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Hey guys and welcome to Pimp my predator we are creating a helmet

for our beautiful predator.

After I created the predator I knew I wanted

to see this guy also with a helmet

and you guysalso thought the same way and this is why we are doing

a tiny extension to our predator which we created two weeks ago.

I could have started easy, I could have started just with silver,

but I decidedto get some fleshy filling inside.

This is why I am starting with a flesh color of Predator

and afterthat look at that beautiful.

We will take some silver. We try to get a very dark silver

and getit really really flat by using my noodle machine

and now we can start the coating process of the helmet.

The best way to get this clay model accurate is to look at a 3D model

within thegame. In Fortnite this is pretty easy.

You get all the skins and can rotate them and see them

from any perspective which you like.

With other characters the one I did on Wednesday for example

it was a little bit more difficult and I tend to

see my clay creations as paintings.

They lookbeautiful from one side, but ugly from behind

and that's okay sometimes, but not for this guy!

I am creating a proper Predator with his helmet beautiful from all sides.

As you can see I'm usingmy new tools and for this helmet

it was really helpful to have the new tools on hand.

Wehave them in the online store right now.

I'm still preparing like a making off video about our tools.

We've been working on them for two years right now

and you can finally get them now on

For the helmet let's carefully attach the topper.

This is the characteristic shape of the helmet from the helmet of Predator.

The curved tool I just love it and maybe we put this into the oven for 10 minutes

just to save the current statues of the helmet and let's see if it works.

If the helmet fits on the torso.

No? Okay.Maybe we should remove some of the clay,

Fill in some soft clay again and then stick it onto the piece of wire

and look at that, perfect!

It already looks like thepredator, but what's missing?

The hair of course.

We didthat on the other head as well,

so this is just some work and then I have some bigplans for this extension.

The reason why I wanted to do another creation and video on this character.

We take a battery and this tiny LED light.

It works. So the idea is to attach this tiny LED light right to the helmet right

on the side of the helmet.

This characteristic redlaser pointer what is it on the real Predator,

but we have one big problem. While the LED light iseasily attached to the helmet

we need to hide the battery and for the battery I thought

Let's use theback bling.

It is hunter's trophy and it's perfect to hide the battery on the back of the predator.

We have this enormous skull with a lot of thorns to the sides of the skull,

so I'm working indifferent layers. This is the very first one

and we'll also add another layer of these thorns

which somehow reminded me of skull bones hair.

Yeah okay and now we can work our way up to theteeth

and this skull also has these characteristic holes.

I'm not really sure what they areand from which creature.

I don't want to say animal this skull really is and why there are somany holes

within the skull.

There must have been some reason for mother nature tocreate

these holes within the skull.

Maybe some ventilation holes. I don't know.

These are the beautiful teeth

and we must not forget thelower jaw with its teeth as well.

Okay now let's put this carefully onto the plate

and we are finally ready to go into the oven!

Freshly baked helmet from Predator!

And it's quite nice to have this creation now

andI don't have to be afraid to break off any hair for example after oven hardening.

Now this is whatI was talking about with the golden pen, with the metallic marker.

We bring in these beautifuldetails. There's also a second line of these golden rings

and with a transparent polishpretty much everything changes

because now the helmet really looks like a helmet.

I used tonsof transparent polish also for the Mandalorian.

If you remember this with probably four or five different layers of transparent polish.

It was really insane what I did there.

Yeah weneed to drill a tiny hole just to hide the battery.

Not too much.

Broke off some teeth.

Wellthat's the price you have to pay.

Let's get in some shadows. I'm using this pen

to make it a little bit darker especially for all the holes

and for the lower jaw the same.

The LED light will be a little bit more tricky.

We need some soldering and I'm really bad at this,

but luckily I have some help here in the studio.

You already know Moritz. Let's surprise him.

Okay I need some help and he's really good with stuff like this.

Actually in the studio it works like this:

for ourupcoming stop-motion project for example.

We have so many technical problems and wejust present them to Moritz all of them

and he finds a way to solve this,

so I reallyappreciate your help thanks so much, Moritz.

I got back the helmet and not only the batteryis included,

but a switch, how cool is that?

I try to hide the switch within the skull.

Not really sure if this will work.

We need the hot glue gun and guys I guess that's it!

ThePredator and the hunter's trophy on the back!

Now I'm really curious which one would you prefer.

The one with helmet or just the naked Predator.

Let me know, write it down in the comments.

Stay safe, stay creative, bye!

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