Practice English Speaking&Listening with: NO LOSS // NO GAIN Full length Trailer #1

Difficulty: 0

Okay...okay. Don't shoot.

Don't shoot - don't shoot.

Don't touch the button! Or we'll shoot!-

Ok - I'm not!

So sorry, we're short-staffed

on Saturdays.


Yeah - can I get

your assistance at the front please?


All of you

are victims of

the most corrupt bank

in history.

And today is your bailout.

You said

this wasn't personal.

It's not.

This political?

Is this like a hidden

camera show? or something?


It isn't.

182 Million.

From insider trading

illegal hidden fees

and interest fraud.

So this is revenge?

How do you all feel about taking it?

If I - do this...

then you promise

everyone gets out?

You don't steal

from these people

and get away with it.

There's something

you're not telling us.

Half hour ago you

you were wearing a mask.

If I were you

I'd stop trying to politicize this

and I would bury that code right away-

You're a hacker.


They don't know whether

to trust us or

fear us.

And that's thanks to me.

You want to know who he is?

How did...

any of you think

this was going to work?

Because, it already

has worked.

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