Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Bailey Rae vs. Sid Kingsley - Chris Stapleton's "Tennessee Whiskey" - The Voice Battles 2020

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This battle begins right now

I love this song!

Used to spend my nights out in a bar room


Liquor was the only love I'd known

But you rescued me from reaching for the bottom

Alright! [ Chuckles ]

Brought me back

Ooh, from being too far gone

You gotta sing!

You're as smooth

As Tennessee whiskey

You're as sweet

As strawberry wine


Oh, and I looked for love in all the same-old places

Wow. Tight.

He can sing.

Mm, but I found the bottom of the bottle's always dry

But when you poured out your heart

I didn't waste it

Sing, Bailey!

'Cause there's nothing Whoo!

Like your love to get me high

You're as smooth


As Tennessee whiskey

You're as sweet

As strawberry wine


You're as warm

As a glass of brandy


Honey, I stay stoned on your love all the time

Yeah! Yeah! Wow!

Honey, I stay

Stoned on your love

All the time

[ Cheers and applause ] Yeah!

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.


That was so good! Wow.


Wow, John.

That was so exciting.

Sid, you had all this rage that I-I wasn't expecting

'cause you're quite gravelly, but at the end you showed

this other side of your voice that I was like, whoa. [ Laughter ]

Bailey, you started off kind of timid in a beautiful way.

But when you really belt out, your tone is

so strong and beautiful. Thank you.

And I would definitely listen to your records.

Sid has a full package going on,

but I love Bailey's voice a lot.

Kelly: I do think this particular performance

lent itself a bit to you, Sid.

Your entrance was so strong,

and, Bailey, you have such a gift.

It's really, really beautiful. Thank you.

And I love your tone.

It's the style of country I love.

But I think in this one battle, I do think

it kind of lent itself a little more to Sid.

Blake: Bailey -- my hometown buddy here --

there's something so refreshing about your voice.

It reminds me of like a Patty Loveless --

very powerful but beautiful, clean tone at the same time.

But I couldn't tell if it was pitch

or just such a low part of your register

that I just had a hard time hearing it.

Now, Sid, on the other hand,

I was hearing your voice through the speakers in the room

and I was also hearing it directly across the stage. [ Laughter ]

I guess as much as I'm a fan of Bailey,

I think Sid took this one.

John: Both of you gave a fantastic performance.

Made me so proud.

I was just dreaming about this song

for some reason last night.

And sometimes I write songs in my dreams.

So I was thinking I was writing a song when I woke up

and then I realized, "I didn't write this song." [ Laughter ]

Bailey Rae, I love your tone. I love the twang.

It just feels natural.

And, Sid, I love your attack of the song.

There was a musicality and a passion to your performance

that I thought were very strong.

John, the time has come.

Who is the winner of this battle?

I think both of you are incredible.

So it's a tough decision for me.

The winner of this battle... Bailey Rae.

Daly: Bailey Rae, congratulations!

Thank you so much. Thank you.

It was very close, but I decided to go with Bailey Rae

because something about her voice

just stands out and is unique.

You did it! Great job, Bailey Rae. Thank you.

I've never had a pure country singer,

and she is the genuine article.

Wh-- Oh, my gosh. That did not just --

I'm, like, tearing up right now.

Daly: Coaches, let me remind you,

Sid is available to steal or save.

Sid, anything you want to say to John?

Sid: Uh, John, you've been a great coach.

I'm really grateful for this opportunity and the experience.

Thank you, Sid. That was an impossible decision for me.

Daly: Give it up again for Sid Kingsley, ladies and gentlemen.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Stolen! [ Laughs ]

You waited to the last second, Kelly.

We got a steal!

I had to steal Sid 'cause I have no one on my team that sounds like Sid.

I love that kind of rasp, like -- I love that whole vibe.

I'm telling you what, you opened your mouth,

and I literally -- I mean, I had to stand up. She was floored.

I was floored. Welcome to Team Kelly, man.

You're so good. I'm glad to be on it.

Yeah! Whoo! Daly: Give it up for Sid Kingsley,

ladies and gentlemen. Great job.

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