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Hello Everybody, my name is Markiplier

and welcome to The Park

(Game): In my heart and mind, I always return to the Atlantic Island Park

[Calm piano music]

It's the park

This is a game that came out a while ago that I had intended to play and I'm about to be interrupted again so here we gooo

(Game): Where's Mr. Bear?

(Game): I haven't seen Mr. Bear Callum

(Game): Stay in the car

(Game): I'll go and ask for information


OoHh Okay

So basically I intended to play this game a while ago but

it's one of those things that got away from me

A-and it's a narrative experience

And even the previews said that it's-

(Game): Attention children, the park is now closed


(Game): Please make your way to the car park at your earliest convenience


(Game): *Inaudible* for shutdown



Press this- OOOH

I think I'll examine that!


There we go!

(Game): Town was born the day this place opened

This is his favorite place in the world


.. Alrighty then

So you got him here too late and you're failing as a parent apparently

Can I NOT examine that?!?

Could I do something - THERE we go!






(Game): *Breathing*

Oh okay!

(Game): Hey! Lorraine, Lorraine!

(Game): Don't blame yourself Lorraine.

(Game): People lose things all the time

(Game): Take a deep breath

(Game): Think about the last place you saw your son's Teddy Bear

(Game): Hey, STOP!

(Game): *sigh* I think your boy just ran into the park

(Game): I'll unlock the gates for you

Uhhhmhmhm I-I'm calling weird on this one!

I-I didn't talk to you about a Teddy Bear

And I believe we're not in the timezone that has cellphones so how would you have known?

I didn't text you

Also you THINK my son just ran in? You're not a 100% SUUre?

Oh okay

Don't mind me as I wander around!


It's press X to Jason this time except it's right click to Callum

(Game): Callum I told you to wait in the car

(Game): Over Here!

O-over here? Over here isn't the car!

You seem to misunderstand my

B-Basic intention!

(Game): Callum! Where are you going?

Oh I see him! Oh my gosh..

(Game): Come on this way!

N- How about no!

(Game): There's something special about the entrance to an amusement Park

*softly* ok..

(Game): The line drawn between the real world and the world of whimsy within


(Game): On this side, the apathy of our everyday lives

(Game): And on the other,

(Game): Anything we might dare to dream

Overpriced food...

(Game): It's no wonder Callum ran back inside

Overwhelming trash...

(Game): I wouldn't want to leave either.

(Game): Attention employees, the park is now closed

(Game): Have a safe journey home!

Okay, w-well I-I also have another question!

Because if it was really closing right as of the now


*Low, vibrating sounds*

It's a reaper invasion!

Holy shit Wo-ohh


I thought something was a little cerfuckled around here

I had a sneaking suspicion that there was an overwhelming load of bad

Ah good

Oh great!

Oooh wunderbar!

Oh dat's good!

Oh dat's good.

Oh man

Okay, sorry I had to check the time

(Game): Oh god.. The park.. What happened here?

I'mm guessing it got abandonded.. and-d is now horrifying

And I'm pretty sure I'm going towards the Ferris Wheel

Because whenever they put something in the distance in one of these games

It's usually- (Game): Callum?

-the final destination..

(Game): Easy to get lost here

It doesn't seem that easy!

There is exactly ONE roller coaster, an Octotron

And then a Tunnel of Tales

But first off it looks like it's the House of Horrorrrrs..

Soo... Callum!

(Game): Callum come back here right now!


I'll buy you another Teddy Bear!

Uuh, is that the house- uuuuuuh... (Game): You can't catch me ...

Ca- Callum?

C- Callum? Don't go into the House of Horrors

That's exactly where I didn't wanna goooo...

Alright, fine then. (Game): Don't hide from me, Callum!

Heh- Don't hide from me, even though I saw exactly where you went

(Game): Come on mommy!

Oh, I can't go in here. Alright, so

time to skidaddle, I suppose..

I doubt I'm gonna be able to go that way or I doubt the game wants me to go that-

Ooh, that's nice! Oh, that's nice! Oh, that's REAL reassuring

Oh, that's one of those things that I enjoy very much

Oh, wait. It's the exact opposite

Calluuum! (Game): Callum! Where did you go?

