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- It's the final day of alligator season.

- This is our last chance.

- Hey, buddy.

- Right now, it's do or die.

- Last day, Ronnie.

- Hunters have to fill all their tags...

- Watch him, watch him!


- ...or risk losing them forever.

- Whoo! - Come on, girl. Got to get him.

- Whoo! Let's go, Pop.

- Reputations are on the line...

- Yeah, he's dead. Oh, no, he ain't.

- No. There he goes. - Whoa!

- Whoa! Watch him, T!

- the final battle

between man and beast reaches its climax.

- I don't like this.

- Get a good shot. - Aah!

- When I was just a li- y




- The sun rises on the final day of alligator season.

Over near Pierre Part,

King of the Swamp Troy Landry and his deckhand Terral Evans

start their day feeling more pressure than ever.

- Hey, buddy.

- Troy has never turned tags in at the end of the season,

but after filling over 500 tags in less than 30 days,

they still need 17 gators to tag out.

- Looking at the tags, I wish we had a few more filled

than we got filled...

And the season is not extended.

The season is still a 30-day season.

So, I tell you what,

we might have to ramp it up a little bit

just to make sure we can tag out.

- Troy's plan

is to send Jacob and Don

to Belle River with eight tags...

while he and Terral take nine tags into Orphan Bayou,

a remote corner of the swamp with a sinister reputation.

- Oh, see, I don't like this area, man.

I get a bad feeling every time I come over here.

Orphan Bayou is a creepy place.

Years ago, there were some kids that went missing there.

We don't know what happened to them.

But since the local people kept out of that area,

now it done been took over by big giant alligators.

You see the line, big buddy?

Look like a good one, huh?

- Good alligator.

Yeah, boy.

- Pulling hard?

- Yeah, he's pulling hard.

- What we go big buddy? What we got?

- Whoo! Looky here! - Big boy.

- Big alligator!

- Look at that big son of a gun.

- Get him, big buddy. Bring him in, bring him in.

Watch him, watch him. Hey!

Bring him up, baby. Bring him up.

- Whoo! [laughs]

- Oh, dude.

- That's a pretty alligator, big buddy.

- Big head.

- Yep, beautiful alligator.

- Oh, yeah, he is.

- One, two, three.

- Wait, wait.

- Come forward. One, two, three.

- This impressive 12-foot monster

is a great start to Troy's day.

But with eight tags still to fill,

there's no time to celebrate.

- On to the next one.

Oh, we gotta hurry, big buddy. We gotta hurry.

- A hundred miles east, just outside of Violet...

- Good luck, gentlemen.

- The Edgar family sets out

on a mission to divide and conquer.

Daniel and Big T are headed to Biloxi Marsh

while Joey and Zak tackle

the deeper water canals south of Violet.

- You pumped up, T?

- I'm ready to go.

- As we come to a close on the alligator season,

Joey and I together, we've got 15 tags to divide among us,

and it's gonna be a challenge to fill these 15 tags.

So T and I are gonna go in the marsh

because typically there's more alligators.

It's a denser population.

[engine stops]

- What happened?

- It just shut off on you? - Yeah.

- Oh, that's not good.

[engine won't start]

- This motor just killed.

I have no idea what's wrong with it.

This is a bad situation.

Okay, T, turn the key on for me, please.

[click] - It's on.

- You've got it on? - Yeah.

- Okay, turn it off.

- It's off.

- Turn it on again.

- It's on.

- We need to tag out,

because we're running on a tight schedule.

So I can't be waiting

for someone to come look for me tonight.

- If Daniel can't fix his motor,

there's no way he'll be able to tag out for the season.

- Whew.

- On Belle River,

Jacob Landry and his deckhand Don

run lines in the deep waters.

With his father counting on him to fill eight tags today,

Jacob is feeling the pressure.

- You know, we gotta finish out on a good note

because there's no more hunting tomorrow.

The season is gonna be closed,

and I don't know if we gonna be able to tag out.

This might be the first season

that we actually have to turn in some tags.

And I promise you,

it's not gonna be a happy time in the Landry household.

- Boy, it's rough.

- We just kept passing lines today.

I mean, we went by like 20, 25 lines.

Chicken still in the air, hooks ain't been dropped, nothing.

- You see that right there, we're gonna slow down.

That means a line's down.

That don't mean there's a gator on it,

but that just means the line's down.

Every time for about 25 times this morning,

it was this every time.

