Practice English Speaking&Listening with: TOILET DRAIN IN CONCRETE FLOOR ROUGHED IN WRONG

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Good morning plumbers, as you know, we do everyday plumbing the good the bad and the ugly

All while training my two sons

The plumbing apprentices their trade. They're not here today as you see

Today is gonna be an ugly day on top of it raining. We gotta re-rough

a the toilet line in

concrete so we got to jack up the floor and

Move it over three inches because the carpenter came in after, we gotta blame the carpenter


The carpenter came in after we discussed putting in a three to four inch wall

Or a three to five inch wall and he decided to make a 8 inch wall

Which made it easier for him to box out which no harm or foul, but now it's just extra work

That's what we're gonna do. We're gonna change the roughing on a toilet and concrete with that

We will see you inside

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Follow this journey as I train my two sons the plumbing trade gonna be a long journey, but well worth it because we all know

plumbing ain't going nowhere

We will see you inside

Here is our culprit right here we have a opening of

32 inches Now what happened was when we did this layout

a carpenter, bad communication with us

Put the wall out further than we anticipated so, bad communications caused this toilet to be off

Almost three inches in this tight space to make matters worse this piece of baseboard

Is throwing it off even more

So a 32 inch opening

for your feet when you sit on the toilet is actually only


Which is actually almost like a wall. So what we're going to do we're going to center

the toilet line between

the wall and the


This way it looks nice

and you have foot room

Let me think George so we're doing the right thing here.

I think we are, by putting the toilet center of the debates board or center of the wall

I think we keep it to the left

I mean

I think we go with our original plan. Keep it center of the baseboard and the wall because

it will give us that space for your feet. So right now we want the toilet at 14

Yeah, call fifteen

So three inches over what we're gonna do here. We know from our other video from last summer that this toilet line

Comes straight back and up here to the range

So we're going to drill a series of holes

Bust this concrete up and use a 20 and 1/2 and get our new center

cuz right now

You're at the center right where my tape measure is and that's awful. So we want something like so

And this is what happens when you don't communicate and then we need to think about the baseboard

George: but the wall did it we've been ok with the baseboard. Yeah

We're gonna do something. We're gonna move it over just a little more only because of footwork

All right

Demo, we love demo and the toilet lines gonna be

Not bad, It's gonna be fine

Lock and load

Just turn back in a day but you ain't gonna have a flashback are ya?

George: Nah not yet

*laughs* Alright brother

He's our veteran from the Vietnam War

Don't want him to have a flashback George: I want to plug my gun in

We don't want him taking out the plumber

George: It's pretty thick. So what I'm trying to do cause you know the pipe is here, is take this off

Get this around then maybe I can undermine it and it will collapse

It should collapse anyway we'll see

Alright you got it

You're an excellent demo man

3 3/4 out right?

Yeah Tom Selleck, this is Tom Selleck impersonator AKA plumber

Yeah, break that back and then we'll use it for backfill then

It'll work

They all came inside. This is what happens when the carpenter puts in a too big a wall without communicating with us

After we already roughed it in for a four inch wall


At least we got to the pipe. We're gonna cut this here and re-rough it over three inches

It's gonna be tight but we'll gonna be able to do it and then we're gonna patch it back up.

a little ground work after a mistake. This is the ugly of plumbing

Well, once it's done, it's gonna be the beautiful

Super dirty outta here

You know what George don't even worry about it

We're good we're good. George: You sure? Yep

Nah nah this is deep enough

We might hit water

George: Everything turns out well, Mr. Barron *laughs* Ok!

My ears are ringing

Now we get to really see what we got

We're gonna give this a dry run. Yeah, see we might have to use a regular

It's gonna be close man

George: Well how far out are you, that's the key here Well, we're gonna make it 12 inches of course

Hand me my tape measure please

George: I think it's over there Ah, there it is

Let me mark it on the floor right now George

George: I think 11 3/4 or 11 1/2 at least

Alright we want it to be 12 right

Yea I gotta cut long right now George: Oh ok Yea I didn't cut enough off

George you got a little probe I can dig with?

We have to give it one of these numbers over here

So we're gonna go twenty-two and a half because 45 will be too much

So here's the plan do something like so, fresh 90 fresh connection

and call it a day

Then we'll re-cement this

There it is

Yup that's gonna be it right there

Yeah, 45 does too much man

Now, 22 and 1/2 gives us this

George: But if you get the 22 in right? Then you can ride the 90

Let me mark it

We need no dirt in the pipe, now let's see what we got here

This is the old knuckle buster right here

George: Oh that looks nice man That's better, I like that

Let's cut a piece of PIP 3 and 1/2, we're gonna have to use the saws on it

Ah yeah I like that Georgie

Alright, cool much better man. How about I use the same type of flange

piece pipe flush with the concrete and then

We'll cement it real good this way it could bolt it boom-boom-boom on the concrete. Alright we'll do that

George: Yeah, I have it all set

Yeah, all right, so we're 12 George: I think basically just how thick it's gonna be

George: Oh wow that's perfect brother

Yeah we're good man

Bust my knuckles brother

Come on baby

Hey George hand me the glue it's right there in the closet in their bedroom door

Now let's make it level baby

Bang, there it is


Flushing the concrete so we ain't gotta cut it

But this way we'll be able to concrete right over it, alright?

Alright a piece 3 and 1/4 is good

It's still a little high

Alright brother

Finished probably, we split the difference between the baseboard and the wall

This way the toilet looks centered

What's this Caesar's favorite saying?

It'll work it'll work

We just completed the drain line, the day is over

I haven't done one of them slab mistakes

It's been a long time and it reminded me how

We should measure twice and cut once, especially when it's in concrete

But we had to do it and with the baseboard

At your feet it made it extra

Cumbersome, we'll call it that. We got her done and the toilet much more centered and

Gonna look much nicer. So with that we will see you at the next one

Have a great day