*Rustling noises*

(Game): Over here!

Over where?

*reads* Carrie Killian is Satan's Whore

I completely agree, whoever the hell that is and was

(Game): Callum, come back here right now!

(Game): Catch me, Mommy!

Aaaah.. Eeeeeh.. Catch you?

Catch- C- Uh Oooh, I thought you were like, jumping!

You mean catch, as in an game of tag

(Game): Callum? Where did you go?

(Game): This way!


I'm on the way! I don't know if I was supposed to stop in there, but.. apparently nooot..

Let's carry on this bizarre adventure..

Ooh, hello

Is that one of those, Animatromos?

Is that a mascot? Does it have blood on it?

Ooh, hello shoe

(Game): I think this belongs to Callum.

My god. It probably dooo

Mmmbut also I'm more worried about whatever the hell is going on here

Uuuegh.. (Game): Chad the Chipmunk, huh? Just a drunk guy in a suit.

*reads small black text on sign* "Chad the Chipmunk, worst in class, ..."

"... Chad can't even seem to pass. Chad gets angry likes to fight."

"Chad is beaten every night. Chad will have a dead end job."

"Chad will die a useless slob."

What a looovely poem - and what a lovely bloodstained squarouel!

(Game): Wait for mommy!

(Game): This way mommy!

Okay! (Game): What is this about?

*distorted, unintelligible mumbling*


*mumbling continues*

Do you hear thaaat!? Someones talking to me

*reads note* "Purchased the land on Solomon Island for a pittance, I might add whatever old Archie Henderson did to the locals,

"just the mention of his name had people slamming doors and locking shutters from the moment I arrived on the island."

*deep inhale*

"My lawyers had arranged everything in advance but the realtor still had to come and deliver the keys to me personally."

"He took it upon himself to offer me a warning."

" 'I don't know what you're planning to do with this land, Mr. Winter, but the soil here is bitter with a curse carried from the old country."

"Old man Henderson, he did terrible, dark things. The land remembers, sir.' "

"I dismissed him shortly afterwards, mostly amused by his pathetic attempts at warning me off."

"I have a great vision for this place, and the will to see that vision through to the very end."

"Atlantic Island Park... The name is perfect and I cannot imagine it being anything else."

"This is the start of something amazing."

Well, glad to know I'm gonna find out about the history of this, but I wanna know who was whispering..

..horrible things in my ear. Was that you, Chad?

Was that you, you pathetic lump?

*more mumbling*


Ah, okay. Someone is whispering crazy ramblings into the intercom

Lovely to know..

Alright. (Game): I'm not playing anymore, Callum!

I wasn't playing to begin with!

Callum! (Game): Over here!

(Game): Hello?


*strange laughter*

*nervous* Hahahahahaaa...

(Game): Come out, sweety. Callum, stay where you are.

Callum! Callum!! Come on!

What have I told you about getting on strange swaaans!

(Game): Where are you?

I know where you are, you're right over there!

(Game): Come on, mommy!

I don't wanna. I don't wanna go into the Tunnel of Tales

The Tunnel of Tales sounds like baaad.

Alright, fine. I'll go into the Tunnel of Tales

Let me on. Let me on, please! Please!

Okay, there we go: "Ride swan"

I don't know what- if this was the first thing that I was supposed to- oooOOOHhh!

Oh, this isn't gonna be fun...

This is gonna be one of those "Not fun things"

*mumbles* Pretty much like everything else I ever do - in my life

Aha, can I look?

Ooh, I CAN look, OOH!

It's one of those viewing rides, I just can't look behind me..

(Game): Callum, where'd you go? *strong echos*

*echoing intensifies*

*echos slowly fade*


I can't Callum no more!

(Game): Near a great forest there lived a poor woodcutter, his wife and his two children.

And then he murdered them ALL!

(Game): A boy named Hansel and a girl named Gretel

Doesn't matter, they're both dead now

(Game): They were very poor and had very little to bite or sup.


