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Tjena! (casual hello)

This is what most people think

investment and trading is like,

but it's not like that.

It's more like this:

Making money trading is easy.

Keeping it is hard.

Most traders lose money

and in fact most money is made by just 1% of investors.

My name is Larsson, or "CTO Larsson", as many call me.

5 *billion* people use the tech

that Ive played a key role in creating.

It's that phone that most of you are looking at right now,

or have at your desk or in your pocket.

6 billionaires use my trading indicator.

I'm proud of that, because it means I'm of use.

Consistently making money trading or investing is hard.

It takes consistency, education, tools, grit,

like most other things worth pursuing in life.

And that is good.

Easy is bad, because then everyone can do it.

Hard is good, because most people will never put in the effort.

Here on this channel, every week

I share some of my best tech investment insights,

Technical analysis of charts with the Larsson Academy indicator

financial education,

technology trend insights,

business insights,

the best I have to give you,

all for free!

I want to be of use to you.

That's one of my biggest life hacks

- be of use.

Then everything follows from that.

Now something important.

And if you dont,

Ill take back that phone.

If you just subscribe, YouTube will notify you late, after everyone else

and you will always be late to the market.

That's generally a bad thing.

So please subscribe AND

turn on the bell AND

add your email to the notification list on

If you are a seasoned pro investor, I recommend this video next.

If you are still learning, I recommend this tutorial on TradingView and key chart patterns.

Thank you!

ctoLarsson out!

Hej då! (casual goodbye)

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