Don't look good.

- Nope.

- Stunned by the lack of gators on the line

and with only a few hours left,

Jacob turns to the treble hook to put gators in the boat.

- You know, treble hooking is a very effective way

of catching big bull alligators.

- Look right there, right there.

- Oh, I see it. - Looks pretty good.

Yeah, it's a good one. See where he's at?

- See the little wave

right behind him over there against the bank?

I think he came out here in the deep.

- Right there he is, right, right, look. Aah.

- Damn it.


Good throw.

- Got him! - Got him?

- Yup. - Sure?

Well, I got something.


- It's very discouraging.

The lines just ain't producing.

And, you know, we treble hook, no luck.

This is a bad situation because we can't come back tomorrow

and do things different or regroup.

Today's the last day.

- Man, we way behind.

- Over in St. Bernard Parish,

Ronnie Adams is back on the boat

with his deckhand Ashley "Dead Eye" Jones.

Sickness caused her to miss an entire hunting day,

and now Ronnie's feeling the pressure

to tag out by day's end.

- Last day, Ronnie.

- I'm just overwhelmed.

Ashley getting sick, hunting by myself.

14 tags left,

so we gotta jump from one line to the other.

We gotta tag out, baby. That's all we can make happen.

That line looks down, huh?

Ashley, that line's down? - Line's down.

- I just wanna tag out.

Put all these big boys in the boat.

- Oh, yeah, straight out into the deep water.

- Whoo. Get the gun

because I can tell you right now this is a hammer.

This sucker is heavy.

Look at the bubbles out there.

Oh, yeah.

This is a stud, girl.

Get that gun ready. I don't know how good he's hooked.

Gosh. This is a monster.

Whoo! Look at the size of this one, Ashley.

Soon as you get a shot,

you got to drop it on him.

- Come on, Ashley. Quick, quick, quick.

Come on, come on, come on.

Come on, girl, you got to get him!

- Oh!

- Soon as I get him to the boat, you got to hammer him, baby.

- Golly, this is a monster.

- Oh, give me a shot, Ronnie.

- Come on now!

There you go! Booyah, baby!

- Whoo! Yes! - That a girl!

What a hammer. Jee-yee!


God, this is the way to start the morning off, baby.

All right, hold on. Get that rope from under my foot.

- Okay.

- One, two, three. There we go.

All right, roll him. Grab his back legs.

Grab his back legs.

It's the last day, we're trying to finish it up.

And look, that son of a gun

was 12-foot, 800 to 1,000 pounds, no doubt.

But we got a ton of tags left, me and Ashley.

We gotta tag out.

Let's go get another one, baby.

Keep his head down. All right.

All right, all right, all right, all righty.

Whoo! What a stud.

- 20 miles southwest in a deepwater bayou near Violet,

with only one gator in the boat,

Joey is desperate to fill his last six tags.

- It ain't looking good, but I think it's still possible.

- Yeah. I'm not going back empty-handed.

- I'm not going back empty-handed either.

Last day of the season.

It's do or die for Dad and I to tag out.

Still a lot of tags left.

Line's down, bubba.

Get ready, son.

- The line looks tight.

- Might be a bull.

- Dude, he's big.

- He's for real. He's a big boy.

- Oh, yeah, he wants to fight.

Whoo! Let's go, Pop!

- Oh, wow.

- Come on. Come on.

Watch out. Watch out. Oh, my God.

- Give me a shot.

- Pop, get the gun. Oh, God.

Dude, he almost took the gun.

- What a monster.

- Come on, big boy.


- Pop, he's bigger than I thought!

- All right, catch his back end.

We gonna put his head to the front.

- Okay. It's the last day of the season,

and we're trying to tag out, but we have a lot left to fill.

We're honestly not sure if we can do it.

- We gotta pick up the pace. We're running out of time.

- 25 miles southeast in Biloxi Marsh,

with no gators in the boat so far,

Daniel and Big T are stranded in the middle of nowhere,

and Daniel's troubleshooting

is pointing toward a busted fuel pump.

- Turn it on again.

- It's on.

- Fuel pump's not coming on.

If you put the key on, normally the fuel pump comes on,

and I don't hear the fuel pump.

So I have to fix this thing.

We are gonna tag out one way or another.

Okay, T, look in my toolbox.

See--I think I got a little jumper wire.

It might be a little piece of wire.

- You got this.

- Just in the boat digging,

found a couple pieces of wire.

