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Hi everyone, my name is Eric, your friendly guide for WealthPark.

In our previous video, we went to the WP rating

where it measures whether company management expose you to the 13 type of Business Risk

In this video, we will be going thru the next item in the WealthPark analyzer, which is Star Chart

Star Chart, simply give you a quick view of the strength of the company's business

Let's hop on to WealthPark.

Click on Facebook

Tap on Star Chart

Star Chart summarizes 107 data points of a company into five different areas

To give you a visual snapshot of the strengths and weaknesses

They are namely Profitability




and Growth

The point range from 0 to a maximum of 6 points

so for Facebook growth and profitability score 4 points, which is good

3 is considered the average

1 & 2 - So So 0 is not ideal

Facebook doesn't issue any dividends hence it scores zero

How are the scores allocated? Scroll below to find more.

For example, in term of profitability,

It will place ROA, ROE into account, whether are they the top 20% in the industry.

To find out more about the item, click on the I icon

So this is how you use Star Chart to analyze a company

Star Chart has summarized these data, to further show the strength of the company in a much simpler way

and we characterize them into animal type

There is a total of six type animals to represent a company type

First, The Gorilla.

Gorilla is very strong. They can fight obstacles and dominant in their own field

Gorillas type of company is a compounder.

They can potentially give you capital return thru sustainable growth

Next is Cheetah.

Cheetah is fast. They catch their prey at lightning speed.

Cheetah type of company is a fast-growing company where its growth is fast

And it can potentially give you a capital appreciation as well

However, one thing to note is their growth may not be as sustainable and will be hurt seriously if they get hit

Next animal is Sloth.

What is in your mind when you think of a sloth? Yes, sloth is very slow.

Sloth represents a slow growing company

Often, the slow-growing company will generate a stable return, may soon turn into ...

The next company which is the cow

So what do cow produce? Milk?

A cow-type of company generates cash for investors, which is also term as dividends.

so cow-type company represent dividend paying company

Next, we have Elephant. The elephant is huge and heavy

So elephant-type company representing companies that have huge assets

Therefore Elephant represent Heavy-Asset Company

The last animal is the UFO.

UFO represents the companies that could not be classified

Alright, that's all for this video

In the next video. We'll be going through IV line.

With WealthPark, you can invest smarter, faster, easier

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