*background music playing*

(Game): "What will become of us?" The woodcutter asked his wife one night

(Game): I tell you what husband. We will take the children into the thickest part of the forest tomorrow

(Game): and abandon them there.

Well, aha uugh eeehhh! (Game): "No, my wife. I cannot do" said the man.

(Game): "Then we will all four starve, you fool"

Uuuh, oh yeah, you fool! Why NOT think of murder!

(Game): Hansel and Gretel overheard their parents talking and Gretel began to weep.

I don't know why

(Game): "Do not fret Gretel!", Hansel said.

(Game): He crept out of the hut and gathered white stones from the ground, to fill his pockets.

Uuuh. Oh, am I supposed to be looking at this- OOoh, yes very nice artwork.

Yeah. Foil the plans of your parents to murder youuu..

(Game): The next morning the woodcutter leads the children into the forest

Man, how persuasive is that wife!?

(Game): Before leaving, their mother gives them a slice of bread...

(Game): ...and warns them, that they will get no more food that day.

What a generous mother...

(Game): Clever Hansel leaves a trail of white stones behind them as they pass into the woods.

Ooooh, what a smarty

(Game): When their father leaves them, the children wait a while...

(Game): ...then follow the trail back to their parents house.

Uh huh.

That'll thwart their murderous intent!

They'll be SO happy!

(Game): After receiving a thorough scolding from their parents for getting lost in the woods...

(Game): ...the children are sent to bed without any supper.

Well, she did warn them...

(Game): Hansel tried to sneak out and collect more white stones but found that the door was locked.

(Game): "Tomorrow I will take them to the woods myself", the wife told the woodcutter.

Yeaaaahh, if you can't do it right ...

...murder your children yourself.

(Game): In the morning, their mother gave them a slice of bread...

(Game): ...and lead them deep into the forest once again.

*rumbling and weird noises*

*rumbling and weird noises* Hi, OOooh!

Ooookay, why? Callum!?

*splashing sounds* (Game): Hansel broke his bread into pieces and left a trail of breadcrumbs to lead them safely home.

(Game): But hungry-eyed birds snatched up the breadcrumbs and his trail was destroyed.

Uh huh.

Now you have no food and no plan. What are you gonna do now, clever little boy?

(Game): Abandoned by their parents and unable to find the trail home,...

(Game): ...the children wandered in the forest for three days.



(Game): The children stumbled into a clearing with an exceedingly strange house.

(Game): It's walls were made of gingerbread and it's windows were panes of clear sugar.

I think I know how this goes...

(Game): Hansel, desperately hungry, ran forward and began to nibble on the walls.

Theee end! What a happy story that was.

(Game): "Nibble, nibble, little mouse. Who is nibbling at my house?"

It's kinda your fault, lady, for having a candy house in the middle of the woods

(Game): An old woman emerged from the house, sniffing the air and peering around with cloudy eyes.

(Game): "Oh you dear children, who brought you here? ..."

(Game): "...Just come in and stay with me. No harm will come to you."


(Game): But Hansel and Gretel stayed back, for the old woman reminded them of their cruel mother.

Probably a good call!

(Game): "Come children, don't be afraid. I have something for you."

It's probably better then your previous situation

(Game): The old woman offered them two enormous lollipops.


(Game): The children took them and began to eat.

(Game): "You see, nothing to fear here. Come inside."...

(Game): ...the old woman urged and the children, still licking their sweets, followed.

*Thunk* Ooookaaay!

(Game): Once inside the house, the old woman changed.

Yeah. That's what I imagined would happen...

(Game): She stuffed Hansel into a cage and put Gretel to work, sweeping and cleaning her hut.

I guess in the grand scheme of things-

(Game): "Your brother will make a good mouthful." The old witch told Gretel.

Well I was gonna say-

(Game): "Once he's fattened up, I shall feast upon him."

I was gonna say, better than starving to death in the woods, but I guess it took a turn for the worst.

But then again, I do know the story of Hansel and Gretel...

(Game): Time passed, and poor Hansel refused to eat, fearing the day that the witch would eat him.

