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Thank you for joining us today. Im Rudy Stebih and welcome to Episode 6Saving

Your Files in Word 2010 here on Help Desk TV.

The first time you save a document, the Save As dialog box opens. It invites you to give

the file a name and choose a folder in which to store it.

To save a file, you can either: * Click the Save button (you find it on the

Quick Access toolbar). * Press Ctrl+S.

* Go to the File tab and choose Save. Now enter a descriptive name in the File Name

text box. As mentioned, when you save a file for the

first time, in the Save As dialog box, Office shows you the contents of your Documents folder

by default. If this folder is alright for you, go ahead and click theSavebutton.

To store the document in another folder of your choice, click theBrowse Folders

bar (in the lower-left corner of the dialog box) to open the Navigation pane and look

for the folder you wish to save your document in. Here, we will save it to the desktop.

And then clickSave’. If you have a favorite folder that youd

like to keep your files in, you can make this your default folder to save all your future

documents in. All you have to do is go to the file tab and choose options -> ‘save

category. In theDefault File Location' click the Browse button and select the folder

you wish to make as your default save location. ClickOK’.

All your documents will now be saved to that folder by default.

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