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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Q&A WITH TEACHER AND GUESTS

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i single-string Francis lying again here

from friends obviously yes guys is

actually 6 p.m. or Hakan sa 10 minutes

past 6:00 p.m. right now here in friends

everyone say how's everybody doing

welcome welcome welcome welcome back to

my life streaming guys I hope you guys

gonna have fun for tonight's live

streaming this is actually a Q&A with

teacher guys and the guests of course if

we have some guests would like to join

us tonight here on the panel we will

also be asking questions to them well it

really depends on you if you're gonna

ask questions to our guests or you will

only ask questions to teachers so yes

guys welcome to my livestream so let's

check who just the who came or who has

come here

alright hello every night I mean us hey

welcome to my livestream or you mean I I

mean us a Larsen's life

good evening name larsa's life but it

means here and i think this morning

there in your place right now good

morning to you artists life in G hang

thank you so much for coming jimpad

japan welcome welcome life in you can be

bus hello hello teacher yes hello to

everyone thank you so much for coming

and welcome

harren yes thank you so much finally

there is guys oh yeah i'm teacher that's

been able to figure out how to do it so

yes guys i hope you're gonna enjoy

watching it yes guys oh my god thank you

so much everyone okay thanks everyone

thanks everyone everyone everyone who

context everyone where's that where's my


it should be here okay yes thank you so

much hello hit me deeply 89 welcome to

my life drink a PD P 89 and we also have

the naive side and welcome back tonight

and sweated oh my god how are you my

dear tonight in sweatin and hippie-dippy

you have a new big

I actually saw that but I didn't leave a

message should be dinking our guinea pig

dpe so yes guys tonight's live streaming

everyone this is actually a Q&A with

teacher if you guys have questions or

yeah I'm not so sure with my connection

right now I hope you guys did see me

clearly because I'm not so sure there

you are good morning yes give morning

good morning Larsen's like how are you

it's actually evening here in France

right now thank you so much for having a

wonderful time watching question good

things there at the gate i N oh my god

thank you so much everyone for coming

beet soda - coffee guy honey in the u.s.