(Game): The witch, for her part, grew impatient.

(Game): "Today, I will cook and eat your brother, Gretel. Climb inside and light the oven."

(Game): But Gretel pretended not to understand.

(Game): "I do not know how. Where is the opening?"

(Game): "Fool!" The old witch said, "The opening is here." and she moved to show Gretel.

(Game): Seizing her courage, brave Gretel gave the witch a shove, ...

(Game): ...and the old crone tumbled forward, into the oven.


(Game): Gretel slid a large iron bolt over the door to the oven.

(Game): Gretel freed her brother Hansel and together they lit a fire beneath the oven.


(Game): And though she screamed and begged. ...

(Game): The children sat by the oven until her screams had stilled and the witch was cooked.

Uh huh. ... Okay?

And then they lived happily ever- OOooohhh...

(Game): And then, because even children can't survive on sweets, ...

(Game): ...they divided up the body of the old witch and ate her.

Huh. Uh, that's not how I remember the story ending.


So, I, er, that's not how I remember it ending at all...

Also, why did I need to go through a whole tale of Hansel and Gretel-






Did that thing LOOK at me throughout that story?!

Cus that's not cool.

THAT almost made that whole story WORTH it.

HOLY shit, that was creepy!

Okay. Ride's over!

Forget my son, my life is changed. I don't need anybody or anything to tell me, what to do.

Callum! (Game): Callum, stay where you are.

Wherever the hell you went. Hope you didn't get any ideas from that-

(Game): This way, mommy!


Whatcha say?

(Game): Stop hiding, Callum.

Which way?

Which WAY?!

*whispering* (Game): You can't catch me.

Why are you whispering? And why can I hear you, if you're whispering?

(Game): Hello?



*Callum hums* Oh, jeez...

(Game): Hansel and Gretel. I used to read it to Callum when the electricity was shut off.

Uh huh, yeah. Ju-

(Game): Those poor children. The whole world against them.

(Game): The forest, the birds, the old witch - even their own parents.

Yeah, no joke.

(Game): I used to imagine that Callum and I where the kids in that story.

(Game): Not mother and son, but brother and sister, hand in hand against the unkind world.

(Game): We were always hungry, looking for our own house made of candy.

(Game): Looking for the sweetness that could take the pain away.

(Game): Hunger leads people to desperate, terrible places where the tree branches reach like claws.

Well that's horrificly sad.

Man, what the hell happened in your life?

I don- Do I even wanna know?

Hello? Callum? (Game): Stop! Callum!

So what I'm gonna do is, I'm- (Game): Follow the trail.

I- I- I will follow the trail! Am I following it the right way?

I- I thought you were whispering the other way.

(Game): Come to mommy, Callum.

*whispering* (Game): Over here.

Over, over somewhere!

What I'm gonna do is, I'm gonna go back to the House of Horrors, because I imagine...

...that I might've missed over something and I don't wanna miss too much in this game.

(Game): Too dark. I'm not going in there without a flashlight.


OH is THAT how we're gonna do that... (Game): Callum?

So, I will be back when I get back to where I was supposed to be

Okay, so we're back on the right track. RIP me for trying to actually go back get get some spooks

although that- that swan head was pretty damn creepy

Like it wasn't, like-


It was like that legitimate creep that you feel crawling up your spine, just like:


and that's- That's what I like about-


(Game): Another accident. This place.

Wha- What do you mean, "another accident"?

Wha- What do youuu talkin about?

(Game): Where are you?

Are you in THERE?

(Game): Mother duck said: quack quack quack quack

Oooh, the BLOOD!

OHHH! That kind of accident! (Game): Callum!

The one where there is the dea-ouhh.

(Game): *Callum laughs*

*car horn blaring*

*car horn blaring* *weird ominous sounds*


*reads note* "Dispite the constant interruptions to work, Atlantic Island Park will be opening on time."

"The Governor is booked to cut the ribbon so the only real question is whether we will have any customers."

"I'm not truly worried - the customers will come out of simple curiosity. I deduced what was needed from the banned writings of Archie Henderson."

