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welcome back cops my name is Kwebbelkop

and I have an insane gaming setup I have

an xbox

I have a Playstation I have a crazy

gaming PC I have lights

I have monitors I got cameras my 3d

printers I have books I have already but

it didn't start like this and that's

what I wanted to do in today's video

let's go and check out all my different

setup videos and we're starting with

this this is my gaming setup or seven

and a half thousand subscribers this is

literally where it all started hey that

was my old intro hey what's up guys it's

bubble come here I was so cringe back in

the day right in the back here you can

see my macbook charger I had a MacBook

for first school at a 32 inch monitor

which was a Philips monitor who's

actually a TV I had an Xbox 360 razer

deathadder razer mouse mad Logitech

keyboard which actually was really good

a posh HD PVR so I could record my xbox

360 the blue Yeti Pro microphone which

is still a very good microphone I had

turtlebeach headphones at the time and

just a computer in the back here which

is horrible computer but let's see what

I have to say and as you can see we're

recording my game I was just sitting on

a kitchen chair with a pillow in my back

I didn't have a nice fancy good chair

like this also my desk was just that

kitchen table we found outside I didn't

buy half of this stuff I just found it

outside today it was a nice table I

completely forgot about this but I had

this guy make me a really crazy cool

bubble Co background for my laptop I

don't know where this is it's probably

gone I don't have it anymore here are

some more stuff I had to save my cat my

games my trophy some window cleaners a

chess board that might come foo Bell

that was it this setup is so simple this

was my old microphone I ended up selling

it to the guy and I told him hey did you

want me to sign it because I'm gonna be

famous and he laughed

he's like oh no I'm good I also had that

at modern warfare 2 night-vision goggles

which actually worked and they

worked very well also the famous red

couch I found that I'd like the garbage

it was just outside I was like oh my yes

I wanted a couch in my office and that

was my first setup not waiting for my

second one because it's gonna go faster

now you're gonna see the progress but

this is what I started with this was

years ago this was five years ago that's

what it says but it might not even be

correct this really shows that if you

want to become a beat youtuber you don't

need any fancy equipment you can have

some very cheap stuff some very little

stuff and then work your way from there

nowadays these things are even easier

pretty much nowadays you don't need an

HD PVR anymore you can use an elgato

check out the sponsor blinky in the

video description and even if you don't

have any of this stuff you can even do

it on your mobile phone nowadays now

let's move on to my next setup video

this was for 35,000 subscribers and I

was filming this on my phone this is

shot in the bathroom so get out Jordi

why did you shoot in the bathroom like

this let's go to my room you can already

see just it's so much better I put

posters in the background I just tons

and tons of things like I started really

decorating my little office I really

really changed a lot

keh keh there kiss for what that stands

I don't know maybe it stands for web

yeah Jordi back in the day was already

into sneakers a custom quilt all Jordans

which look horrible by the way that's

why I spent my early YouTube bucks on

all my games fifa 11 fifa 12 halo yes is

where my cat used to sleep and then this

was my like upgraded gaming PC I ended

up upgrading it because my first one

wasn't that good so I made this one and

he lasted so many years actually was a

really good PC and then I had this chair

which ended up breaking but he was it

was my first nice chair and it was just

magical mouse still the same mouse mats

still the same controller xbox all the

same microphone still the same keyboard

still the same open my vitamin D pills

yep you've got my vitamins and here you

can see the banner and I start

GTA already I upgraded the little webcam

I still have a webcam you're all my

ideas I was writing them down in my

notebook my Twitter at the time plus I

got an extra monitor I was like oh I

need a monitor and you can buy these

monitors could buy it for like a hundred

bucks and that's the upgrade they might

set up there I believe there was about

half a year in between so this is all

the things I changed about half a year

time now we're skipping an entire year

so for an entire year I didn't do a

gaming setup up until this video and you

can clearly see the video production in

that year 10 times as good look at this

this looks so much better this has like

chain oh my god my door is still dirty

after like two years chili smells me and

Jenny got the DNA but big shout-out to

you as you can see over here we have my

amazing two lights I have a bunch of

lights too now I believe I made this

video right before I moved out right

before I moved out of my mom's house and

moved into the house would jelly more

Jordans yes cereal oh my shoes on I

still have these shoes by doing I don't

wear them but I still have them I got

from YouTube for hitting 100,000

subscribers yeah oh is it 700,000

subscribers whoa I'd even know there are

9 million this is where I record all my

blossoms such a horrible not the videos

with like is in my FaceCam but just a

blog my Xbox one my desk is so dirty

I'm much cleaner now and over here we

have my white PlayStation 4 yes I had a

wide PlayStation 4 pretty sure I gave

that to my sister now if weif

playstation 4 pro so this microphone

you dirty your microphone it's the wrong

way around don't worry about it it's

actually really good microphone right

broadcasting this little mixer it's

