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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Gabriela Gunčíková - How to Sing Wasted Time - Skid Row - KenTamplin Vocal Academy

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Hey, Guys, Welcome back again to Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, where the Proof is in the Singing.

Im here with my student, Gabriela Guncikova,

and were doing takedowns of a lot of familiar songs.

Weve got a lot of requests for this one,

its Sebastian Bach, the band is Skid Row, and Wasted Time.

Well do it first. Well talk about it after. It goes like this

Whooh! Man! Nice Job, girl!

Alright, cool.

This again is another tune about pacing yourself.

One of the Key Elements that I cover in my course

is how we work up all of these songs,

, because every song is very different.

In this case, Sebastian uses a lot of range for this song.

So you cant oversing the bottom, so you have to pace yourself,

and negotiate how hard or how heavy youre going to sing into the bottom.

And then as you release, youve got to actually make your sound smaller.

You cant drag all that weight up to the top and expect to be able to finish well.

So, I cover this in my course,

"How to Sing Better Than Anyone Else".

For those interested, you can click here

and check it out.

I literally have over fifty hours of tutorials of all of these

kinds of songs where we break them down,

a line at a time,

and with students like Gabriela,

where we actually, literally, unearth what it takes

to make a song great like this.

So anyway, thank you for joining us,

Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, and until next time

Peace. Bye.

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