"It's astonishing to think that a resonance of positive emotions can be used to fuel such a process."

"Henderson himself chose to use negative - and that caused some of the taint that still lingers in this place."

"I will not make his mistakes. Very soon, I will know if this has been for nothing."

So, YEAH. You won't make his mistakes.

YOU, being an entrepreneurial park owner,

HIM, who SOUNDS like he did human sacrifices!

There's not much difference between the two,

but I'm glad you can discern the different avenues to take about it.

So, wha- is that the teddy bear that I lost?


knife in eye?

-and blood on seat?

Those are questions. Those aren't statements.

Those are questions, as to why that is the way that it is

(Game): Mommy needs to see you, Callum.

*whispering* (Game): Catch me, Mommy.

I da... Maybe mommy's gonna give this up.

I mean I don't wanna say that I'm anymore dedicated than the ...

... story of Hansel and Gretel so, maybe I should just call this one a day, and ...

... cut my losses

The losses being my son

Oh well. I guess I'll be a little more brave

HEY! WHO'S throwing ROCKS?

Sack of shit.

Think you can mess with me? With some simple rockage?

Gonna take a lot more than that

To dissuade me-

UUUH! It's a Tilt-o-whirl

That's the octopus thing, but it looks like it has a goblin head

or sanic, I'm not sure which one

Oooh, I wanna go for a ride

Also the layout of this park is not very good. I will readily admit, that

things aren't exactly easy to get to and get back from.

(Game): This old thing used to make the blood run to my head. Make me dizzy.

Uh okay, cool.

(Game): The guy just... snapped. Those poor kids.


*reads note* "We were waiting for our turn on the ride. Frank, me and the boys."

"This fellow in the Chipmunk suit is making an ice carving, while people took photographs."

"Lawrence wanted to go over to him, but I've always been a bit wary of those suits."

"They give me the creeps. It's silly, I know."

"Anyway, the Chipmunk man, he was carving and picking away at the ice."

"At first we thought he was making an animal, like a tiger or lion, but as more and more ice fell away..."

"When you first looked, it was like a human face, smiling out of that block of ice."

"But the more you looked at it, the more you saw that there was something not quite right about the proportions, "

"something unnatural that made your heart begin to beat just a little faster, "

" like you were the prey and that thing in the ice was the hunter."

"But then these teenagers walked up and one of them made a face at the carving, "

"and said something rude to the guy in the chipmunk suit and then... well he went berserk."

"For a few moments it was chaos, everybody was running away from the guy, "

"who had one of the teenagers on the ground and he was stab stab stabbing with the icepick"

Ooo, jeez!

"Frank and I had the kids and we were dragging them away as fast as we could..."

"And the last thing I saw, before Frank dragged me away, was that the eyeball of one of those poor kids"

"had landed on the ice sculpture, making the horrible creature look more or less alive."

Yeah, I'm sure that it landed in exactly the right spot for an eyeball to make it look alive...

Also, why was he ice carving in a chipmunk suit?

That seems like, unnecessarily harsh.

(Game): Callum?

(Game): This way, Mommy.

O- Okay. Alright, Callum.

Thanks for being such a good boy.

And helping me and such

Are you on the ride?

you on the ride? I don't know...

(Game): Mommy needs to see you, Callum.


AH. "Ride Octotron".

Huh. Why not! Let's increase the speed, why not, we do?

Little more. Little more. Come on

more. We got more than that. Oh, I see the dial over there

We got mooore

Aight, looks good. I think that's aptimi-

(Game): I can't get on while it's moving.

Oh, dangit dingus dingit dammit

I thought I was gonna be able to do more...

Eh, okay, there we go


Let's get on!

I'm sure this will go great for me!

Also, why did I decide to get on a ride when I was looking for my son...

Oh no! Someone is messing with the controls! It's exactly my nightmare...

Oh. I think I saw someone in the booth over there

I don't know why I tilted MY head. Not like I would be able to see- this is not the Oculus Rift...

Ooooh boy. OOooh boy!

Hiii! I see you in there. Is that Callum? Callum?