Spliced a couple pieces of wire together.

That might reach. Okay.

All right.

I'm gonna try to hot-wire this thing.

All right now, T, I'm gonna go touch the positive post.

When I tell you to put the key on,

you put the key on.

Turn the key.

That's it, T. - All right.

- I'm gonna hook it up.

Okay, go ahead, start it. See if it'll start.

[engine starts] - Whoa.

- That's it, T. Don't stop it. Don't stop it!

Hot-wired the fuel pump direct to the battery,

engine starts right up. Thank God.

- Daniel's creative solution has them back up and running.

But with hours lost and eight tags left,

they need to get a move on.

- I saw a big one. - Oh, I see him.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I see him.

- Immediately, their fortunes

seem to take a turn in the right direction.

- Nice one, T. - He's 10.

- He might come up.

Oh, I see him.

He's gone in shallow water. You can shoot him.

Take your time.

- Let me know when you're ready. - I'm ready.

- Just don't miss. - I'm not gonna miss.


- Oh, you got him, T.

- Catch his foot, T.

Catch his foot, T.

You see his foot?

Got him? - No, we passed him up.

He was under the water.

I could see him, but I couldn't grab him.

- Oh, you saw him just now? - I saw him, yeah.

When I pulled up on him, yes, he was right there.

We're on top of him, I think.

- I should've just hooked him with the rod and reel.

- We ain't gonna lose him, we ain't gonna lose him.

- Hold on. - We're good.

- That's what I should've done.

I should've threw... I should've threw the rod.

- No, I should've caught him.

I touched something, I touched something.

- It's probably him.

That's where he was, right where you just--

- Hold on. I got something. I got something.

I just had something right there.

I don't know what I just had.

- That's him. That's him. That's him.

- I got him.

- Calm down, boy.

- You ready? - Yeah, ready.

- Now you got him, T.

- This giant 11-foot gator is a satisfying first catch.

But Daniel knows he's got a lot of work to do

to make up for lost time.

- We gotta roll with it, brother.

That's a start. Okay.

- 80 miles northwest in Orphan Bayou,

Troy and Terral are hunting an area known for its bad juju.

But with seven of their nine tags filled already,

it's turned out to be a gator goldmine.

- I'm just hoping that they doing good, you know.

But I hope that they bit good where they at, too.

- Hey, this line's down, but it looks slack.

- I hope he didn't get off, eh?

- Oh, he went limp, man.

- What we got, big buddy?

- We got a alligator, Troy.

- Feel like a good one?

- Oh. Good alligator, Troy.

- Bring him up, big buddy. Bring him up, baby!

- Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

- That's a mature alligator.

Big alligator.

- Aah, he pulling, too.

- Whoo! He's pulling the boat around.

[Terral grunts]

He's pulling?

- Yes, he pulling.

- The right size.

- Ooh... - Watch him, watch him.


- Oh, he's mad.

- Show him, big buddy, show him.


We on a roll!

One, two, three... [grunting]

Good alligator.

- This 11-foot beast

puts Troy one step closer to tagging out,

but he's depending on his son's help.

- Three miles away,

Jacob and Don continue running their lines.

But so far, they haven't filled any of the eight tags

Troy is counting on to tag out.

- Nothin'?

- Nope.

- No gator.

- Lord have mercy. - Look-a here.

- You know, Dad's really counting on us

to bring home alligators one way or another,

so, you know, we have to come through for him.

- Knowing time is not on his side,

Jacob decides to track down Troy to get some help.

- Hey!

- What's up, brah? - Well...

- Aw, Jesus.

- Just had a popped line on the Point.

It was slack right by the pole.

He grabbed it and whoosh.

- Aw, Jacob.

I was hoping to try to tag out quick

and fill my tags quick,

but Jacob and Don are struggling

and not catching nothin'.

- You know, so I'm more than happy

to go and help him.

So he's got a couple of tags for us.

so we gonna have to work harder and faster

and fill our tags and finish okay.

- With only five hours left in the season,

Troy takes charge.

- Jacob, go around the corner, put four or five,

and then come this way.

You know, you could actually set a line

on that point legally right there, Jacob.

I'm talking about right there. You got one--

room for one line on that point, legally.

- My dad loves to help you out,

so I was glad we went that route,

and I'm real thankful for the help we had.

- All right, let's go to work!

- One way or another, we gonna get the job done.