a Larsen slice b19 sweat and he PGP 89 a

low flavor flavor eastwood hello hello

thank you so much for coming oh my good

flavor food is here how are you

flavoring food you have a lot of flavor

eat food really yes how are you my dear

and he b2b yeah that's any mistakes yes

oh my god what video is that he PGP 89

but anyway at least you are you know

you're able to enjoy what you are doing

89 ok that's a great thing alright so

yes guys how's everybody doing welcome

to my livestream

everyone so yeah once again this live

streaming is actually a a Q&A we teacher

but of course guys if we have some

guests who would like to join us here

live tonight on the panel you are very

welcome to come up here and join me here

and of course you will also be asked

questions by our visitors if our

visitors are interested in asking

questions of course the flavor food said

give some tips to learn French oh wow so

actually I am also learning French

flavoring food so maybe I'm gonna

be able to share to you the tips which I

have how can I say with which I have

been using well the the best tip that I

can give you is actually you know it's

related to when you learn English you

know when you learn English all you have

to do is surround yourself with any

english-speaking environment English

speaking stops I mean yes always you

know always exposed yourself to English

speaking environment so if you're

talking about French then you need to

expose yourself to french-speaking

environment flavorings yes keep it to be

the new one oh yeah lots of like yes I

want to learn French do you speak French

we took Japan too far francais may see

pastrik Rabia just so cool so what I was

saying guys yes I can speak French but

not very well

just a little yes that's what I was

saying everyone yes they did similar to

English maybe food I think I don't know

guys as a teacher as an ESL teacher I

really think that whatever language you

are learning it is always the same

ok it is always the same the same tips

or the same structure the same pattern

know what I'm talking about not really

structure but the same but the same have

to choose the same behavior the same

things that you need to do or you need

to actually uh you know um follow when

you learn a foreign language because

yeah it's everything like that so first

best thing is always practice or you

practice every day if you can and of

course expose yourself to that language

speaking environment whatever language

you are learning you can do that yes

shine Ayman hello al teacher on speech

again hi everyone yeah shining man

teacher isn't it again though teacher is

not really feeling perfect um tonight

yes guys but yes you need to stay

positive even if there are things that

are actually

you know how can I say affecting your

feeling of being positive guys yes guys

so this is a Q&A with the teacher that

means to say you can ask questions the

teacher but not only teacher because I

also mentioned there also with guests

okay we have some guests who would like

to join us here tonight live here you

can actually join me on the panel and

you will also be asked questions by

anybody in the chatroom or our you know

visitors to 9 yes you'd you tell me so

it is mixed up with each other

yes flavoring food it is not it's not

really mixed up but what I mean is they

are just similar okay maybe you can

check one of my life screaming I have

mentioned some tips on how to learn

English or how to become good at English

communication so I guess those tips can

be applied to any language that you are

trying to learn flavors yes I'm not sure

if you agree with me hello JPJ welcome

to my life's dream

how are you JPJ shiny man how are you

shine amen thank you so much for coming

welcome welcome

Larsen's I've said is it true French

people eat a lot of bread

yes Larson's life and if you don't know

if if some of you here are not happening

say if some of you are not aware we have

one visitor here who is actually from

France and he is fresh so I'm British

tour he can actually answer your

question very well right shiny mention

my name and everyone is fresh he is from

France and I'm pretty sure he can answer

your question with all his or bright

shining it so someone is asking shiny

men is it true that French people eat a

lot of bread because in my case as

according are here and I've been staying

here for a year now I can say that yes

it could be true but I'm not surely

shiny men if he's gonna correct what I


shiny men what is your opinion shining

men what is your answer it's not opinion

but this is a fact ok yes shiny man what

is your answer as you've been to you

know teacher good evening from you

yes guys JPJ welcome welcome shiny miss

Addie sure you must talk to guys when

walking in the streets why should I

smiley man I don't talk to guys while

walking in the street but they talked to

me isn't it strange it's a bit weird

isn't it

people talking to teacher on on the

street that's not possible everyone I

tried to ignore I always ignore them

anyway but yeah it's just surprising you

know when you see those points for these

kinds of people talking to you something

like that yes dinner why um where am I


okay no I mean no say yes practice yes

everyone and I do believe practice makes


I know nobody's perfect but we can try

to be perfect but that's everyone yes we

can try to be perfect that way okay that

means that masseur look better now okay

I go all right um where am I now

hello shiny man okay nice reaching bra

Delacruz official hello welcome to my

life's dream rajala cruise officials

that you guys are here I'm going to

write my name later and I'm gonna spin

some people so you're gonna have

headache later there's I'm gonna spin

people who will be lucky to be our best

guests tonight I'll be choosing for

people to get who will get you know

three WH yes that's my way of helping

those creators who actually need WH yes

it sure is also helpful guys if you

don't know maybe some people there would

disagree with me I know I that's how it

is must be night I mean USA I will

definitely check this yes flavor food

thank you so much

very flowering that not welcome to my

life through my beer well in case you

don't know marry flower in Vietnam is

also an English teacher everyone so I'm

pretty sure she can also give her

opinions on how to be good at learning a

certain language right marry flower and

get Nam be

being in Mary flower in Vietnam laughing

you can beatbox hello-o slightly new

favorite buzz hello everyone from Mary

clover in Vietnam which country do you

belong Wow I belong to you slippery food

come on oh just kidding haha

well wavery food I actually belong to

someone no t-shirt what are you talking

about teacher be serious and answering

questions well well seriously God

flavored food I am from Philippines okay

yes um and right now if I don't know

what you mean if you're asking me my

region or the place where I live now now

I actually live in France but I come

from UM flavor food okay I hope I have

answered your question I will is

Jennifer hello welcome to my life stream

nearby with them oh my god Mary flow in

Vietnam Larsson's life said my mommy

Lloyd's like portrait French Wow

so does you mom speak French and when

she's here we are we always have to have

bread with everything Oh shiny man

should answer this question I guess and

Larsen's like nobody has the idea of how

French are when it comes to you know

eating bread right versus life from your

mom mommy in law's a situation or your

case your mommy loves case good night

B night in sweat and my everyone yes hi

everyone be knowing so I didn't think so

much for coming welcome welcome P now in

sweating shout out to you

SHINee Minh yes they do a large offer of

different residence for Marcos CSEC guys

SHINee many has answered your question

the question was do French people eat a

lot of bread so shiny men said yes they

do a large offer of different breads in

supermarket yes guys and the most

popular bread that they eat like a meal

you know in the bread this we called it

bucket I'm not sure if you're familiar

that long bread

it's bucket everyone

I'm not sure if my pronunciation is

correct correct me if I'm wrong shiny

men the bread the love rebus bucket and

they usually you know they usually cut

it once and that means one piece of

bread one that one one kind of thing it

could cut it once and already two people

can eat it as a meal they just look like

ham or cheese or veget vegetables or I

mean no lettuce or tomatoes like that or

other stuffs in it so that's already

considered as a meal yes guys so yeah

that's how it is

and Ruby's foreign family has a little

welcome to my life Ruby's form family

how are you Ruby's for family

Marcus kitchen just finished taking a

shower and glad I made it Wow welcome

Marcus kitchen thank you so much for


yeah I saw your message at your chat

room or in your chat room he actually

said you're gonna have shower I guess

I'm not sure if I read it white rubies

foreign family shout out to everyone yes

welcome everyone yes hello to everyone

Juan de la Cruz official Ruby's foreign

family no problem thank you so much hi

there shiny men how are you yes ok shout

out to everyone from B night honey

USA guys Dean I am you say is another

friend of ours who is also many times

everyone yes ok Mary Plummer in Vietnam

has a custard slavery's question ok

flavor each question was the tips on how

to learn French I think that was it and

I already answered some I want answered

her wedding needs of information ok so

Mary flower in Vietnam said learning a

certain language requires motivation in

and out and she's the last thing I don't

know if you want to learn make it sure

that you really wanna you really want to

not just because you have to very true

and that's absolutely correct

Mary chlorine Magnum I definitely I

agree with you 100 one percent Mary

floor in Vietnam because you know in my

case guys in my own experience yes

learning French language

because French is a foreign language to

me you know I'm Filipina yes I speak

English I speak Filipino of course my

mother tongue is Filipino language yeah

and it's very true maryclaire in Vietnam

when you learn a certain language you

need to have your motivation and you

need to have the love of that language

because if you are just learning a

foreign language just because you have

to the result is not really impressive

everyone and that's my case because I'm

learning French and I don't really like

to learn French you know but I have to

yes I have to I think I have told you

many times that I have to learn French

