Practice English Speaking&Listening with: SNOWMAN inside our HOUSE!! Playing in Backyard Snow and pretend witch makeover for a Halloween Party

Difficulty: 0

- We're gonna build a snowman in the house

- Yeah

(upbeat music)

- There he goes


- Oh my gosh I look creepy



- We're not having a snow..


- You hit the vlog!

- Guess what vlog its snowing so much.

- The very first snow, do you guys want to go out

- Oh my gosh, its snowing

- Are you ready for it to be all snowy?

- It might be Christmas today!

- Merry Christmas!

- Lets go guys look at the trampoline!


- Yay!

- I don't fall!

- Gotcha!

- Hurry get up!

- You're snowboarding!

Let's go see Niko!

Oh this so cold!

- Daddy I am (mumbles)

- Hi!

- Daddy can we go inside its cold?

- It is cold! You got snow in your hair.

- Dad look at the skate park.

- That is gonna fill with snow and then we can go sledding

down it.

Skate park sledding this winter.

- Daddy!

- What?

- Can we go inside its a bit cold?

- Yeah, lets go.

Come on.

This is gonna be a comfy cozy cuddly day.

What if we stay in our pajamas all day?

- Yeah!

- Mom its freezing outside!

- We have no work and no school today.

[Dad] It's way too cold - Oh my gosh!

(Child yells) - Your cheeks are freezing!

- I'm gonna stay in my jammies all day.

- You are?

[Shonduras] Me too.

- Me too.

[Shonduras] Deal

(High five)

- Niko could stay naked-

- Niko is naked, he has a rash on his bottom.

(Laughs loudly)

- [Shonduras] Are you nakkie boy!?

(Toddler yells)

Wow its snowing so much.

- That means its getting colder!

- [Shonduras] Yep.

- [Jenny] Aww I hope it doesn't snow on Halloween.

- [Shonduras] Oh no!

- Oh no!

(Oh Yeah!)

- I'm gonna be so cold!

- Like this (brrrr) trick or treat!

(brrrr) trick or treat!

- [Shonduras] Hey nakkie boy, what are you doin'?

Is he just gonna be naked all day?

- Aw, pretty much.

- Its a jammier naked day.

This only rolls.

- Do you want some (mumbles) cereal dad?

- Ewwww!

- [Jenny] Uh huh.

- You look really good

- [Jenny] Uh, babe I think you lost your bet.

- Did you eat all your cereal?

- No.

- You didn't!

- Yeah.

(Loud laughter)

- Maybe she did it on purpose.

- Did you not eat it on purpose, love loops?


- I did it on accident.

(Loud laughter)

- [Jenny] Here we go.

- After do you wanna build a snow angel with me?

- [Mom] Adley's not part of this bet, just you guys.


- Good.

Although it fast.

- [Jenny] Ten seconds!

We're gonna count.

This is gonna be funny.

There he goes!

(yelling and laughing)

- Dada (mumbles) Go!

- [Jenny] Okay, here he goes.







Oh that was only five seconds!


That was only five seconds!

- No its cold.

- [Jenny] Come on five more seconds!

(Child screaming)

- I did!

I did say 10 seconds!

- [Adley] Let him in!

- Adley help!

- [Jenny] Adley!

- Good job Kaylee.

- Did you see when I ran out there I was gonna be cool and

slide across the trampoline?


Then it stuck and my arms went in to the springs and flipped

over and I was like (Makes stuck sound).

- [Jenny] Oh we saw it all right.

- That was way more weird than I thought it would be.

- We're gonna build a snowman in the house.

- Yeah, we kind of have a crazy idea.

We're gonna a snowman in the house.

- Yeah. - On the table.

- Yeah we need a plate.

- Or maybe like a giant table cloth.

- Or we could use a big plate and a table cloth.

- I like that, both ideas?

- And then we could put some candies for the eyes and mouth.

- I like that, should we get it ready>

- Yeah and get some snow too.

- Indoor snowman.

(Upbeat music)

- [Shonduras] Sounds good.

