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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 越獄犯綁架女特警!還主動聯繫警方要求提供直升飛機,妄圖逃出邊境

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Namin, did you get anything else?

No, nothing.

It's Yiwan.


Never wrestle to trace my signal.

Two minutes you left.

We'd take time to have some talks.

Go ahead.

All right.

How about taking some conditions?

First, you'd treat her well.

Then, if you have something wanna talk, go ahead.

It's simple.

Take me a helicopter.

After that, you'll get this woman back.

How about it, Likovic?

I need some applications,

please leave us much time.

Ok, I'll call you later.

Hang on.

How's it going, have you got his location?

It's too soon.

Such a cunning guy.

He can have our words,

but we'd propose our conditions.


have you got final say?

We need to let her pick up the call.

That enables us to make sure she's ok.

We can do as you wish.

You don't have any wiggle room.

No, it's not the way you look at it.

You'd show your good faith to us.

You can't drag on through this way.

Only one question is allowed.

That proves that she's alive.

Now, time to your stupid question.

Ask for her office's phone number.

We need to give us a response,

what's her office's phone number?

Well, you're harder-nosed.

Even I wanna trick you,

I can't have that answer.

All right, just wait.

Time is up.

Have you got anything else?

Sir, it's still too short.

I can't make it.

Boer, anything else?

Here's my bedroom.

Well, I can come at any time.

Well, it's ok if you have nothing to bother me.

I'd need some rest after around the clock.

Hang on.

You'd keep your words,

to leave the church within 24 hours.

Relax, brother.

I promise I will.

You're my real brother.

I can't put you into an awkward case.

Go now.


your mates cared so much about you.

Time to answer my questions.

To answer their question,

that's to your life and death.

Are you clear?

Their question is,

what's your office's phone number?

What's that for?

Zip your hole.

Only one chance for you to speak.

That's to tell me what you know.

What's your office's phone number?

Buddy, are you sure it's ok?

Trust me.

Our people are coming soon.

Listen, only one chance you got.

No tricks.

Tell me that goddam number.

Listen up,

her office's phone number is



After verifying it,

I'll give you a sound plan.

Only ten minutes.

Or, just get her body back.


I'll take you back to our boss.

I hope so.


Negative, it's wrong.

Sir, relax.

I thought it's impossible for Yiwan

to make up a number to give us.

I thought it's

from Shiyu.

Did she wanna send us something through it?

On the keyboard,

every number corresponds to a letter.

that enables to make up some words or Pinyin possible.

It's impossible for rebels to varify her real number.

So, she just wanted to tell us something through it.

If it were right,

what will she wanna tell us?

If we make it simpler,

we can get two Pinyins after typing them out.

The church.

It's the church.

Given the general analysis about the signal's source,

only Shenfei Church is there.

All men, attention,

rush to Shengfei Church and places nearby now.

To loop it around.

You can't turn up,

don't get them alerted.

To make sure Shiyu to be safe.

To get rebels alive.

All men, do it now.

What happened?

Why do those forces come to us?

Listen up, whatever it takes,

we'd wrestle to the death.

Knock it down.

Fan out.


Yiwan left this.

Dear Likovic,

as well as those Shenying crews,

you guys broke your words,

that got me hurt.

Only one chance left to you guys,

you'd land that helicopter on the top of the church

within an hour.

Or, what you see will be her body.

It means Shiyu is still alive.

They won't hurt her before they leave here.

Yep, she's gonna raise their ante.

We've looped them around.

He can't escape.

They should keep hidden somewhere here.

We can't force them to turn up.

Go to search the whole place.

You'd leave here right now.

Brother, you want me to die in front of you?

You guys are on your way to deaths.

Listen up,

we see you're familiar with this place.

Show us the way to leave here now.

He's my brother.

He's gonna die if you don't help us.

You dare to question me?

Listen up,

we're all gonna die here, are you clear?

I've told you,

you'd step back, wise up.

But you leave my words alone.

Listen to me, go to surrender.

Maybe you're gonna be alive if you surrender.

Or, no one can save you.


no more talks here.

Come on, show us the way to leave here.

I mean it, get us out of here now.

I don't know that way, even you kill me.

Impossible, you got something, I see that.

No way to go but to surrender if you wanna be alive.

Impossible, you got something.

Boer, as I see,

this church was built in the wat-time in the 14th Century.

The royal family of this country,

kept hidden here for shielding.

Finally, they escaped from here.

That means,

there must be a secret passage here.

You've been a pastor here for more than 40 years.

You'd know some details.

I don't know.

You should know that.

I can't help you if you keep quiet.

I really don't know.

The only thing I know is this room.

I can't help you.

Andongni, what are you doing?

Sir, what will come if I kill your younger brother

in front of you?

Listen to me.

He's your real brother.

I also heard that,

it's your job not to leave any of your relatives alone.

They just left here.


Have you got anything new?

Not yet.

Go now.

Sir, Shiyu is gonna be ok.

Go now.

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