot of space, all OK.

There are some POIs. First, the electronics aren't that reliable.

Check a number of things. First, see if buttons, lights etc. work properly.

That's important. Second, the radio. It may switch on by itself.

Great to have a private house party in front of your door,

but it drains the battery.

Third, check if the trunk lock works in sync with the power door locks.

It won't sometimes.

Then there's a number of POIs for the 1.9 CDTI, which sits in the cheaper cars.

The engine had some issues. Check the turbo, flywheel, dynamo, and oil pump.

They tend to break down. The particulate filter may cause some trouble as well.

The 1.9 CDTI may not be the engine for you.

In the 1.8 on gasoline, sometimes the oil strainer

wasn't removed from the camshaft adjuster. It's there for running in,

after which it had to be removed.

When forgotten it causes an annoying rattling sound.

It's no problem and it's easy to fix, but now you know where to look.

Something else: the spare wheel.

It's hanging underneath the trunk, under the car.

Thieves can reach it easily, so they get stolen sometimes.

Check if the spare wheel is still there.

A last tip: avoid the smallest engines. The 1.6 gasoline and 1.9 CDTI.

They're-- Those with the least hp-- It's not a very light car.

These engines have to work harder.

They've had a rough life, especially with higher milage.

You don't want that. If you buy an automatic-- They're harder to find.

If you buy one, check if everything sounds right.

The heat exchanger at the radiator may leak coolant into the gear box.

When that happens, it's over.

You recognize it when the automatic doesn't sound right.

This car is a 1.8 with 138 hp.

It's a Cosmo edition, which is luxurious. Satnav, xenon, etc.

Leather seats. We borrowed the car at Opel Den Breejen in Almkerk.

In the south, always fun.

It's a little under 15,000 euros, including preperation fee.


Thanks to Autobedrijf Den Breejen B.V.

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