even if I don't like to speak French I

don't like speaking French because you

know really well many people say it's

very nice to hear you know speaking

French it sounds romantic or something

like that

yes I guess it's true but for me because

it is difficult so the difficulty

actually you know how can I say hinders

my interest in learning language yeah I

don't know maybe because of my age or I

really don't know yes guys it's very

true marry flower in Vietnam I really

agree with you flavoring food you are

really good in English what is your

qualification Wow

favourite food that's good well flavor

food as you can see the name of my

channel is in the C string phrase I am

an English teacher flavored food I've

been teaching English for ye Oh long now

I have been teaching English for 13

years now and of course I've got my

tussles certificate yeah I finished my

tough little course I also have my toy


I also yes I'm experienced teaching

different things related to English I've

experienced teaching IELTS TOEIC TOEFL

tehsil yes um yes tehsil the course

though I also took that course Oh

flavored food and in university I said

in education major it in English yes so

I think those allocations of mine um

speak of what I am now

but of course guy

even if I have those qualifications of

course nobody's perfect

even if I'm a t-shirt I can also make

mistakes everyone I am not perfect

nobody's perfect but we can try to be


Tom do you agree yes guys I mean Mary

flower in Vietnam you say hello okay

flavoring food are you a teacher if then

why you thought to be a teacher oh very

good question yes I am a teacher and

well to be honest or honestly speaking

the first time I was about to finish

high school because you know in

Philippines our education system is

actually you know - we have elementary

that's uh I know the first stage of

going to school is preschool after

preschool we have momentary school high

school and then university we don't have

we don't have no only during my time we

didn't have middle school but I think

these days we already have in our

country or another kind of c-h in there

you know with the study yes so after I

graduated University not university

after no I was almost about to graduate

high school and during that time I

really wanted to be a nurse okay I think

some of you already know that I really

wanted to be a nurse but of course in

the past you know this financial aspect

you know and and you know studying as a

nurse in Philippines is a bit expensive

you know and yes I loved I loved I

really wished you know to be a nurse

during that time but because of that

reason I just decided to be a teacher

flavored food yes so I decided to be a

teacher that's the reason why I became a

teacher because you know studying

education is actually how can I say very

affordable okay very affordable yes it

is and yeah but you know after I entered

University and studying that major as

what Bachelor secondary education that

means you will be a teacher in high

school yeah high school teacher yes

after I enter the university I

not always nice I think it's nice to be

a teacher because I could see you know a

lot of teachers and university how they

are and yeah and until such time maybe I

was like in my second year in university

I met this teacher of mine mm-hmm she

was my English teacher my phonetics

teacher yes she left my phonetics

teacher and she really influenced me a

lot everyone she's very good at teaching

I love her I loved her so much I loved

her way of teaching a lot so yeah I was

able to how can I say to start loving

you know being or becoming and in

becoming a teacher special English

t-shirt so yeah when I reached third

year in university I started to really

you know becoming an English teacher

because of her really and until now I

still communicate with her I still keep

in touch with her and we share things

about being a teacher isn't it amazing

my teacher in the past is now like you

know Co teacher but not in the same

school because she's also a teacher and

I'm a teacher now so yeah you know what

guys sometimes there are people who can

just suddenly influence us and make us

decide to do something that because they

asked us to do but because they have a

great impact in our life to choose

something which we can actually achieve

you know yes so that's why I became a

teacher and yes when I started teaching

I just thought oh being a teacher is

amazing of course it is stressful but I

don't know as an ESL teacher it's it's

an amazing experience you know I've met

a lot of different people a lot of

people from different nationalities yes

people who are non-english speakers and

yes I learned a lot from teaching them

really so yeah oh my god I talk too much

okay lemme check Oh where we know SHINee

Millar says life's a wreck with a lot of

things bread for French people is kind

of rice for Asian people yes that's

right that's right so my husband

does that sometimes and actually he

doesn't really love he doesn't really

like rice so yeah so sometimes he has

its meal like this bread I was talking

about your be scoring about me I have a

honey yes you are their favorite food is

it accidental or you decided in your

childhood no I don't mean accidental

it's not accidental because it's not

like I did that without without any

purpose okay

I cannot say it's accidental but how

could I say in my time would I didn't

want to be a teacher okay because I

heard some situations about teachers

about about being a teacher so I didn't

want I really wanted to be a nurse yes I

woulda mentioned but of course you know

our desires our likes our you know our a

remind our dreams change everyone

nothing is permanent in this world

except change uh-huh yes guys not being

is permanent in this world is that

changed hmm a life in UK with but losing

since while cooking dinner okay very

good so I hope you have a great

background music now while you're

cooking like the UK advise Larsson's

like thank you shine amen that makes

sense I eat rice with everything so true

Larsen's life I can relate to that too

that I think rice is life for most of us

Asian people I mean special you know yes

but you know when you are in a certain

country and they have different way of

you know they have a different how can I

say different side when it comes to

their meals you will get used to it just

like me I'm you know I've started to get

used to eating bread as a meal or

sometimes eating pasta as a meal will in

fact in Philippines we eat pasta

together me the rice it's funny guys but

it's a fact right tonight honey news 8

spaghetti with rice Wow amazing the

first time my husband saw us doing that

he said what are you doing you're eating

spaghetti at the same time oh my god

what are you doing

yes guys oh my god this really

rebby society okay yes thank you so much

no problem finger and you see my flower

Mid America London behind us English

reading a yo-yo thank you so much very

Florida but not shiny miss said breaking

news fans always driving by now but he's

listening very carefully teacher oh my

god big shot it to you not know I don't

want you to type anything fun so while

you are driving okay please focus on

driving because I still want to see you

having class online fans oh okay yes so

it just listen enjoy listening fans oh

but I hope you are not typing there

while driving where we know since okay

no problem mean I I mean yes a thank you

so much Larson's life said it is

difficult to learn languages because

different languages use different tones

if that makes sense so true so true it's

sure because you know they there are

different intonations different accents

but I guess if you're learning a certain

language if you want to learn a certain

language with a specific accent the best

thing you have to do is to expose

yourself to to two people two people who

use this language and with this accent

or exposure yourself to some movies

music yeah ne ne ne ne ne ne you want

any talking stops hmm he stops who any

people who use that certain language and

who have that accent that you would like

to learn and that case you will get

influenced and of course you will

you know get used to that way of

speaking and you will also become like

them yes that's really the key yeah you

know any is aina okay Jane okay oh my

god banana you see thank you so much I

need the nurses like so true intonation

and stress to sum it up this music

of the sentence so true that's true

that's true Larson's life and Thomas of

course yes Lex is like said exactly

shining then my native language is a

soft Road and English is very harsh

I agree with you Larsen's like Lex is

like are you I forgot

are you in uh I argue in Ireland now or

in America forgot Larson's like I'm so


yeah I've been speaking English for 20

years now but sometimes some words are

so hard for me oh yeah - welcome to my

live stream and left your live stream

you can have of kindness because I

already scheduled my life I had already

scheduled my wife's reading before I

attended your live streaming so yeah I

stayed there for like maybe a how long

how long was that and elect just all of

a sudden without notice I'm so sorry

because my schedule you know and so

buddy there thank you so much can act of

kindness for president oh my god all

right library food so how do you deal

the children of different abilities in

your class well okay it's a great


we bring food Wow interesting question

well favorite food as an easel teacher

when I was in tokens I used to teach

various Japanese Chinese Vietnamese

Taiwanese some Arabs very few Arabs in

French people very few maybe maybe just

5% on the population of our students

that maturity was Koreans he has a lot

of Koreans and Japanese next and the

next is Taiwanese so I'm talking about

the population well when you talk about

how to deal with different levels of

students well the answer is in our

school were in the school where I used

to bring we have different levels of

students so when students actually

enroll in our school in that school we

are used to rip we have this kind of

entrance test we're asked to know what

their level is when

comes to English so we group the

students according to their levels yes

we group the we group the students

according to their levels and yeah for

those students who are lower level they

are together and for those students who

are in higher level they are together

yes so it's like that so it's easier but

of course as any other as an English

teacher I mean for example here in

France I teach middle school students

and of course every student has

different level of learning yes it's

