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Your Healthcare Professional has

recommended the Mirage Liberty Full face

mask the easy-to-use next-generation

Full face mask from ResMed.

The Mirage Liberty offers innovative design and fit

that frees you to read wear glasses and

of course help you get a good night's sleep

Mirage Liberties state of the art

engineering delivers superior comfort

from an advanced pillow suspension

system exceptional seal from ResMed

ultra compliant jewel wall technology

and helpful stability from contoured

mouth cushions and supportive 3D straps on the headgear.

The mask cushions also

offer unprecedented flexibility and are

designed to accommodate your movement

The Mirage Liberty sets a new standard

of freedom for full face masks helping

you to live life to the fullest.

The Mirage Liberty full face mask is

designed for quick and easy fitting just

follow these instructions:

Choose the nasal pillows that are the right size for you

small, medium or large.

Before you go to bed

wash your face thoroughly. We recommend that you do not apply moisturize

when Mirage Liberty will touch your face

ingredients in some skincare products

may react with the mask cushion and

reduce the effectiveness of the seal

now you are ready to put on your Mirage

Liberty place the headgear on your head

like you would a cap while doing so make

sure the headgear fits evenly on the top

of your head fit the mask over your

mouth and place the nasal pillows so

that they said gently at the entrance to

your nostrils

insert the lower headgear clips into the

swaps on the mask until they click into


next gently tighten the headgear straps

first the top and then the bottom so

that the sides of the headgear risk

between your eyes and ears do not over

tighten the straps the mask should

gently float on your face over

tightening your headgear can lead to

mask leaks now adjust your nasal pillows

by gently aligning them with your

nostrils until you feel most comfortable

if you have any difficulty at all

finding a perfect fit

please consult the troubleshooting

section of the Mirage Liberty user guide

you are now ready to connect your Mirage Liberty

to your flow generator

first connect the short tube assembly to

the main air tube

next connect the elbow assembly to your

mask by holding the sides of the elbow

and firmly pushing it into the frame

until it clicks into place once the

elbow is connected

turn on your flow generator to check

that you have a good seal

if you need to get up during the night

there's no need to remove your mirage

Liberty simply disconnect the elbow by

squeezing both sides and pulling it away

from the frame before turning off the

flow generator

when you return

reconnect the elbow to your mask and

turn on the flow generator

removing your Mirage Liberty in the

morning is just as easy

detach the elbow turn off the flow

generator release the bottom clips and

remove the headgear like you would a cap

now it's your turn

pause the video here and practice

putting on adjusting and removing your

Mirage Liberty

in order to clean your Mirage Liberty

full face mask thoroughly you'll need to

disassemble it

here is how first detach the top straps of

the headgear carefully pull the mouth

cushion away from the mask frame

push the two nasal pillows down through

the mouth cushion remove the port's cap

detach the short tube assembly from the

elbow using the protruding edge remove

the valve clip from the elbow

lastly gently peel the valve from the

valve clip do not pull on the valve flat

as this may cause it to tear the valve

is very important to your safety

it allows you to breathe fresh air if

the air flow from your flow generator is

impeded now it's your turn

pause the video here and practice

disassembling the Mirage Liberty

to prolong the life of your Mirage Liberty

full face mask and ensure that

treatment remains effective it is

important for it to be properly and

regularly cleaned it is important to

remove any oils from the cushion and

pillows every time you use the mask we

recommend that you hand wash the mass

components everyday and wash the

headgear weekly to wash fill your sink

with warm water and add mild liquid soap

or diluted detergent following the

manufacturer's recommendations avoid

using bleach or alcohol based products

aromatic or scented oils or products

that smells strongly of citrus hand wash

the parts including your headgear in

warm soapy water as a general rule don't

let mask part soak for a prolonged

period of time when you have finished

washing rinsing each part well with

clean water then allow the parts to

air dry away from direct sunlight and heat

when you reassemble your Mirage Liberty

full face mask check that each part is

clean dry and in good condition to

reassemble push the nasal pillows

through the holes in the mouth cushion

then pull them up until the grooves of

their base fully engage around the mouth

question holes check that the tabs on

each pillow fit into the corresponding

notch on the cushion your mouth cushions

comes with alignment guides on top and

bottom match them to the corresponding

guides on the frame press the mouth

question into the groove in the frame

insert the port's cap keep the upper

headgear clips onto the mask push the

tab of the valve through the slot in the

valve clip until it locks then feed the

flap of the valve through the slot in

the elbow before pressing it into place

push the short tube assembly onto the

elbow your Mirage Liberty is now

reassembled and ready to use now it's

your turn

pause the video here and practice

reassembling the Mirage Liberty

with proper cleaning and care your

Mirage Liberty full face mask should

continue to provide you with optimum

treatment and the highest level of

comfort for you and your partner for

more detailed information please refer

to the user guide packed with your

Mirage Liberty to learn more about

President products and accessories visit

our website or contact your Health-care


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