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- I'm gonna give you $5,000.

(upbeat music)

Happy Easter guys.

Just finished a nice, delicious Easter meal.

Mm, mm, mm.

- [Kai] Mm, mm, mm

- [Matti] Are you excited?

(Kai babbling)

Good job on the Easter dinner.

- Thank you.

- I'm very lucky to have Princess.

She is so good at just, ugh.

It is a really weird Easter though.

Usually, we're hanging out with friends, family,

being outside more 'cause it's usually

a little bit warmer.

Now it's just our little family.

Look what I found.


I wonder if those are the same ones I chased the other day,

or tried to.

One thing I really realized making the Alone Together

little mini documentary.

And that is that it doesn't matter

where in the world you are right now,

everyone is being affected,

everyone is going through a really tough time.

It's different for everybody,

some people are just stuck at home, bored,

and just wanting to get out.

Some people have lost their jobs or income.

And worst of all, some people are sick right now

and others have had to deal

with their close ones passing away.

Now, I personally can't do that much to fix things.

But there is something I can do,

just like we can all do something.

Did you notice that beautiful B-roll?

It's from Artgrid, I didn't film any of that.

And the music is from Artlist.

And they reached out to me about sponsoring a video.

And even though I appreciate Artlist and Artgrid

for music for us creators,

for our films and for the stock footage

that we can kinda spruce up our videos

and up our production game,


it just, it didn't sit super well with me

doing a sponsored video in this crazy time.

So my gut reaction was to just say no.

But then I had, what I think is a really good idea.

What if I just give it all away?

I'm gonna give you $5,000

and hopefully, that makes up for some of the lost income,

maybe that's money you can invest in camera gear,

maybe it's just to pay your rent or buy some food.

And the rest of the sponsor money,

I'm just gonna donate to a charity to help

with this whole pandemic with the COVID-19.

Thank you Artlist for sponsoring this video

and for being cool with me just giving away the money.

And here's what I wanna do,

I want you to make a short film or a mini doc at home,

kind of like a Matti Film Festival.

And the theme is gonna be the pandemic.

It can be about loneliness or being stuck at home,

or losing a job, or missing prom.

Or what the first thing you're gonna do

once this is all over,

it can be literally about anything.

The sky is the limit, just focus on the story.

Make sure the story is really good.

Production quality doesn't matter as much.

Just look at the little mini doc I made,

Alone Together was mostly filmed on FaceTime.

The quality is not good,

but so many of you said that you cried watching it.

And that's because I think there was a really good,

cohesive story to it.

(skateboard rumbling)

So focus on the story, 'cause that's what matters most.

Okay, it's getting really dark out here.

I'll see you guys inside in just a bit.

(upbeat music)


Somebody's got a wood fire going on, it smells so good.

Anytime I smell wood burning smoke,

I think of the sauna right away.

Man, I miss the cottage so bad.

- Yeah, bike riding and Marco, man I just turned around,

"Oh my God, I know this guy."

- [Matti] Happy Easter, stay at a safe distance though.

- Fairly, for you sure, it's also distancing.

- He wants to take a social distant selfie.

It's been a long time since I've been recognized

on the street, especially since I haven't been out much

but it's always nice meeting people.

- Do you dessert, do dessert?

- [Matti] Do I want dessert?

- Yeah.

- [Matti] Of course.

- Can I have dessert too?

- I told you I was gonna make an apple crumble.

Okay please listen to the instructions.

Whenever I do these, I'd say at least half the people

do not follow the instructions, so follow the instructions,

there's a link down below with all of these instructions,

they are nice and clearly, please follow them.

Your video should be one one to three minutes long

and make sure if you use any music

that it's been legally licensed through something

like Artlist for example.

And I'm gonna give bonus points if you can kind of

tell something about you or your story,

or even if it's just like a little ender,

just filming yourself after the short film,

telling about you and your situation,

it's just nice and short and sweet,

but I think it'd be really nice to see and hear

from you guys.

Make sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel,

Kai are you coming to help?

- [Kai] None of that, can I get.