kind of hard to deal with it but in my

case I usually give more attention I'm

not sure if it's a good thing but yeah

that's what I have been doing but yeah I

give more attention on those students

who are in lower level because I'm

pretty sure you know these students who

are in higher level or who have this how

can I say fast pace of learning can can

understand so I don't really need to

what give much attention to them I mean

I'm talking about attention attention

means making them understand of what the

lesson yes yes so yeah that's it I'm

focused more on the lower levels if they

are able to understand the lesson or not

but in some cases guides I also try to

you know but not with middle school you

know middle school they are still for me

they are still children so it's really

hard for them so I usually I usually

give much attention to these lower level

students yes but with adults everyone

for example for ESL students I just

focus on higher level students I mean

the lower level students should keep up

with us because that's how it is as an

ESL learner you have to keep up with

higher levels so you will also reach the

same level yes guys so there are

different ways of oh sorry I think you

got tired listening to me all right so

anyway this is the Q&A so yeah teacher

is talking too much

Martin search yes constant change yes


love are you laughing like okay yes


Iran hello Arnold hello c8 oh my god

hello Christian how are you Christian

how are you are you be so dirty twisted

hi Christian how are you

bhai I mean USAA yes no problem SID

thank you so much enough I guess

Yahoo the guy I'm telling you as the yes

guys can act of kindness this is

actually the first time we have defended

my livestream yes I actually met him at

V night money USA's lives from DC guys

for those graters out there if you want

to grow your channel if you want to meet

me you know or make a genuine friends

you should visit different communities

which are live-streaming guys so you

will meet a lot of people like when you

give advice your rice is bread some are

potatoes some countries are pasture

somewhere again etc yeah so true

favorite food has another question I

have you read a book alchemist if yes

then what is your view about that oh my

god I haven't read that flavors I'm too

behind us one of my friends recommended

reading that but I haven't got the

chance to read this book flavor in food

I'm so sorry

yeah so I can't really give my view or

how can I say point of view on this

because I haven't read this one yes like

and you can read bus yes okay patty

sandwich yes you see you see shiny MIT

sandwich with spaghetti oh my god oh

there are fourteen people now where are

the others all the others some left's

because I talk too much so I hope some

of you guys they are in the chat room or

those people watching right now this

live streaming if you guys are

interested to join me here you are very

welcome as long as you're not going to

destroy my streaming you know I work

hard for my channel so please if you

guys are gonna join here let's just you

know be respectful yes do the right

thing yes you I welcome you all to join

me here

my life and of course that way you will

be able to introduce yourselves yes and

of course people will get to know you

yes everyone because people will also

ask you questions and you will also have

the chance to answer those questions

like the teacher like what the teacher

is doing right now you know okay

while 16 people are back so I think find

sunshine Amon are bad I think they have

left me and they came back again I


oh my god

who is your favorite author well that's

a great question my favorite author is

Sidney Sheldon I'm not sure if you are

familiar with him Sidney Sheldon I like

this author Moline and wrestle O'Malley

and raise money

Andras I actually finished your your

folder my videos and it go on the hill

and so just let me know if the content

of this of those folders is equivalent

to three hours because I just played my

videos and how on the hill and Mullen

and yourself hey thanks so much for

coming Moline and res Matic okay thank

you so much mean I ain't sweatin I'm

learning Swedish because I have to I

need to learn Swedish because I need to

communicate with them by using Swedish

language that's why it's really hard

specially their pronunciation so true

behind sweating I can relate to you but

in your case you know your face tonight

is red and I think you are already very

good at Swedish now am I correct

peni I'm sweating so I want to ask you

so you're not just asking teacher I will

also ask you be not in Sweden how long

did it take for you to be good at

speaking Swedish any any uh how can I

say in it any tip or any anything you

can share about your journey with

learning Swedish of night in Sweden I

want to say FINA if you ask but you're

awfully green Bloods well

congratulations Michael FINA can i yes

welcome to my Christina rustling green

blog thank you so much for coming you're

not the finest stop stop by smash to

light retired

lexy remembering oh thank you so much

and act of kindness

Rosalie green well congratulations

teacher I thank you so much guys thank

you so much everyone yes congratulations

to myself but if it wasn't because of

you guys I wouldn't have reached this by

YT dream yes guys thank you so much for

all your support like an UK with us oh

my god I think I have a lot of oh my god

boys you've got a lot of messages from

here I talk too much

because I can see messages here I think

these messages were written a long time

ago oh my god

alright so let's read life and you give

me bus yet it said yes reading books

watching English movies going to places

where people speak English like coffee

shops and talk to them oh my god this

kind of scary arriving you can't talk to

strangers well you know yes it's true

many of my Korean students that's what

they do you know what guys when they try

to learn English that's what they do

they talk to strangers as long as they

can speak English they go shopping and

they go to some shops and talk to

foreigners for them to practice English

shine even say you're right teacher

I've been improving a lot listening to

make these speakers songs loves TV

movies so true shiny man that's true Jin

Han okay no problem thank you so much

mean I I mean us oh my god guys thank

you so much Rosalie green vlogs

congratulations and shout out to

everyone here yeah I saw her to you

Russell agreed

loves Moline and rascal in talega

gun but not Selita Selita you

both thinking so much holy undress

I hope you guys don't have a pain in

your ears right now because I feel like

I'm shooting

what should I speak that way so let me

drink some water everyone yes they're in

some water okay and with my mirror on

the wall mirror mirror on the wall I can

see myself again yes guys so I have this

mm-hmm okay pink now isn't it mmm


everyone delicious huh listen

what are you sure why is it delicious

huh don't ask me that question

hello ruff silly okay I believe good

evening welcome to my livestream police

how are you my dear I saw your video

what is that what videos done the latest

video I thought police I forgot the

title thought police yeah I forgot the

title someone is talking at his live

streaming with the long hair yeah I saw


uh police welcome how is it going

everyone yes how's it going everyone

guys thought police and shiny men they

are content consumers okay they are not

creatures guys I told you I've got five

amazing supporters they are very genuine

the police dan Fowler David Bulger shiny

men and fun so guys these five people

are genuine supporters they are not

content creators but I think thought

police how started great tipping yes

yeah couples but I think it's wrong yeah

we're his free time

hello Pedro a biker lover DJ no problem

you know a biker Glover you don't need

the GPC there you know I'd like your

flower okay guys so you don't need to be

too peachy you can actually yes as long

as you stay for a few days you know 10

to 15 minutes

it's very okay yeah not just you say hi

in suddenly good body oh my god I think

sure goodbye t-shirt oh my gosh that's

not a good thing

yeah Lamine Andres oh my god finds oh

he's here hi I'm sue you guys enjoy your

coffee funds oh I'm so you see your guys

rubies foreign family baby so much be

nice in sweat and yags

eyes oh wow and so you are here again

well I always always let my

livestreaming guys but when I have my

free beer or some short you know things

he's not there but it's okay doesn't

matter I know he's always there Mary

Florida Vietnam not pop was kidding

hahaha no problem Mary floret Nam he's

one of my favorite mug teach oh really

Sidney Sheldon do you like to be Sheldon

yeah I like alekseeva Sheldon

though though the stories are quite sad

but I like I like the way he you know he

writes buzzer hello BG already yes he

just arrived

BG random accrues is giving shout out to

many of the people whichever thank you

so much for coming round in the crews

everyone okay so guys please please stop

using repeated words like hello hello

hello hello

always the same message everyone because

actually it will be spam in the chat

room yes guys so I hope you guys will

minimize you know using the same

expression in the server room yes

because it will be spamming yeah so you

can talk about movies if you started if

you have started watching the movies of

our co-creators in the chat room you can

talk about that for example I'll give

this if you now honey okay I'm you saw

on her video you saw her video about me

I need you say I love the love the I

love the default in that you asked that

looks very wonderful

the leaves are amazing like that you can

talk about that in the chatroom not just

high low high low high hello yes guys

I'm just sharing what I learned guys

okay you know sharing is caring everyone

I hope you are not misunderstanding that


yes I would like to help all our

co-operators I'm also a small youtuber

okay but yes that's why I'm sharing what

I learn where we know okay greetings

okay everybody's sleeping to each other

slavery food said why Sydney means you

like thrills and adventure

I like through it I love your favorite

food I love free me know I love free

even when I watch movies uh I don't know

when I was in full teens and I was

pregnant with my second baby yes my my

second baby I used to watch horror

movies you can't imagine every night two

to three movies everybody yes guys two

to three movies every night in a

yes in my room with the with all the

lights off yes guys that's what I did

when I was pregnant but I don't know

