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"So Do you want to play a game?"

I'm the Gatekeeper,

I rolled the game

And you Chip skull

you will obey my rules !

When I speak,

you'll stop

and you'll listen to me

You understand maggot ?

Guess who?

He's blond and wear glasses...

It's Joe !

Long hair and a mustache...

Alfred !

Guess Who?

Does he have a big noise?

Does she have blue eyes?

Does he have knees?

He blushes when he sees his mom

Does he have an elbow crease?

Does he have a David Letterman poster ?

Be very skilled

Not like Bill

Or Anita

Who feels fingers

Does she have a pig noise and a bean on her head ?

Is he a fan of Voulzy (French singer)

Guess Who ? Guess Who?

Is he fat?

Is she old?

White ?


It's up to to guess who got this period

Little boobs

and a beard?

It's Philip !

Stop !

I release those who are in the mass grave

It's done bro !

It's Dream Phone

It's funny game with a talking phone !

To win?

Call your friends, get clues and guess who had a big fucking dick !

"He loves pig"

What did he say?

It's my secret !

He is inside Marc !

So who is it?

It's Seb my friend !

"You right I've got the big fucking dick !"

Dream Phone, there is always a pervert on a phone !

It's for you !

Hello? Let me cum in girl!!

He ho ! Anyone there?


If you are blonde, hit number 1

If you have a panties, hit number 2

holy shit !

Incapacity 4 from MB (My Balls)

Sorry guys!





Ludo board game

A game from...

A shitty game !

He ho ! Chip skull !

Maggot, larva !

Come on little freaks !

Don't be afraid !

Now the rules have changed...

It look like a small cold ...

Eddie Freeman NY PD

After the Pekin Mystery

and Sticky Chip

Morgan Murphy in

Game is over man !

The Game

Do you wanna play a game?

Fuck man , don't wanna play with you !

Let's the game begin !

The Game

From Dr Crazy creator

Step Back from 3 squares

Are you serious man ?

The game

A movie full of skill and action

Fake Jewel

You know where you can put your jewel man ?

A 3 dimension movie

Fireball !

Rest in peace guy !

The game

Watch out where you put the dice !

Do you wann play a game ?

Movie rated 7

It's over maggot !

The game is over

It's the end of my game

but teh beginning of your nightmare ...

What is it ?

A movei that my father made.

It's up to you to become the master of the Crazy Maseboard Game

Advance your Marshmallow

And destroy Ninja coming from another time to destroy the world

Use the magic power

Open Pandora's box

And released the boot



Oh no Princess Zora !

Robocop card

No the 2 !

Nu-Nu-Nu-Nuke !

Don't believe you win

Because once you finish the game turns against you !




You too become the master of the MaseBoard Game (Rules sold seperatly)

What a shitty game !

I'm outta here !

Where is my money John !

I'm hungry...

Mama !

It's not at all like that we play ...

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