- Meanwhile, in the canals south of Violet,

Joey and Zak have run all but three of their 50 lines,

and they still have one tag left to fill.

- Uno.

- We got a couple of lines left.

If he's not on those couple of lines,

I know where we can go. - All right.

- But we not going home without filling that tag.

- Deal. One more.

That's all we need, one more.

[Zak grunts] - Nothin'?

- No. - Damn!

- One more. Stay positive. One more, baby.

- Look back there. Look back there.

- Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

- Oh, I see him. Yeah.

- He's up on the bank. - Yeah, he's staring at you.

- He's not a monster, but that's one in the boat.

- Nah...

Dude, let's go get him.

You want me to stay on the boat?

- Yeah, stay on the boat. - All right.

- He's pretty big, Pop.

They're fast on land.

[hissing] - Oh, listen to him growl.

- Oh! - Whoa!

- Oh, he broke the line! - Quick, get him.

Come on, shoot him.

Shoot him!


- Hoo-hoo!

- Oh, man.

- Dude, nice shot, Pop.

- Slide him in the water... - Can drag him up. Yeah.

- ...where he's easier to load.

Last tag, the last day.

We made it by the skin of our teeth, I'll be honest.

But we finished on the plan

that we originally started this alligator season,

and that was killing big bull alligators.

You've done great. You're unstoppable, baby.

It's been good to have you.

- We're unstoppable, Pop.

- That's what's up. That's what's up.

- Papa bro.

- Overall this year's alligator season

was even better than last year's, for me anyway.

We tried a lot of new things,

and we're getting better and better as a team, Joey and I.

It's been a really, really awesome season.

Nice 11-footer to finish off the season.

- The life that I've lived here with Dad and my people

has been one that I wouldn't trade.

It's one of the most honest ways to make a living there is.

- Look at that tail next to my hand.

- Tag-out gator, baby.

- Tag out! Let's go home, Pop.

- Back in St. Bernard Parish,

Ronnie and Ashley are hustling.

And despite catching a massive 12-plus footer,

they still need nine gators to tag out,

and they're down to their last three hours of daylight.

- I mean, I was a nervous wreck.

We got 14 tags to pull in these gators,

put them in the boat,

let's get to the house

and call it a wrap for the season.

- It's down.

- Yeah, I see it.

- It was kind of loose at first, but now I got a little weight.

But it could all be just these lily pads.

- Yeah, look, see that big swell behind it?

Got something in that water with it, girl.

Yeah, let's see what we got.

- Ooh-hoo. Get your gun. Watch out. Watch out!

Get the gun. Hurry up, get the gun.

Boy, this sucker-- - Oh, my God.

- No bullets? You are kidding me.

It's about to snap the line, Ashley.

Come on, girl!

Oh, my God.

Come on, Ashley. Quick, quick, quick.

Jesus Lord, this is a monster.

Look at the line. It's all frayed.

Come on.

Watch the gun.


Whoo-hoo! That's a hammer there, girly.

- Good grief. - Whoo!

One, two, three. - Here.

- I got him. Put that tape on him.

Put that tape on him right quick.

- This 10-foot, 400-pound beast is a great catch,

but with eight tags still to fill,

Ronnie and Ashley need to pick up the pace.

- Yes, indeed, babe. Yes, indeed.

- In Biloxi Marsh...

- Ready? - Two, three.

- After motor troubles

almost stopped their day before it even started,

Daniel and Big T are on a roll,

filling seven of their remaining eight tags for the season.

- We got one after this one?

- Yeah. - One tag left.

- One tag left.

- I've never had a season

where we didn't fill all the tags,

and I don't plan to have this season

to be the one where we don't tag out.

Line's down, T.

Looks like we got one, buddy.

We're about ready for a fight.

Let's see what we got here, T.

Oh, yeah. That's a keeper.

- Whoa, watch him, T!

- Get me a shot on that sucker.

- I'm gonna try to get you a shot.

- He's a wild one, too.

- He's not too happy, T.

- Shoot him, T, shoot him!

I think that was as good as it gets, huh?

Man, that's a tag.

Our last one of the year.

- The last one.

I wanna be the one to tag him.

- This was one of my hardest seasons.

Getting big bull alligators was difficult,

but you gotta look back over what you did,

and if you're not proud of it,

then we not gonna be proud of it. [laughs]

Snap the tag. Tag out, baby.

- Yes!

- Oh, T, I've been waiting for this day.