- Who's gonna go get the snow?

- Daddy!

- Adley!

- No, Dad.

- Mom.

- Dad.

- No, dad.

- Not it.

- Not it.

- Touch your nose!

- I'm not it.

- Rock paper snowman.

Rock! Paper! Snowman!

- Snowman.

- I win!

- Its you or mom.

- You're the snowman's nose so actually we win.

- You don't nose that.

What if we all go get the snow?

Mom will bring the vlogging and the camera man.

And I'll get the snow and you carry it.

Deal? Okay.

- Teamwork!

- Should we get a bucket so we can carry it and not

carry the snow?

- That's a way good idea.

Maybe-Where could we get a giant bucket?

Maybe in your toy room or what do you think?

[Shonduras] Giant bucket for snow..

We put it in the treasure chest.

We could fill this with snow.

And then get all the snow out and make snowmans.

- Lets do that.

- Here you hold it.

- How bout' when the snows in here we both carry it?

- Good idea.

- Kay.

- Here like this.

- We'll be like pirates but we get snow instead of gold.

- Argh! We're winter pirates!

- We're winter pirates!

- We bury our gold in snow.

Lets put our boots on and stuff.

- Speaking of boots how are we gonna put our boots on?

Do you know?

- Speaking of boots, like this.

Stand up right here.

One, two, three.

Whoa, good job. - Whoa, my boots are on.

- Good job.

Hold on, I need shoes too.

Should I wear these ones?

- Yeah.

You gotta jump in your feet.

Ready, steady, go.

- Wow. - Whoa.


- [Mom] Magic.

Here we go.

(door opening)

Aw man, I got some slippers.

Watch this guys.


We're all magic shoe people here.

- I ate some of the snow!

- [Jenny] Ewww you ate the snow?

- Yeah.

- [Jenny] Gross.

- I haven't eaten snow in forever and I actually like it.

- [Jenny] What does Olaf always say Adley?

- Don't eat yellow snow!

(Laughing) Yeah.

- Or brown snow.


Any color snow, only white snow.

- [Jenny] Wow, that's like actually packing.

- Oh yeah this is way good, we could totally-

babe look how good this is packing.

- [Jenny] Don't-


We're not having a snowball fight.


You hit the vlog.

- (mumbles) Puddles!

- [Jenny] Oh great.

- There's a puddle on this one.

Adley look-

- [Jenny] Hey, he's peeing on the treasure chest!

- (yelling) Don't pee on the treasure chest!


[Shonduras] Koopa...

Adley I got an idea, watch.

- [Adley] Yeah! Go daddy go!

- [Jenny] Its like a shovel.

- That actually worked really good.

- That's enough! Now you're gonna get dog poo.

- (grunting) This is so heavy, hold on!

- [Jenny] Ought oh! You might need to help him.

- Okay dad, let me help.

- (grunting) That is way too much snow.


- Oh my gosh.

- [Jenny] Adley you're strong.

- Yeah, she's really strong.

- We're both strong.

- Yeah, together we can lift it.

Yo ho ho and a Santa's life for me.

- [Jenny] Whoa.

(Sad music)


- Right here.

- All right.

- Pull that gold.

- All of that gold.

- Oh my gosh, wait.

There's something in your jammies.

(yelling) Snow!


You're done for.

- [Jenny] That was so mean.


- [Jenny] No, dad no.

(Child mumbling) - That's a lot.

Should we go get candies and stuff?

- [Jenny] Get some candies.

No Adley! Get him! Get him!

Rub it! Rub it in his face!


- Okay lets make snowmans.

- That's what you get.

No putting snow in Adley's jammies.

(yelling) (laughing)

- All right go get your ice.

- Truce.

Lets go find some candy.

What kind of snowman ice do we need?

- [Jenny] Oh, we have ice left over from the cookies.

They're white.

- [Shonduras] Ooh, perfect.

- Vampire teeth!

- Okay, vampire snowman, got it.

Are we making the spooky snowman>

What else do we need for our snowmans?