after I gave birth I started you know

not really crazy about fur movies I

still watch horror movies but not like

us crazily as before when I was pregnant

with my second child yeah with my second

born but yeah and then with a thrill yes

I love thrill guys I love through color

makers shout out a little goofy guys

well busy here thank you so much oh let

me freshen up

I know you are busy but you are still

able to make it thank you so much baby

the police said wouldn't recommend

minors to talk to strangers though the

word is getting a weird the world is

getting a weird blaze yeah so true so

true yes but I was talking about my

students and Philippine so please the

adults yes the big ones they they are

already responsible enough but of course

for children who are learning a foreign

language it's not ideal to actually talk

to strangers okay the best thing for

them is show them movies guys English

movies that's what I do with my children

my firstborn and my second board

I have I have been doing that I always

show them English programs only English

programs no other no other things yes

because I focus on you know English

education my children um now like

children have started this Friday

lingual education trilingual because

they are educated with three languages

Philippine of course my mother tongue

and then English is the second language

and maybe the French is the third

language because there are three

languages it's a trilingual education

well it's kind of hard for adults to

have this kind of education but he

started as early as possible that's

easier for the children guys they will

not have nosebleed or had aimed like me

right now always most we'd be frenched

by yes I try my best okay shiny meant to


like yes to be his life order his life

shine emails your day okay like P yes

like being everyone that's my favorite

color like pink but with this dream yard

globe this is dark pink

this is dark pink it's not light pink

but no choice there's no other color

gear I think there's no light pink let

me check

yeah there's no light being here guys

other is probably like each other uh-huh

there is no light pink everyone that's

why your lips no okay anyway ignore okay

nevermind nevermind nevermind okay here

we go right now

mmm very numb shiny methought the

Creator yes the police has started

creating his contents the guy has been

trolling one of my friends all night

long yesterday he just have to point

these trolls out oh that's too bad

the police ah that's the one you show

there at your new video

Oh Wyatt why do people troll what's the

purpose I can't really understand why

people draw why people do that why not

just stay positive and be supportive to

everyone you know especially the people

haven't done anything wrong with you why

troll them shiny man color make your

channel I'm sure you had a nice day over

there yes you know I buy her blogger BG

teacher not me that means bye guys

yes we know a biker lover I hope it

doesn't mean that way the genies bye


you have the sense of humor Pinoy bikers

lover I can I can I can feel that you

know but bitch is just background

without having glass of whiskey whiskey

nature simplistic beautiful toffee

welcome to my life

Primorye My dear I haven't done to your

live streaming these days a lot of

nature simplistic beauty photography to

be honest because I have been you know

going to bed early and yes when I leave

you're still not online and then when I

woke when I wake up every time I wake up

Oh nature's was live so replay it is

okay Ripley lady JPJ thank you so much

everyone for your thumbs up the police I

can't live stream at the moment cuz a

certain size someone got a whitey tool

to hand out copyright strikes like candy

so I'm streaming on D live now nothing

we can do over there oh I see

yes I've heard about that I feel sorry

to hear that police like a UK with bus I

think the first one I read by Sheldon is

if tomorrow never comes I think oh I

haven't read this then I am sweating I

think seven months because I'm lazy to

study my homework eg1 seven months this


that's good I mean you can already speak

Swedish very well and I use Sweden is

that what you mean because I've been

saying here in French but I'm still not

confident with my skill in speaking

French you know but I'm really talkative

person so even my Swedish not good I'm

still trying hard talking to them using

their language oh oh this is very nice

of you and this is the personality or

the character that you should have guys

when you are learning a foreign language

you should follow Pina in Sweden she is

very talkative she's not tried to use

the Swedish language even if she's not

good at that you have to do that but

don't follow me Kati sure is not a good

example because guys I tend not to speak

because I am not confident with my skill

in French that's why and I try to I try

to put a wall against people guys

talking to me yes guys it's funny but

it's a fact shiny man ok teacher I try

to send

love though what this is what do you

mean shiny men what was the topic about

shiny men okay anyway beam is wedding

practice is very important teacher yes

practice makes perfect

I really believe and I always say this

to my students I've been saying this to

my students for many years now it's for

ages now you know I always say them

practice I would say to them

practice makes perfect you see yes good

night in sweat it okay that kid must be

hyperactive now with all with all that

adrenaline that kid must be hyperactive

now with all that adrenaline Colin

McCrea China yeah you're right always

great ear shiny man thank you don't

forget to thumbs up thank you so much

for a thumbs up everyone

shiny miss a teacher and friends I can

see you miss my long sentence really oh

my god where is that shining then sorry

I'm so sorry but I love you sorry guys I

need to review messages of shiny men I

think because he usually talks about you

know something long message no shiny man

I read your message about this one

you're right teacher I've been improving

a lot listening to native speakers all

blogs on TV movies that's it is that

what you mean shiny men sorry if I miss

something else yeah I think I didn't

miss and I didn't miss anything

yeah shiny man I didn't miss anything I

think you miss listening to me shining

then you shiny man I didn't miss any of

your messages correct me if I'm wrong

everyone didn't read all the messages of

shine even yes I Neiman I didn't miss

anything huh

hello either way my life's dream or you

feel your way update killer whale how

are you guys killer baby also goes live

everyone and you can make many new

friends there at her at his live stream

you guys nari bollocks are up so for the

less than thank you so much nari Bob leg

will hammer a vehicle

my life's dream shout out to you a piece

boring family say thank you to Color Me

Christian or this one definitely say be

high too many people here

thank you so much Larry don't make no

problem - hani's Romina okay no problem

okay thank you so much dangerous is this

beautiful jog Rufina a monocle Fe hahaha

oh my god guys thank you so much you

guys are amazing

no more questions for teacher and anyone

who would like to join me here live on

the street can your away would you like

to join me here or everyone in the


whoever wants to join me live here you

are very welcome everyone a slow as you

behave okay thank you so much behind us

it's my free food English teacher isn't

it is good to be here good bye oh you

are very very welcome flavored food any

time and if you have more questions

don't hesitate to comment on this live

streaming and you can actually attend my

live streaming next time

I don't do live streaming every day I

just go live who never I feel like so

yes if you're new to my channel please

don't forget to subscribe and click that

Bell button below to get more updates

about my channel and you will get

notified whenever I go live everyone yes

that's an advertisement this morning

family funny young guys oh yeah I find

so thank you so much for coming funds oh

wow your picture is beautiful again

shiny man I meant I will stop saying

short words like hello oh really I

didn't see I didn't see I didn't see I

don't know if I understand what you're

saying oh okay I got it

that was about saying hello buzzer Ravi

get on the panel shine even get on the

panel and behave yes fine so oh my God

thank you lord I have been able

to read all your messages okay yes so I

think right now I'm going to start

writing all the people's lean in my

spinner yah yah yah yah yah yah yah oh

yah oh my god big shout-out to you oh my

god see a big shout-out to reduce

foreign family son is actually watching

me right now my dear thank you so much

for being so supportive my dear

oh ok alright guys thank you so much and

this have the right team of the names

I'm gonna write your knees I'm gonna

write the names of the visitors I have

tonight so we can have the spinner and

of course we gonna have the best the

best the question is the best interview

word tonight yes I will be choosing for

best interviewers two night guys yes who

are our best interviewers because the

topic is Q on Avik teachers okay yeah

yeah yeah okay guys okay uh-huh

please be patient with me a little bit

uh-huh okay there you are and so yeah

let me check all the people in the chat

room I'm so sorry if you guys are

interested in in gaming watch our I hope

you guys are still there when I call

your knees because yeah I will be giving

three WH two for lucky people okay yes

uh-huh banana face here okay and I think

Larsen's like it's here as well okay so

let's change this to Larsen's like

Larsen's like Larson's life I watched


as Larsen's life I watch I think four of

your live streaming Carson's life yes

you can check it in your analytics yes

because we have no contact with each

other so yeah I actually not able I'm

not able to give you a message okay yeah

the Kirino family not here

number eight clincher is not here who

control not here I'm just editing the

the memes which I wrote yesterday guys

to make it faster so yeah it's faster

you know I ain't adventuring on here

okay so yeah guys if you guys have

questions please don't hesitate to ask

English teacher in France this is a Q&A

live-streaming everyone so how long have

I been lying Oh 55 minutes so I think I

still have 30 minutes yes so it depends

on how you are with me guys and Ron de

la Cruz is here fancy is here uh-huh

and niimi chunk Omaha hello I'm gonna

meet economic welcome to my livestream

or you might be here you need to uncle

mother follow bloggers hello welcome to

