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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Anime动态漫 | My Demon Tyrant and Sweet Baby男神萌宝一锅端S3E6 TRY TO BE NICE想对她好(Original/Eng sub)

Difficulty: 0

Are you the third young master of Mu family?

What? Do you have to pick third young master of Mu family's car to kill yourself?

Mr.Mu, I'm looking for Zhang Xiao

Then why do you stop my car?

How many suitors does she have

Isn't Zhang Xiao your babysitter?

Then you can ask my daughter


Wait, what's his name?

Wen Luo?

Is he from the Wen family?

Mr. Mu, did Mia cry?

When Mia falls asleep, she usually won't wake up without special circumstances

It's all over ten

Are you woring?

Today reopen

Business is very good and I always close late

So we have to open for a while

then you

Zhang Xiao, I'm sorry, I have a shift tomorrow morning, I'm afraid I have to go back first

Why hasn't he left yet

You should close earlier

You're still a patient, need to rest early

Don't get too tired

Thank you for your concern, Shaoliang, and have a safe drive

He took all my lines

Mr. Mu, what did you just say

Don't be late for work at eight tomorrow morning

I wanted to care about her

Sure enough, the chameleon is a chameleon

Where is the boss

I'm here.What's the matter?

What's the matter? Open your eyes and take a closer look.

Have you seen it

This spicy hotpot has dirty hair

Pay me back quickly


Why are you laughing

This is the shortest hair on my head

Still so much longer than this one

And these two hairs are very different, regardless of their texture or color.

My partners hair is the same as mine, not red

So this hair you picked

Not from us

What do you mean

You mean I plucked my hair and cheated you?

what are you doing


So what


When did I pay for food?

If you want me to pay, how about sleeping with me first?

Qingqing, someone doesn't want to pay

Get the weapons


Weapons, you are two women

Why not


Who dares to eat overlord meal



We were just kidding

What are you so serious

Remember, next time

It won't be as simple as knocking a pan

Dare to come out and eat overlord meals


Ming master, we have tried our best

But I didn't expect those two women to be so powerful

Look, Damao is still dizzy.

So our money...

go away

I dont understand, Zhang Yu

What does the old man thinks

He has to drive her into desperation and go home.

Why does she go home?

The old man told mom

Give her half of Zhang familys property

Our brothers can only split the other half

What? Why the old man suddenly favored her?

God knows why

I don't have time to think about this

Think about how to keep our bank cards from being frozen

Dad said that if we can't force her home

He won't give us living expenses

I think we should do something real

It's useless to let some fools scare her

That's it tonight

I'll go find some great people to deal with her tomorrow

The Description of Anime动态漫 | My Demon Tyrant and Sweet Baby男神萌宝一锅端S3E6 TRY TO BE NICE想对她好(Original/Eng sub)