- [Jenny] (gasp) What are you eatin'?

- Um some chocolate chips for buttons.

Kay, that's enough.

Opp, take the chips!

- What about some um spaghetti for the hands?

- [Shonduras] Yes! That's a way good idea.

Ooh, these would be fun buttons.

- [Jenny] Yeah.

- [Shonduras] These could be eyes or buttons.

All right snowman time.

- Oh my gosh.

- What'd you get?

(gasp) skeletons and spiders?

(upbeat music)

How'd we look?

- Oh my gah.

- Arms.


That is so cute guys.

Look at Adley's eyes.

- Look at my eyes.

- [Shonduras] Those are cute eyes.

- Yeah.

[Shonduras] Oh, mom pass the berries.

- I'll pass your berries.

- [Shonduras] Wait, let me see that.

That's so cool.

- [Jenny] A little more on top of the head.

- [Shonduras] Whoa, (mumbles)

And he's gonna have red eyes cause he's mad!

- I got one back in and I'm gonna have three.

- [Shonduras] Ooh this is gonna be a smiley face.

- [Jenny] Hi! (laughing)

- [Shonduras] Look at mom's!


- [Shonduras] That's creepy.

- Can you help me put this button on?

I need free button.

- Ought oh, my snowman is like, tilting.


- [Shonduras] Is he on tilt?

- He's on tilt.

- [Shonduras] Look Adley's gots arms.


Adley that's so cute.

Hey that's my mouth!

- You can have the spider mouth.

- [Shonduras] Aww, spider mouth.

That doesn't look like a mouth.

- Yes it does its (rawr)

(Cartoon) Are you okay?

- My button fell off.

- [Shonduras] What are those?

- My buttons.

- [Shonduras] Babe, look at her snowman buttons.

She's got too of em'.


- (mumbles)

- [Shonduras] It needs a mouth still.

- I stole your mouth!

- [Shonduras] Hey!

- Can you put my mouth in?

- [Shonduras] Oh my mouth?

No, my mouth!

- [Shonduras] Yeah I'll put it in.

- No, mine!


- [Shonduras] There's your mouth.

- Awww.

- [Shonduras] Kay, what should I do for my mouth?

He could have a green mouth.



I'm going to do little feet.


There's one toe, here's another toes.

- One toe.

- [Dad] He got little feet.

- Mine sitting down.

- That's good.

- [Shonduras] Guys, we made really good snowmans.

Good job.

(loud laughter)

Does yours have one eye?

- [Jenny] He does.

- [Shonduras] I dare you to run and

take a bite of their snowman.

I'm gonna eat his eyeball.


- Shouldn't you like, be holding this guy?


- I ate his hand.

- [Shonduras] Hey are you eatin' your snowman?

Should we put them outside so they don't melt?

- Yeah.

- [Shonduras] So they can live forever.

- Yeah, lets do.

- [Shonduras] Let me give you another eye I filled out.

Sorry about eating your eye.

Where should we put'em?

Where should we put our snowmans?

- I'll put mine right here.

- [Shonduras] Down here.

Lets put'em in the rocks, the live in here.

- [Jenny] In the rocks.

- [Shonduras] Yeah this is where they live.

- Who made this little bear here?


- [Shonduras] That's for our zoo.

- Like kitty can live on this side and bunny on that side

and then we'll build a wall.

- [Jenny] What if we lit this on fire now?


- [Shonduras] Do you guys want some warm hugs?


Hey, lets put your snowman up by ours.

Their a little snowman family.

- [Mom] Aw, that's so cute!

That's our snowman family.

(Child laughs)

I love it!

Lets take a picture by it.

- Cheese!

- Cheese!

- Screenshot it on Instagram.

- Yeah!

- Cheese!

- Cute.

We've been adding a whole bunch of you guys back

on Instagram.

So uh, yeah, lets be Instagram friends.

Lets get out of here guys!

- So cold!

(heavy breathing)

- Let's go.

Good idea though.

- That was fun.

- [Jenny] Niko woke up.