my my stream fellow blogger so are you

shy Niemann no Graham I know Marcus rich

that is me laughing out loud that is me

the police what is that is me weight of

the read messages here top shiny maybe

please fine so it will be my honor to

let you on first yes fine so why not

guys really seriously guys I've been

begging you thank you really thank you

yes guys if you guys want to join that

my eyes are painful guys you know you

can see still I have this swollen eyes

yes coach really guys I because I

actually talk with my

I'm in Philippines are here before the

live streaming us I'm serious right now

before the live streaming and so sad

guys I saw my aunt in a terrible


oh really in anyway that's how it is my

aunt is a I want to say that onions a

lot of non Hannah called follow bloggers

how are you thank you for coming follow

bloggers and martes is here you know

about phrase here ok where are we now

where is misfit misfit twist misfit um

are you talking about Mary Florin

Vietnam she's just there listening to

you fans oh my can you give advice so

we'll sister be a legacy buckle when

we're sick of my boy the same with

Marta's fresh Wow

shiny man I got eco back for the 3 no

problem fans oh oh my god friends you're

even showing me here tonight live near

come on times though I am very excited

to see you that's a good start

before we start our online class it's a

good start to see you here fans oh yes

come on Enzo join me here line in UK

Alka fish and chips hi shiny pizza

teacher I think I prefer to have WH in


for today I will upload videos so you

can spare some Skype lessons no shiney


you don't have any content right now so

not WH for you but English lessons and

by the way I would like to remind

everyone who got the online lesson fun

so has got one hour so that means two

sessions and shiny Amen also has one

hour so that means two sessions as well

Wow you both are equal now wow sounds

amazing isn't it definite doesn't it

doesn't it sound amazing and okay let me

just finish here moment before I read

hippy dippy hippie

still here tonight in Sweden is here

okay the night in spreadin it is here

let me like in the hub phenomena okay

here we go here we go again here we go

here we go so I'm gonna I'm not just

gonna ride the people who are not here

anymore okay because hi maybe hunter

welcome to my livestream video enter how

are you thanks for coming video Hunter

are you doing a video muncher what time

is it now in your play is video enter

now can you give advice Markus rich did

you come or if I Gomez hi hello ever

gonna so are you bloggers um thank you

so much for your thumbs up everyone

thank you so much for you know I mean

USA oh my god you are amazing thank you

so much B night I mean no sale of the

bloody sporran family has the best

interview teacher yes guys the best

interviews I would be also choosing four

people tonight who will be the best

interviewers okay the best interviews

for people I'm gonna give them three WH

for those breakers for the course for

those who are not creators you can

actually do have choice test two choices

one is you can donate the WH to some of

our you know supporters in the chatroom

or you can get the 30 minute online

class for free okay yeah amen thank you

laughing Moline undresses so you're

thoughtfully sincere civil Jean is not

here anymore

that was last night in here is not here

I'm deleting people's name yesterday

janaballah sincere kiddies Marquette not

here so maybe they're coming later I'm

not social okay so here we go I have

edited it so I will add more if there

are more people video mentor is here as


okay let's write video hunter here video

hunter Rikki with you the new video


Ricki video hunter Ricki is here

everyone so yes guys you know I look

very energetic probably and very happy

or something like that but tip inside

every oh let it be like is here welcome

life be life I saw your all your MS life

be like hi you are very lucky

I I watched all your elephants live

speedrun i watch but I played all o LS

life they like that was a lot huh yes

like be like I watched your folder LS

life be like because you got 3w each

yesterday but anyway I just so watch all

your I mean I played all your LS folder

okay yes life be like is back everyone

live be like up I'm gonna write her name


because she's here okay alright so what

do we have here yes of course video

hunter you are ambulance er would you

like to join me here at the big event ER

I welcome people tonight would like to

join me here life like me life would you

like to join me here life because guys

life be like has started going live as

well she's got maybe seven live

streaming's yeah seven or eight I know

so I can't remember exactly stop to open

the wall crash line demon and find oh

yeah yes the ideas yes guys if you're

cooking guys be careful guys don't get

stopped on YT while you are cooking guys

it's very dangerous dangerous dangerous

dangerous but you want to Ricky do you

know what day today UK all force we have

the same time right I think you are one

hour ahead of us I'm not so sure but yes

I guess so

you have the same time as live when you

came advise because I can you give it

but it's also in the UK yes if you want

to Ricky you are here big country 6/10

6/10 so that means ah we are one hour

ahead of you I'm so sorry you know I

told you I'm not very good at that they

know the legend premium phone this

so I named it obese foreign family

actually teacher can change them into W

she is kidding me I could give you WH

but shiny man not anymore today shine

even the decision was yesterday shiny

men said no more are changing shining

you've got one hour of free online class

two sessions and final as well because

Friends of got one from who gave him the

other day and David Bolger has given one

so two for penso two for SHINee Minh I

think that's good enough right yeah

everyone while twenty people right now

here so yeah guys let's keep it going

everyone if you guys think your friends

are interested in listening to teacher

and interested in getting a chance to

get three WH tonight please share the

stream everyone in that case you can

also make more friends you know one

friend of someone and another friend of

someone get together oh that's amazing

guys you can make more friends you know

yes this is Q&A we teacher but also you

can also of course please feel free to

make friends okay but not in the chat

we'll do it the right way

everyone okay where are we now big you

want to Ricky Charlotte okay yeah I'd

like and YouTube it buzz yes you should

do that like a advance so please you can

go on for me the police and those that

shine even said okay hi okay no like be

like hugs that good evening to everyone

t-shirt uh please open the door

like be like thank you so much everyone

I have been on he yeah as fine so

thought police has been on already you

know fan so he has been on many time so

it's your turn on so if you can even if

it's only your voice that will be a

great star ünzile yeah just your voice

that will be a great store by the way

there is nothing difficult about coming

on too

live stream yeah there's nothing

difficult well if you don't want to show

your face it's really okay you can come

up here without the camera only your

voice only audio no camera no camera no

camera because only teacher has camera

you know video on tricky am i in as well

of course video monitor Viki you are in

fun so the police I will have class

first the weekend then maybe after it I

will go on the panel oh okay that's a

great plan fans out so that means to say

when you go on the panel you are going

to share to people

how your experience was during the

collapse right and until MEP forward to

that moment and though I am maybe our

viewers are also looking forward to

knowing about your experience studying

online time so that's a great plan thank

you so much fun zone

lifestyle in Dubai a little lifestyle in

Dubai welcome to my livestream so guys

I'm like I'm writing your name here in

my speaker know hey lifestyle in Dubai

because a few minutes before I end my

stream I will be choosing for me people

or maybe five it depends on my mood yes

we'll get through so yes I hope you guys

are still here when I call your names


merry Florin getting on time to go to

bed yes have a great sleep Mary flower

get na and have a sweet dream okay sweet

Draya Mary for me I'd be like how one

thank you my dear thank you so much blah

you are very welcome life being like up

knocking wizard hello welcome to my

life's dream it's not up to you guys

nothing he's our Vizier guys if you

check his channel guys you will be

amazed everyone

he has great Clinton I assure you that

you should check him out guys this is a

great Channel guys he actually needs to

work only on his WH everyone but this

really this channel was monetized before

but it got the monetized because of some

changes with the white t year you know

White's a requirement so yeah so right

now he's working

you each if you guys can check him out

please check him out

really this journal is a great content I

am talking as a person not as a creator

okay not as a creator but as a supporter

as a genuine supporter yes it has a

great content everyone you should check

it out napkin wizard from the from the

name itself napkin wizard you will

really know that he is really a wizard

we need constant napkin yeah yes you

should check it out thank you so much

for accommodating napkin wizard the

police I'll go live but then answer ha

ha ha ha

yes not kid wizard okay all right mm

lifestyle in Dubai saying hi to every

Norse word more people are cooking no

problem knocking wizard thank you so

much than they the loving a lot of buns

and said by 22 in the bus making it rain

oh that sounds familiar please yes guys

if you guys have more friends please

invite them and you know enjoy enjoy

everyone yes G PJ's present everyone

thank you so much safety day for

reminding me yes guys safer there are

people I have been written here please

remind me ok JPJ everyone he also has

started going live everyone yes and we

have other friends there who are letting

money wisely happy none Museum Color

maker channel cos they are waiting on so

yeah just check all the people in the

chatroom check them out

connect the right way life be like said

I cannot teach her it's almost 12:00

near - Lucy happy my mother hahahahaha

we will never be like go to sleep but

life in life

I worry still do not asleep like me like

your you really won wh right like be

like bean I'm sweating this one life and

you can beat buzz I have community now I