really good if it works but it breaks

way too quick Nexus 6p makes yeah my

idea but they got my vitamins they'll

get my vitamins these headphones still

wear them and in this keyword also

really good I think I've had that from

the start but I never upgraded the desk

not until I moved in speaking of moving

in April 2015 I was doing great on

YouTube I thought let's just invest as

much money as possible into my setup so

I can create the best videos ever and

that's what I did okay sure

Wow okay yep this looks great into this

video this setup was probably one of my

prettiest setups

I was really designing my setups with

right Tina's in mind

whereas now I've gone to a lot more

convenience I don't care that much about

how pretty my setup is I just care that

it's convenient I only have two monitors

now but I have a lot of space over here

because I put things on my desk all the

time no way this can go up and down in

everything anyways let's let's watch but

as you can see I got some 28 inch

monitors and yeah three of them it's

funny because I still have these

monitors they're really really good

which supports sixty Hertz 4k a bulky 60

Hertz for kak 60fps and besides that not

much changed in this setup it's it's

pretty much the same it's just that I

finally managed to upgrade my monitors

and and it was expensive and this camera

was really good that Canon 700 feet what

happened to this camera I've lost so

much stuff over the years it's probably

just in my basement finally turn my

microphone around this was a really cool

set up I just had a chair with a plant

on top of it I know crazy but the

computer is really good so so the main

things I upgraded here was I got three

different monitors and then I got some

crazy good PC in the meantime my cable

management was horrible but hey it

worked you know it worked for as long as

it had to work still have those graphics

cards and in the background was really

nice too

now I eventually ended up at getting rid

of the background because what happened

was I was

to get more and more sponsorships and

some sponsor said while you're playing

our game while you're promoting our

product we don't want you to promote any

other games in the background so I had

to start blurring the mao-a are taking

the posters down and then I just said

okay you know what it's gonna start

using a white screen and then eventually

I got sick of the wide screen so I went

back to a background just no posters I

mean you got some books there but you

can't read what it says soon we're gonna

have a nice art piece here no brands are

displayed on their clothing so it's just

so I don't get sued now going from 2015

to 2016 pretty much an entire year later

we're in the millions of subscribers

right now comes but let's check it out

my name is Goga Finn today of a

beautiful set of tools and some other

very my English is so much better

already I'm speaking so much more fluent

I love it tool updates so stay tuned for

that first of all when you walk into

this beautiful little plans oh yes hey

this was a very strange setup I ended up

moving like a month after this anyways

so I have my million subscriber plat and

then I have the same setup but my desk

is just a lot more crowded I have bought

a wide board which I still have I have a

new wide board here and some shoes and

some merch I don't know a lightsaber I

didn't even know what I was doing here

there's Kabul Kapil out thing - it was

nice but I wasn't in this setup for a

very long time and I don't really like

it too much I'm skipping through all of

it I just play GTA and lightsaber that

was cool I love this is actually really

cool I bought it after I saw Star Wars

movie so moving forward we arrived at

the setup I'm in right now and the setup

doesn't look like this anymore this is

what the setup looked like when I was

doing streams everyday which I'm kind of

done with streaming like making videos

but this is what the setup looked like

when I was in full gear streaming

recording doing everything sometimes it

was streaming and recording at the same

time this was also when I just moved in

as you can see these orange things we

don't have anymore this I don't have

anymore I have AC now finally I took so


also I have a few more lights now camera

I still have it's great mouths I still

have been upgraded to a white one Maz

Matt I still go keyboard I got a laptop

yes and

it is everyday I only have one

microphone now instead of two what did I

end up doing with this microphone

I'm so confused yeah where did that

microphone go probably in the basement

we have like spare equipment just in


Alistar get a view my camera is also

mounted to my desk and yeah let's check

it out my setup scenes and a lot of you

come ask me to show that setup also I've

got a bookcase behind me now yeah I love

reading explain what do I use to record

videos what do we use the street so here

it is and it looks awesome so I was like

too lazy to connect those two monitors

is they weren't connecting or like the

cables were broken I was like ah you

know what it'll look cool anyways look

at the amount of - it's crazy what else

was there in my office at the time yep

this is my computer really sick computer

pretty much pretty boring video Jordie

you gotta step up your game sometimes

man this was June and 920 17 so bit over

a year ago and since then I've changed

quite a lot of my setup like I said I'm

still working on this setup this setup

is not going anywhere this is here to


like I said we're gonna have something

nice on the wall here bookshelf is gonna

fill up over the years and yeah thank

you so much for watching this video I

hope you enjoyed it if you did drop a

line I love these little bit of a

nostalgic videos and I hope you cups

enjoy them too so thank you so much for


c-cups tomorrow bye bye


wasn't even a mile monitor

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