Oh boy

Okay, hang on. We're going for another pass

Oooh dangit, didn't see it that time

*intense music*




HEY, how did I miss THAT!


Was that there before!?

Or did that just pop up? All jumpscary like

Was I supposed to see that?

Ooh, okay

(Game): Where did you go?



Okay, Callum.

"Examine Polaroid" Huh.

(Game): Oh, I remember this.

Uuh, you're making quite a face there .. and he looks so eager to be there

Why is this picture the way that it is


You sounded like it was a fond memory but it did not seem that way..

(Game): Wait for mommy!

*whispering* (Game): This way.

This way? Okay. I gotcha now- Uuuh.

(Game): Treachery hides in thoughts. Treachery that lashes like a whip and scars our insides.

(Game): The first time I saw Callum, my thoughts betrayed me.

(Game): I looked down on this wrinkled, red bawling thing and I thought "Is that it?"

(Game): We build our world from expectations and the world that I had built for Callum was no different.

(Game): He was so real, so there and so far from my expectations.

(Game): They shattered, and as they fell in pieces, that one treacherous thought became a new foundation.

(Game): All of the love that we shared, all of the warmth and goodness that followed -

(Game): - built on a single, traitorous thought.

I- I don't know if that's how that works

maybe if that's what you tell yourself

*reads note* "I thought working in the park for a summer would be a lot of fun, but the end of season here really drags..."

"There aren't that many tourists around and so most of the staff spend their days standing around and gossiping."

"And most of the gossip is about Chad. I mean Steve... see? Even I am starting to call him Chad and I went to school with the guy."

"It's that goddamned suit. In the beginning it was a laugh ... Steve the Local Lush as Chad the Chipmunk, "

"child friendly mascot at Atlantic Island Park. Lock up your daughters and all of that."

"But the more he wears that suit, the weirder Steve is getting. At first it was little things, "

"like him refusing to change out of the suit at work and taking it home with every day."

"But then I saw at Susie's Diner, still wearing it, and it wasn't even a work day."

"Some of the staff complained to park management about the smell and"

"I saw him walking and talking with Mr. Winter one day. But nothing seems to have changed."

"The suit still smells like a carcass whenever Steve walks by. And apparently Steve has picked up some new skills"

"since the last time I saw him puking up in the gutter outside the Sycoil Station, "

"because he sure as hell can carve a mean ice sculpture. Those shapes he makes in the ice though, "

"they give me the creeps. Steve came by the booth today and he just hung around for a while."

"I couldn't really tell, because of the suit, but it seemed like he was just staring at me."

"Sizing me up. Eye-fucking me. Whatever he was doing."

"I asked him what he wanted and he just stood there, not saying anything."

"Eventually, I called my supervisor and when he came by Chad...Steve wandered off."

"My supervisor told me to put everything in writing - so here it is."

"Also, I quit. I don't want to see that chipmunk suit ever again."


*Sudden thudding sound* HIII!

How you doin?!

Oh, you're gonne give me- Uuh you're still in there

(Game): Come back!

Come back! Come on, scare me again


I still see you in there, I know you're in there

Can't fool me! Imma come in there

I'M COMING IN! Okay, fine.

(Game): Callum! Stay where you are!

Yeah, he's not gonna do that (Game): Follow the trail.

Okay, will do. Will do buddy boo

Uuuh, ... that's a lovely looking something-or-other


Tha-, Is that the Octotron?


Ookay, where are we headed back to?

Ooh, the bumper cars (Game): Wait, Callum!

Uuuh, is that the next adventure that we're gonna be riding on?

Do I have enough time for that? I'm not 100% sure, but I think I might be running out of time for this episode

(Game): Constant crashes and 80's music? I guess it floats someones boat.

Yeah, MINE. Don't knock it,

but that's all the time that I got for this episode, so I'm gonna pick this up in another one real soon, so

thank you everybody so much for watching

look forward to another episode of this coming

real soon, because while I'm at PAX this weekend, we're gonna get through this whole story,

so thanks again, and as always

I will see you

in the next video!


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