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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Pulse of the World Trailer - West Africa Documentary

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A man without the knowledge of his past history, origin and culture, is like a tree without a root.

A traditional Griot in West Africa is categorized as a library of the society.

Every generation has a role to play in this life.

The way our ancestors are dealing with our traditional values is no longer existing as of today.

Everyday, culture is dying, tradition is dying; things are changing.

When we start forgetting about the cultures and traditions, we will or course start losing respect.

Any time we open up a quarrel between the past and the present we shall always end up in losing the future.

Everybody has a culture, and culture came from a human being. We have to be very openminded.

We as human beings shall always borrow the best of the past and combine it with the best of the present;

and it's the fusion of that that enables a culture to evolve.

Music is the heartbeat of the world.

Through music there are a lot of things we can discover.

Countries of course they have a border, but music has no border.

You hear music from the air, from the water, from everything. Generate from your heart.

Africa is not about war and crime; Africa is not about genocide; Africa is not about conflict.

And it is through music that you can send a positive message throughout the whole world.

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