will try sharing yeah guys when you

reach one piece of subscribers everyone

your community will be visible in your

channel guys so in your community you

can post anything you want to compose


photos or greetings for anything you

want as long as it is following it is

according to respond the guidelines you

know the Community Guidelines everybody

hmm EE plenty like mine to abandon shape

life be like okay okay everyone is

saying hi lo ok see you married flower

you like a new PB bugs I didn't know if

it works teacher Shari your Ellis is my

first share in the community oh that's

very good that's very good thank you so

much you just actually have to click

Share and then after you click Share it

will appear on your channel yes there

and then you click that thing in your

channel you share in your channel then

it will go to your community yes yes

everyone only if you like ok because

this is the best way you can actually

connect people you share the stream the

other person will share the stream and

we will become a big big big happy


yes I mean as I said Oh Lord what the

pressure is why pressure friends is not

a present ok it's a pleasure pleasure

the pleasure

ok fans of repeat pleasure not are ok

it's Alphonso pleasure not pressure okay

Ruby snoring family okay

talking to people in the chat right now

video enter Ricky nice you still

remember me you'll be okay

thank you so much holy banana you see

what are you doing

thank you so much mean I I mean USA but

the video hunter after Bruce Lee nice to

see you yeah hello - napkin resort from

people in the chat room walk-on teacher

yes thank you so much everyone video

authority is nothing okay a life be like

mugwort a poster the Bevo's

until 4 a.m. - multitasking - Oh Ian

darling fo re me see you work at night

are you working at a call center like a

live TV like you like TV like be like

haha haha not be like

like be like oh are you Ricky Nicole

centered uh-huh um nature simplistic

beautiful jogger PLO Oh enough you know

music oh my god get always away oh my

God thank you so much get always with

Noel we started to get away to do well

guys he also had great content guys

believe me I have shared one of his

content in my community and I think

shiny men has checked it out if you guys

haven't checked it

you can check his channel get away speed

well from the name itself getaways used

to say vacation so he is sharing all

these vacations ice yes in his channel

and he has amazing content really you

can check it out check it out thank you

so much gonna wish me well for being so

generous thank you big shot until you

get away sido el martes kitchen hello

and up King wizard okay this hello to

everyone Moline Andrus say hello okay

get up okay

Wow yes Wow to get away spin you wow

thank you so much turtle you get a voice

in the wealthy night in Sweden hi

everyone yes I have been able to read

all your messages so now I welcome you

all to showing me here live tonight who

would like to join me on the panel I'm

using stream yard right now just because

of all of you guys it's not for me but

it's for you guys for the sake of giving

you a chance to show up here on stage on

the panel I mean see ya I'm using three

new or

tonight everyone yeah yeah yeah yeah

yeah nobody wants to join me here nobody

nobody nobody know why but me it's

nobody nobody but me on the panel

and always been older your getaway he's

with Malawi Eunice a liquid voice oh my

god you scare me aren't you trying to

scare me can always be a while Corazon

is at my back everyone that is Perez on

have you met for as on that is grads on

now we always talk about Corazon at

Ruby's foreign families live streaming

that is for us on everyone by the way

everyone Ruby's foreign family she goes

live every time I finished my live

streaming cell that's a free talking

live streaming if you guys want to talk

or cheat check out you should have been

visit to release foreign family everyone

yes Anna I think she also gives WH for

hip for for her co-creators yes guys and

Robbie now we're gonna be speaking about

bunga bunga bunga die another look at

that Banga Banga and well thank you so

much the where one annoyance wedding hi

at the follow yes you didn't even post a

link thought police what you mean I

didn't post a link no hosting a link

guys is not along okay hosting a link is

considered as ham yes I think I have

received one link from you thought

police before and it is in the spam

folder because sending or commenting on

a video with the link is considered a

spam everyone yes that's why in a way

speed well so do go see Corazon yes

prison is yes you should meet Perez on

in my back oh come on everyone

just saying yes but now you understand I

don't know you understand oh please why

not because guys link link link link

is not allowed you know I mean when you

comment when you comment on a video and

you comment with a link it is considered

as Pam yeah

hiring a PUD oh my god been ayane us a

million times not the harem tonight I

mean you say yes guys oh my god look my


Q&A with teacher no more questions I

think you have already known a lot about

me right yeah I think so Bonet I mean us

a big shout out to you guys banana us is

what he wanted ties everyone in she also

sometimes goes my yes guys like me okay

she used to go live every day but now

she doesn't do it everyday anymore life

in you okay guys if you guys are

interested with the watch our and know

it for filipinos out there who need load

you should visit like a new cave advice

like a new given bus actually gives load

and wh during her live streaming I mean

not during I mean yes kind of yeah yes

she also goes live everyone but yeah I

think she has been going live these days

like everyday yeah life life be like hi

no online volunteer and I do

transcription as well you as company

ah transcription what do you mean I'd be

like TV transcription you mean you

transcribe words to their pronunciation

symbol or what transcription are you

talking about are you talking about

transcription or translation I'm not so

sure about you're talking about so

please enlighten my brain thought police

I mean you didn't pose the street

Yardley that's what I was saying

oh sorry fake no guys actually I just

share the link when people ask me okay

so I don't put the link in the in the

chatroom unless someone asked me

together yes like an you give advice

wider than come around because she

always goes out like

guys actually you can you don't really

need to do BG okay it's okay you can you

can be here at the live streaming but at

least you should say 10 minutes or 10 to

15 minutes you can say and if you want

to visit our friends channel to check

them out you can also do so okay and

then you can come back if you want if

you feel like coming back okay bheegi

bheegi it's okay guys you don't need be


okay yeah thank you so much I know

because I'm not a moderator and it

didn't post a link here I think at least

not recently

hahaha yes I understand thought police

life in UK with buzz question have you

received your first white teeth hey

laughing a lot oh my God my piggy piggy

bus to be honest guys I haven't gone

okay I think because the threshold guys

is every creature has to get has to

reach 100 dollars before they can get

their pin yes and I haven't reached the

threshold so I think right now I've got

80 yes I've got 80 I'm not sure if I

read it right because sometimes there

are some changes so I've got 80 so I

need to work more I need to upload more

and I need you guys also I need your

support support means you know not

skipping advertisements of course but

yeah it depends on me of course we

cannot really teach everyone to do

something because you know you can do

like you want you know you can do like

from the bottom of your heart you can

just watch advertisement at least you

can also get information about some

products or what so it really depends on

you of course if you skip then it's your

choice but if you know what I would

appreciate it of course from the bottom

of my heart

Jimin hahaha she's bluffing a

clothesline aku and white teeth and back

routine I mean us a lie can you give me

bus marami bhai your fireworks John yes

like and you keep it Buster you

a lot of my works right now but a night

higher around oh my god like Yaffe night

I mean yes a not every day I tried but

nothing nurseries baby oh like a new

came big buzz died she only goes live

when her child is at the nursery okay

but so nice to see you know well yes fun

so finally you were able to catch the

well here in the chat room he has been

attending he has attended my life

streaming a few times oh what a thumbs

up and I guess those times you were

absent and then you were absent uh-huh

uh fines of shiny McVie tree now no

shiny ministers there listening shiny

Minh is always there by so shiny men you

should be on the front line haha it

always did well fallow hurry today hope

the weather is ok so I do long sentences

of t-shirt says just hello is boring no

thanks teacher haha it's true it's back

everyone no you don't you don't need

only hello hi be those messages it will

be spamming everyone you talk We Need to

Talk you know this is Q and a Q&A

doesn't mean hello hi okay you can say

hello hi the first time you enter but

after that we need to talk and talk and

talk and talk

how long have I been nine oh my god okay

and I can you give advice predictive

text getaways alibi predictive text

getaways or what I talking about like we

can be buzzed I'm not sure okay ah

that's a Depot I no problem Evelyn

there's no problem you can you can go

out and make friends and then come back

it's ok ok no problem

now can you give back yes giveaways for

this overnight oh my fibers oh really

you have your fireworks every night


why there's a giveaway I don't

understand what is it for

likely you can give us who wants to join

me here everyone raise your feet race

your feet normally raise your leg if you

want to join me here ok I can see

anyone's leg right now raising their

you could donate 100 to yourself

basically it's the same or a friend

doesn't really but I don't want to do it

I mean it sounds ridiculous to do it to

myself instead of Bernie I'm paying no

way I'm not sure if I reacted the right

way but yeah I I don't think it's a good

idea to do it uh yeah anyway bunch of

shiny men FSA's laughing he finds lvg

talking to me again and you give it back

really not please but but to be honest I

I want when I visit my friends

especially those friends of mine who are

doing or have an icicle are working hard

in their channel those monetized friends

and they go live I want to actually