You're wearing clothes!

- Good job!

- We're making cupcakes.

- [Jenny] Cupcakes!

- They're gonna be yummy cupcakes we have.

- We're gonna make'em really spooky like Halloween cupcakes.

- [Shonduras] Look how cute Jenny's towels are.

- [Jenny] Isn't that fun?

- Kay, come look at our snowman.

They're still alive!

- [Jenny] All the snow has melted!

Nikko we made some snowmans.

- Its so cute!

- My eyes are super colored.

- [Jenny] Ooh is that cold?


(toddler yells)

- Yah.

- [Jenny] That ones Adley's.

- That ones mine.

- [Jenny] Look at mommy's.


- Ooh I'm so sorry I was just joking, I'll fix it.

Mommy's still mad.

- [Jenny] Oh my gosh.

- I was like -[Dad Voiceover] Ooh this won't hit and

then it hit it.

- Whoah!

- [Mom] Dad's the worst!

- Is that cool?


- You can lick it!

- Put it in right, there.

- [Jenny] Ooh.

- Yeah.

- Its a baby one.

- It's a (mumbles)

- [Jenny] Oh, he's gonna eat it.

- Don't eat it.

- [Jenny] Do you think he's gonna eat it?

- No.

- [Jenny] Five minute back rub.

If he does eat it.

- He won't.


- Yes! Victory!

- That doesn't count, he ate it before we shook.

- [Jenny] We were shaking - No, review the footage

- [Jenny] We were shaking.

- No we hadn't started shaking yet.

- We were shaking I said it before he put it in his mouth.

And we were shaking as he did it.

(Child yells)

- [Jenny] Where are you going!?

You can't lock-

- Daddy let me in!

You're gonna lock all the kids out?

- Okay get in.

Go, go, go, go, go.

- [Jenny] What about Niko?

(door opens)

- Koopa you can come in, Koopa come on.

- [Niko] Olive can come in too.

- [Jenny] You almost squished our dogs!

Me and Nikko are just gonna freeze out here.

[Adley] We're gonna let you in!

- [Jenny] He was eating your snowman!

- [Jenny] You trying to eat our snowman Koopa?

- [Shonduras] Cupcakes are ready!

Its ringin'.

- [Jenny] Kay, come get Niko.

Our cupcakes are gonna burn.

- No!


- [Jenny] No boys allowed!

- No boys can come in!

- [Jenny] Okay.

- [Adley] Wow.

- [Jenny] They looks so good.

- They look yummy?

- [Jenny] Mmhm.

- Witch party?

- [Jenny] They smell so good.

- Adley are you ready for your witch party?

- Yeah

(Upbeat music)

- There's my bat.

Do you like it?

- Yeah.

- Making bat cupcakes, pretty cute.

You like it Niko?

This is Adley's so far.


- I'm gonna make mine even better.

- Yeah.

(Upbeat music)

- There's my spider guys.


You like it?

- Um Hm.

- [Shonduras] Are you guys almost ready?

Look at this make up mess!

(gasp) Do you like it? - [Shonduras] Oh wow.

You look like a pretty witch.

With a pet spider.

Ooh its like pink and blue spider.

- We put glitter in hers.

- You have one too?

- Yeah.

- I think you guys look pretty cool.

- Kay, dads turn next.

- I don't think I'm going too.

- Hey, this is a costume party huh.

- Yeah you need make up because-

- It will be cool.

It will make you look tough and dead and manly.

- [Shonduras] Tough and dead and manly?

- (laughs) yeah.

- [Shonduras] What kind of make up are you guys gonna do?

- Um I don't know.

Witch, Wizard.

- Wizard.

- Warlock!

Yeah warlock make up.

- [Shonduras] Hi vlog.

I'm about to get transformed into something

mean and scary.

- Time for a bath.

- Adley's washing my face off first.

- Your face is washed.

Close your eyes softly.

- Softly closing them.

- Kay, do you wanna come do his other eye?

- [Jenny] That looks good.

(jump scare)

(surprise yell)

- Do I look scary?