- No, no, no, no, leave that buddy.

He wants to play with my light, I have a light here.

- [Kai] May I play your light?

- Kai, come over here buddy.

Yeah, can you help me?

- Can I have your light?

- No, I need that light right now.

- Can I have the mask?

- Oh sure you can have the mask.

Okay, so make sure to subscribe to the channel,

follow me on Instagram, and Twitter

and then send me an email to this email

with your YouTube link of the short film

or mini documentary that you had.

And make sure to also include your Instagram, Twitter

or YouTube so that we can contact you,

but also so that we can shout you out on the channel

because for the top five winners,

I'm hoping to show some or at least parts of your videos

on this channel.

You have until Wednesday, April 22nd, midnight,

Eastern Time to submit your short film or short documentary.

(Kai babbling)

- [Kai] Easter time.

- Oh, it's Easter time, you're right.

And do not break the laws where you're living.

If you can, film it all at home,

but make sure especially to follow whatever rules or laws

are in place wherever you live right now.

If you need to use stock footage, that's great,

use something like Artgrid, I highly recommend that

to kind of tell a more interesting story

because we are just stuck at home.

Or just use your creativity and do something really cool

straight at home.

So for the prizes, we're gonna do a top five,

fifth, fourth and third place are all gonna get $500,

second place is gonna get $1,500

and first place is gonna get $2,000 cash.

(Kai babbling)

Kai, you ruined the light, turn it back on buddy.

There we go, that's better, oh, why's it brighter now?

Did you, you messed with it.

- [Kai] Oh sorry.

- Oh that's okay, I forgive you.

I'm really looking forward to what you guys,

man this this is like super bright now, Kai,

is that better, is that better, it just still looks terrible

I'm using this like light saber light to light me

'cause it's kinda dark in here.

I'm really looking forward to what you guys create,

I can't wait to see them.

And if you want to, feel free to share them on social media,

you can tag me in it or use the hashtag matti film festival

and hopefully a lot of people will see them.

But please follow the instructions,

and if you wanna enter the film festival

but you don't really need the money right now,

feel free to give it to somebody else or donate it,

whatever you wanna do with it, that's really cool.

I'm so guilty sometimes of thinking,

I don't know what I can do to help,

and then that just leads me to not doing anything at all,

but really I think all of us can do something to help out

and this my way of helping you guys out.

Any little thing, whether it's just staying at home,

or social distancing, or when you're on a walk

and you see somebody else, going across the street

so that you don't get too close.

Smiling at your neighbor or bringing an elderly person

some groceries, or giving money to other people

to help them out in these tough times.

Kai, this is what it's like parking with a two-year-old

at home. (both grunting)

the important thing is that we do something,

and I found a really interesting quote,

and it's actually by Vincent van Gogh,

"Great things are done by a series

"of small things brought together."

So alone, it's really hard to do anything that big,

but together, with a whole bunch of small, little things,

we can do something really, really great.

By the way, Artlist is a really good place

to get your music, especially because you can use the music

anywhere you want, you're shooting a wedding,

you can use the music there, you're doing YouTube videos,

you can use the music there, you're doing a super high-end

Coca-Cola commercial for the Superbowl,

you can use the music there, all for the same price,

so you never have to worry about,

oh do I have the right license, or you don't have to pay

a ton of money for this kind of license versus that license.

It's all for the same flat fee, yearly subscription,

do whatever you want with the music.

And on the behalf of everybody entering,

I just wanna say thank you Artlist

for making this all possible.

Okay, I promised this little guy some apple crumble,

and I think he's getting a little tired of waiting so,

okay Kai, can you tell everybody good luck?

- Good luck.

- Perfect.

(upbeat music)

On a scale of one to 10, I give it an eight or nine.

Kai, do you like it?

- Yeah, I like it, yeah.

- Princess, one to 10?

- Eight.

- I'd say that's a pretty good success.

- I'll four.

- Oh, you're only giving it a four?

(Princess laughing)

- Yes, I'm giving you, you can get

11 (babbles) - 11?

- For you.

(upbeat music)

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