donate to them but my card is not

working I don't know why I mean I use my

ATM I mean the ATM I use yeah for my

salary something like that but doesn't

work so I think it doesn't allow for

private for some privacy or private

reasons or privacy matters probably yes

and yeah I don't know and yeah it'll be

experience the same thing yeah but with

a credit card it rips but I don't know

anyway yeah so I cannot do it to myself

one thing I don't want to do it and the

second thing is I cannot do it even if I

should do it maybe I should do because

it's better but I can't because my car

doesn't work with this kind of thing I

don't know why I don't know I didn't

really but it says there for safety

reasons bla bla bla bla bla like you

know because I've tried many times

because I have some friends who really

work hard in their channel and I tried

to help them but I can't so what I do is

I just watch their videos yes without

skipping their ass you can't remember

okay go to Sweden well I'm fine shiny

man thank you it's die

Fox night

that's why we have some fabrics oh I see

then you want to repeat our firework

displays starting now wow I wish you

could go make a video that guys you

can't blog about it you know everyone

who is from the UK you should blog about

it everyone I know Wi-Fi works like to

be like audio transcription is host

audio clicks to type in words

ah I see this a great job this is a

great job is it with American company

life be like hog so police just saying

if there are benefits well maybe a but I

have no idea to be honest I have no idea

but I heard some people do that but for

me I'm not gonna do them that thought

please and I cannot do it anyway it's

not possible with my account

it doesn't my account doesn't allow me

to do it um video on Tariq a guy called

night to day t-shirt ah that's why ups

commemorating the guys I'm like am i

pronouncing it right by pops or what

every fifth of November or so how should

I greet people who celebrate this serve

should people say happy guy box or what

how to say how to agree or is there any

specific greetings that we should do or

nothing just nothing shiny man getting

sweetened well nice I didn't know but

the story of this guy ah that's I it

looks like a faraway story in time 17

17th century Oh be nice I need you as a

big shout out to you and Spencer hello

say hello everyone

I'm an adventurer how are you it's been

a long time it's been a long time I

haven't seen you my friend how are you

and Spencer finds the video the police

ask your husband Tiffany that way it

stays in the family

Wow but I don't know if my husband

agrees with that

I'm not sure but yeah I'm gonna try but

well this kind of thing guys we don't

need to ask people to do it okay hey we

just saw no I don't know for me as for a

turn whoever gives it's a great it's a

great thing I mean I'm so happy to have

that really I'm so happy because at

least people think oh I deserve such

thing wow this is really great you know

yeah but we shouldn't I think I don't

think it's nice good to ask people to do

it okay nature simplistic beauty

photography saying I thought police I

mean it's not that much after all I uh

well we will see if my the police and

there's no major loss okay we do in

Turkey I didn't do it I didn't do it you

mean you didn't vlog video Hunter Ricky

Nutkin is missing and venture thank you

so much Renee I didn't even say oh I

think buddy-buddies am I wrong I got one

I get always been a wild guy guy fawkes

I'm not sure if I pronounced it

correctly born in New York in York where

I'm living

he plotted to blow up the UK Parliament

ah okay so just one fire night no

specific regions okay just like that


sorry guys Russian over there

Albany sorry okay where am I now

and venture ant venture just got back

from vacation de Filippis oh my god I'm

venture you might be nice and it'd be

good for you at venture

how long has it been I mean how long had

it been before you actually went on

vacation and Spencer raagas a grave use

you're able to visit your family in

Philippians some people do bonfire in

their garden with friends as a

celebration huh if you want to know

about bonfire night or guys folks you

google them great answer huh getaways

you know well I will definitely do it

okay thank you for the information get

always be in a while and venture it okay

I'm gonna drink water guys and venture

said I kind of feel sick today not

prepared for cold weather in Texas

oh yeah it's you know whether transition

the temperature transition because in

Philippines I think it's hot is it

was it hot when you want to focus on

adventure and really now like when you

can with us even husband gives white you

will get some percentage from what you

received though so in the end my Ljubica

even YP will get some percentage from

what you receive so in the end man

unique even husband gives white t even

husband gives white they will get

suffers uh uh basically guys you know

Marcus we're still here no problem CSD

dopey little more nature simplistic

beautiful tog Rafi hope you enjoyed your

vacation and hacktivist that you haven't

been by you in a while yes adventure I'm

pretty sure she enjoyed her vacation

that is all these guys it's more fun in

the Philippines

yes guys the police I just give you 20

bucks or something but I don't want to

connect my account perfect information

at least not at that point in the war

raging in your back what do you mean the

police I would just uh huh okay

understand but you don't have to do it

though please no problem okay no problem

please oh my god it's very kind of you

but no problem thank you so much so

police Audrina music Neil um welcome

Andrea music me vlog

okay let's complete the spinner guys

let's complete the spinner because

Adrienne is here every n Adrienne music

me music we music me blah blah blah

music mate block in an adventure is here

as well yes guys I'm writing your name

hearing my spinners because I'm gonna

share WH later - five people five lucky

people and for those people who don't

have conscience if you get to win you

have two choices you can share how you

can you can donate the W each or you can

take it as yours for a 30 minute online

class for free with me guys if you are

not scared trap class with me why not if

you think you need to study English only

of course there are native speakers you

don't need to study just need to donate

for ya watch our if you can if you want

mm-hmm I can you can read by so if yes

yes life if you can but does make sure

10 minutes or 15 minutes you say okay it

was four weeks vacation Wow

very long yeah really guys I would love

to I do want to talk about it anyway

life be like hobby su esposa

intergovernmental organization it's a

voluntary job not getting paid just

allowance but I'm happy to be oh that's

very nice of these very kind of you

be like TV I'm like I always say like be

like TV life be like mom it's very great

you know to volunteer I actually when I

was in Philippines I also did

volunteering because I had forgot the

nationality I had a student before she

lived she lives she lives in fact of the

school where I used to work and she saw

me when I went out of the school and she

talked to me

hey are you English teacher she did like

that because the gate our gate of the

school has English Academy blah blah

blah at that so when I went out I was

alone going out of the school that time

and she madness Hey are you English

teacher I said yes I am and she said

because I'm interested to learn English

so blah blah blah they have time can you

teach me well bus so I said oh yeah but

and she she's just an on guys she's a

nun I think you guys are you guys know

what the nun is she's a nun and she was

wearing her her costume is Anandi white

clothes and things like that and with

the Roasterie area so I said oh yeah I

can't but my schedule is very tight this

time and so we keep in touch we kept in

touch so yeah until such time I had free

time and I was able to teach her and

yeah because she's a nun they do a final

bullet earring job they help people on

the street they give food they have a

kind of thing they give food they give

clothes or books like that so during

that time I also helped her do that I

helped her distribute some food and I

also donated just a little not much

because you know in Philippines the

salary is not that big just enough you

know enough to enjoy life a little and

yes I have for the family I like that so

I helped I also did volunteer and it's a

great feeling guys when you volunteer

when you do volunteering job it's really

nice and the feeling is very nice guys

after you give something and you see

people they are so happy oh my gosh the

feeling is amazing so yes it's a great

job like me my cause it's a volunteer

job Wow

I really appreciate it Wow sorry for not

being active in a while no problem

century don't need to be sorry we

debated semantically adrià music me vlog

of course you can speak Tagalog to those

people if he knows in the chatroom

but there are also many foreigners in

the chat room right now at via music me

vlog so I guess it's ideal to us to

write in English if you can because

there are a lot of foreigners in the

chat room but if you want to speak

Tagalog you can speak Tagalog and there

are people who can understand the color

that's wrong the foreigners won't be

able to answer to entertain the Tagalog

things that you are writing there

because yeah they talk in English ok but

of course you are very welcome to use to

go along with the chatroom I miss our

English teacher in France yes I miss you

too and venture united Sweden Benjamin

was pretty naman po P 9 is wedded it is

very humid in the Philippines oh yeah

and I also said about the the news opens

in some parts of the Philippines they

they have this kind of tragedy in home

ha I'd read music me are you a music me

vlog there is no connecting in the chat

room ok please no words about connecting

in the chat room please ok no spamming

everyone ok yes

get away speaking lpg here Obus forme

family - among die boy you know you

sweating madame la la la vie yamazaki my

english yes madam ER you mean madami

yes of course yeah there are many people

who speak english in the staff room so

it's better to speak english but of

course if you're comfortable with

tagalog you are very welcome happy one

but if you want to connect with people

guys please do it the right way ok don't

spam my chat room ok I don't allow

messages about connecting or as a being

or whatsoever please don't do that when

you visit people's live streaming in the

chat room don't do it if you want to