- Yeah.


- Be careful he bites.

- [Jenny] He bites?


- You know what, you're lookin' like a genie.

I wonder if we should get some more-

- (jump scares)

- Dang there.


(Child making noise)

- I'm surrounded by chaos.

Why is there baby food on the vlog?

- [Jenny] Oh shoot.

Are you ready for the party?

(Party noise)

The vlog doesn't want your baby food.

Niko fed the vlog.

- Are you erasing?

- I am erasing.

- We're startin' over.

- Startin' fresh.

- Oh my eyes hurt.


- Babe, you can't do that.

- This is the weirdest thing I've ever done all day.

- All day?

- Yeah.

- Just today.

- I mean I did get stuck in the trampoline and build a

snowman in indoors that's sayin' a lot.

(Child singing)

- You singing about America?

- Um no.

- Okay.

- I'll put a spell on you.

Oh my gosh I look creepy!

(evil laugh)

Hi buddy.

You ready to go a witch party little boy?


- [Shonduras] Mom, we have a little witch boy that needs to

be dressed.

What is the witch boys costume?

Ooh wow, you just went wow deep.

We make this look good.

- [Adley] Ooh spooky!

- We don't like children!


- I eat children for dinner.

- I eat children for breakfast.

(evil laugh)

- [Shonduras] What's up children?

All right how can I help get Niko ready?

- He needs to wear all black.

- All black I dig it.

Lets go get it.

(heavy breathing)

(Monster sounds)

No, you're not escaping.

We need to transform you in to black clothes!

(baby laughing)

(Black clothes!)

Kay, so here's what we gotta do Niko.

You have a black pants right here.

And a black shirt.

And I'm get them on like this.

Roll over.

And we're gonna do a bit of magic here, ready?

On your mark, get set,...


(Child laughing)


You're ready!

You're looking good dude.

- Yeah.

- The boys are ready.

- Here's your witch hat.

- Yeah.

- And here's your witch hat.

- Oh yeah.

- We're looking good fam.


- Bring me the cupcakes.

- Right here.

- Oh you made a mess.

(laughing) -[Shonduras] I love messes.

Wait, lets check on our snowman.

See if they're still alive out there in the sun.

- They melted.

- [Shonduras] Lets go look.

- Mines still alive and mom's not.

And yours isn't.

- Mine melted all the way.

- And mom's fell and mine is staying, look at mine.

- [Shonduras] Good Job.

All right good night snowmen, see you tomorrow maybe.

- I'm gonna put a spell on you.


(monster sounds) - [Shonduras] You look spooky.


Skeletons I thought this was a witch party not a

skeleton party.

(shock music)

A skeleton dog.

- It's mostly a witch party but it just has skeletons.

- Okay.

(Halloween music)

- [Shonduras] You're eating zombie eyeballs?


All right, you guys gotta see how cute the holiday boys are.

What are ya?

- I'm Mario.

- Mario!

- I'm Yoshi.

- You guys look way cool.

I can appreciate that.

Halloween costume, like a Link from Smash Bro's.

Let's see your best Link move.


Whoa, wow that's dangerous.

Let's see your move.

(Mario music)

What! You can shoot fireballs?

And what can you do?

Can you do any Yoshi tricks?

(yells) was that an egg!?


That was cool.

Mixin' Pikachu, I love it.

Oh wow, can you do like electricity or anything?


Wow, I saw that electricity.

Oh are you just sweeping, thank you, keep sweepin'.

- And woosh!

(Halloween music)

- Who's ready to play?

- [Children] Me!

[Halloween Music]

- There's two.

- [Everybody] Cheering.

- There's two.

- [Everybody] Cheering.

- Put it in.

- Put it in the hole.

- [Everybody] Cheering.

- Kazoom!

- We did it, we saved Halloween.

See you guys for the best tomorrow ever.

(Upbeat music)



- What is this magic!?

The Description of SNOWMAN inside our HOUSE!! Playing in Backyard Snow and pretend witch makeover for a Halloween Party