- Pretty rough out here this morning.

- You have a connection with some people,

and T and I have always had this bond.

It's those special moments that we share together

that I really like.

Good job, T. Another good season.

- Done.

- Back on Belle River...

[gunshot] - [laughs]

- After a very rocky start to their day,

Jacob and Don have found Lady Luck and are on a roll.

- That's a swamp donkey there, D.



- Boom shaka-laka.

- The last thing I wanna do today is let Dad down.

And everything just started working.

We get to the alligator at the right time,

get the treble hook in it, get it in the boat.

Gator number three, baby.

That's what I'm talking about, buddy.

It seems like we couldn't do nothin' wrong.

And before you know it,

we had five big bull alligators in the boat.

Where he's at, D?

Yeah, he's dead. Ooh, no, he ain't dead.

Watch it, watch it! - There he goes!

[two gunshots]

- Look at that, boy.

Now we on a roll.

We got one tag left.

I wanna finish on a strong note with Don

and catch one of those big swamp donkeys at the very end

and hope that, you know, he can walk away

and say that he had a great time,

but he finished on a strong, strong note.

Look where he got up on the bank over there.

- Yup. Damn.

Oh, hell. Yeah, look at that. Whoa!

Come on, boy. - That's what we like to see.

- I mean... - That's what we want.

- Yeah. There's the old donkey.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa. - That's it right there.

- That's it.

- Whoo.

Watch it, watch it, watch it, watch it!

Watch it.

We done, baby.

Hallelujah, huh?


You know, at the end of the season

when you catch a really big alligator,

it's like nothing else, you know.

You're so tired, you're burnt out, you're exhausted.

But at the same time, when you grab hold of that line

and you feel that weight on the end of that line,

you forget about all the aches and the pains.

Swamp donkey, huh?

- That's what I'm talking about.

- It kinda gives you, you know, a real good feeling

and makes you wanna pat yourself on the back.

- Am I still a greenhorn or have I graduated yet?

- Uh...

- Intermediate? - You're on probation.

- Probation? [both laugh]

Jacob, I made a friend with Jacob.

I mean, that's what's nice about it.

Don't get me wrong. I'm ready to go home.

But at the same time I made a friend, you know.

I mean, that's awesome.

I said, brother, you better kiss me

'cause you're gonna miss me when I'm gone.

- In St. Bernard Parish,

with sundown rapidly approaching,

Ronnie and Ashley still haven't tagged out.

- We gotta get it going, girl.

We running out of time.

Last tag of the season, one tag left, last day.

I gotta get it done today.

Oh, that one's down, che. Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo.

Down and tight, tight, tight, baby.

Come on and be a big boy for our last tag, baby.

Be a big boy for our last tag.

Ooh, whoa. Please be something on there.

He's a good one, girly.

Let's get the line from his neck.

Right there. Grab him by his mouth.

- Oh, ho! - That's all right.

We don't want him to get more tangled though.

We gotta get off the boat.

- Ronnie.

- Yeah, I gotta get this gator. - I'm not loving your idea.

- This is a big one here.

We got to see what we can do here.

We gonna jump down there with him.

- To pull up on the bank

and have your hunting buddy just tell you,

like, hop on out is kind of scary.

- Look how big he is, Ashley.

We gonna have to get on land there.

Let me get down first

and just make sure we got good solid footing.

All right? - Hang on.

- I'm gonna-- I'm gonna make sure.

I ain't gonna let nothing happen to you.

I got the pole to keep him away from us, all right?

- Just get-- - See what we got here.

Okay, we got good hard ground.

Just make sure you got a bullet in that gun

and it's ready to go. Come on.

- Ronnie, I don't like this idea!

- Come on, Ashley. He's getting tied up.

We gotta get him. Come on.

Come on. Come on, Ashley. He's getting tied up.

- Hold on, hold on, hold on. I don't like this idea.

Just for the record, I don't like it!

- Ashley, Ashley, gimme the stick.

- I just don't like you being up there

without having a gun either.

- I know it, but watch him.

- Watch out, I'm gonna put a bullet right in him.

- No, Ashley, go behind him.

Go around the backside of him. I got him here.

- You holding him? - Yes.

Hold on. Right there. Get a good shot.

- Right there. Get a good shot.

[gunshot] - Aah!

I got him, hold on.

Let me get him out the way.

All right, soon as you get a shot,

Imma keep him away from you.

