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K who is Mimi? Let me see, i don't even know hat name. Mimi. What's good G and K family, i'ts your girl G and we are back with another lit video. guys you can't see K around

because he's working out today's super super cold and in decided I'm not going to

get out of this. Well on that note since i'm free and he's busy I decided to think

of What i'm going to prank... I decided to think of a prank that I could play on him so

i decided to grab his phone and accuse him of cheating but to accuse him

of cheating I need some evidence so let's get those I just I thought of... i thought

I'm going to plant some messages into this phone like send messages from his

phone to mine and respond to them say emmm... just some sweet messages sent some

sweet messages back and forth to make it seem like he's chatting with some girl

some random girl and then i have caught him or something like that yeah so I'm

going to stand a few messages like to delete as many as possible of our old

messages so he doesn't quickly just know and I hope it'll do scroll right up so

he won't discover that it's our chat but like the first screen like of a screen full

of messages so once he at it he knows I'm not lying

and he's cheating well I'll just find a random name so I have to change the way

he stores my name and probably take out my profile picture so that he doesn't see

me in the picture so guys let's get into it

Hi babe, yes babe, miss you...ok like I'll just get all of this done and get back into the

video okay. So I got the messages done and i have like it's a screen full. all of these are new

messages But if he scrolls right up he's going to see it's our chat so I'm going to

try to keep the phone from him and keep him from scrolling right up and I'll

just show this to him and read the messages out loud to him so he knows

he's actually cheating

guys i have to hurry because he's almost done and he'll soon get back. ok

i hope you guys enjoy this prank

and lets get right into it

i have to hide the camera.

seriously K ?


K who's Mimi?

who is Mimi?

what? who is Mimi? who is Mimi?

K who is MImi? let me see i don't even know the girl


Dude? let me see

no wait. i'm serious

wait. let me see who it is. wait

who is Mimi? i want to know

tell me. i don't know. who is Mimi?

I'm looking at your messages am I that dumb ?

let me see. No let'ts read them together, i want to see the name

it's Mimi, Mimi.

who is Mimi?


I don't know any Mimi

K i'm holding your phone. and how stupid am i?

let me see the phone.

no wait

lets see

see some more... that means

she sent you some pictures

and you already deleted them from your phone?

let me see, let me see, let me see

i swear i've never, i've never chatted anybody with my phone today

what are you saying? i don't even know that name. that Mimi name

i could never say no to you

who is Mimi? i don't know who is Mimi

K? what prank are playing on me?

i'm not playing any prank on you

look at that

wait wait wait

Noo wait let me see

no, no. let's read the messages together

i'm not deleting the messages

no i'm not expecting you to delete anything right now

is this my phone? Mimi?

it's my phone

who is Mimi?

wait. Do you wanna see some today?

i could never say no to you

but i need to get out of here

you really do need to get out of here

when do you....

when do you plan on telling her?

when do you plan on telling me? i don't know what is this.

are you serious? what's going on here? soon girl soon

you better hurry

i miss you so bad. i love you.

i love you even more

no this is not me

i swear this is not me. K this is your phone

and you are telling me this is not you?

so who? let me see

let me see. what's funny?

it doesn't work this way let me see

let me see

no no no

who is Mimi? i want to understand what's funny here. i don't even know who is Mimi on my phone

what are you...

I've seen messages on your phone that you sent her today

Are you serious right now?

let me see

and your laughing?

K are you kidding me?

come here come here. no it's so funny

it's you, it's you

you changed you changed the way i stored your name

your crazy

that's why i did not want you to scroll up.

you scared me really

it was good


why were you laughing? i was seriously angry and you're laughing>

you scared me

and i don't even know this name

you scared me right?

i was just like what prank will i play

on you while you were working out

so i was like okay

i'm good right?

you scared me... you're crazy

look i started from my phone

it was so much work

and you were responding ? yes

this girl is crazy

who is Mimi on my phone?

i don't know

that's why i was laughing seriously

seriously i hate you right now

this is Mimi

these our our chats. so you used your phone to chat with my phone

and i changed the number, i had to change my Dp

it's so much work right? but guys we got him

we got him we got him

she scared me though. i was scared

because i don't even know the name Mimi on my phone

and i don't remember chatting with anyone

this was so much work i'm happy that

it worked on you

K who is Mimi?

but why were you not scared ?

no i'm not scared because

i know i'm a truthful boy

i'm always being

faithful to you


and i didn't even chat on whatsapp

that's what kept me going

i didn't chat with anybody on whatsapp

i only chat on messenger

with some friends. so next time is should change to messenger ?

no i don't care

oh with some friends? bring the messenger chats here

i don't care. you chatted with some friends one messenger right ?

no no no bring it. it's those people

my Vietnamese friends

ahh ok. look these people

can't you see Vietnamese names

so guys that was it for this video

i think we got him. she sacred me

early this morning i just came back


he was working out and i was like

i son't want to work out today and i was thinking of what to do with my time

this was good get out of her

see you guys in the next video

what do you want to say?

ehhh is this the second prank ?

officially successful

i think this was not fair actually

what ?

pranks are not supposed to be fair

you scared me really like seriously

ok guys. what do you want to say ?

are you going to cheat ? Guys sorry emm she scared

me though and

out there guys cheating on their girlfriends be careful

because what she just did

if i was a cheater or if i'm

playing dirty games outside she would

have gotten a hold of me


i know i am not doing anything that's why i keep smiling and

laughing because even the

the name she's showing to me I've never had the name on my phone and I've never stored such a name

so thank you for watching see you guys in the next video bye.