- It's in these moments right now

that I'm wondering what the hell I'm thinking.

- Watch out, Ashley, I got you.

I got you, I got you. Hold on.

- Don't be.

Come on, this is the last one. We done.

- Just hold him right there.

- You got to shoot him quick, AJ, we're gonna lose him.


Tagged out on a stud! Bam!

That's the way to tag out.

- I wouldn't do that for nobody else.

I knew you'd just jump in front of him.

- I got your back.

I told you I wasn't gonna let him harm you.

- Okay. Okay. - Huh?

It's what we gotta do to make it happen, baby.

Good job, Ashley.

What a way to tag out, baby.

- Whoo! - What a way to go, che.

Last tag of the season. I'm just overwhelmed.

I couldn't thank Ashley enough because she's as tough as nails.

There we go, baby.

She gives me the help I need,

and I can't wait to have her come back.

Last one, my baby.

We done. Just like that.

- Let's listen good and just let it last for 11 months, okay?


- That's a Cajun bow, girl.

- I just--whew, whew-- wrapped it on up.

Like a Christmas present.

Ronnie and I went through more this season

than somebody does typically in a lifetime.

You know, he'll be my lifelong friend. That's my brother.

I'd do anything for him and I know he'd do anything for me.

- That was an awesome season.

200 tags, baby. We outta here.

- Meanwhile, in a remote corner of the swamp

known as Orphan Bayou...

- Hey! - Yeah?

- You know what this means, huh?

- Last one? - When I'm waving one around.

- All we gotta do is find that last one.

- Troy and Terral finally find themselves

with only one tag left in the season.

But with only one line left to run as well,

they need to strike gold

or they'll be forced to hunt for a final gator on the open water.

- We got one line left,

and, boy, I hope I could catch a big, big one on it.

But you never know what you're gonna get.

Ooh, look at that tree, buddy.

The whole tree's a-shakin'.


Ooh, it look like a nice one, huh,

the way he's shaking that tree.

- He is a nice one.

Come on, baby. - Bring him up!

Whoa! Whoo!

Big alligator!



Ooh, here come my shot! Come on, big buddy.

Fight him! Bring him up, bring him up.


- Oh, we got a nice one, Troy.

- One, two, three...

Big alligator. Big alligator!

- Oh, yeah, baby.

- I enjoyed hunting with big T this year.

We had a good time, we always do.

- I really appreciate him coming help me and my boys.

I hope next year he comes back and helps us again.

- Get that last tag.

- Looky here, big buddy, looky here.

This season is now officially over for us.

- Official.

- It's official.

I've never been so happy to snap a last tag.

This year it's like when I filled that last tag,

it's like, "Thank you, Jesus."

I was so tired, so wore out mentally, physically.

I just couldn't go no more.

I was at the end.

You know, big buddy, looking back, it's been a good year.

We caught good. - Yeah, we caught good.

We had a lot of challenges. It was rough on us,

but we got it done, right?

- Oh, yeah. Like always.

- Another alligator season comes to a close.

Battles have been won and lost,

breeding bulls have been hunted down

and removed from the population,

and hunters have risen to the challenges

of the beautiful,


and ancient Louisiana swamps.

Over in Pierre Part,

King of the Swamp Troy Landry

has gathered his swamp family

to celebrate another successful season.

- What the hell, Ronnie!

- How y'all doing, baby?

- You know, the alligator population is exploding

so we really fortunate that we have people

like big T and Don and Ashley and Ronnie

that leave their families and come help us.

What's that, Pop? What is that, Pop?

- Alligator? - That's shish kabob, man.

Shish kabob.

- We all busy and we all work a lot and we all busy.

It's easy to work, work, work and not get together.

And that's why I got to make sure we get together.

Big T, Don...

- Oh, that's right. That's right.

- Yeah, you did good. And Ronnie...

- Blblblbl. - Blblblbl.

- He knows he's good. - [laughs]

It's not an accident

that a lot of Cajun families like the Landrys

are close together.

- Mr. Troy,

I appreciate you opening your arms to us, babe.

Taking us in like family, man, we love it.

- We work at staying close.

It's easy to drift apart and go different ways.

It's very easy for families to do that.

And I think the harder you work at staying close,

the better it is.

We had a good year, we filled all our tags,

we appreciate your help.

- All right, baby. - Till next year.

- Yes, indeed - All right, brother.

- Blblblbl. - Blblblbl.

The Description of Final Showdown