Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Official Euro 2016 Matchball - "Adidas Beau Jeu" Test/Review by Extra Time

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Hey guys, we all know that the Euro's are running right now

and the players need a good match ball between all the sick boots

If the Beau Jeu is kind of like this ball

you will see in this video


So we gonna check the aerodynamics of the Em Ball

behind me you see my friend Falk

and i will cross the ball to him

to check the aerodynamics

Like you saw the Beau Jeu stays very stable in the air

this is because of the thermal gluing of the ball

which creates a stable flight curve

and a very low water consumption

What does all this mean at the end?

It means that the ball will do everything you want it to do

and that you can shoot it everywhere you want it to shoot

Grip and touch are crucial factors when you get a long cross pass

and if the Em ball of 2016 met this we will see now

The Beau jeu is made out of 6 penals like the brazuca

but their are a little bit softer and give you a very nice grip

While shooting and playing with this ball

that the soft surface has some advantages

in comparison to norma trainings balls

First its like i said you get a lot of friction on the ball

and on the other hand

it feels in general very nice to play and to dribble with this ball

except this gonna happen

The quality is in general very good

but the ball also has some little quality issues

First the formation of little tears

which has no influence of the over all performance and durability

and also a very general problem of all Adidas balls from the last 4 years

the color which fades off after time

So is the Adidas Beau jeu a worthy match ball for the Euro's?

In my opinion definitive

because it has all characteristics

which a good football has to have

like its aerodynamics and its upper

World you buy the Beau Jeu?

Which ball is your favorite? Just write it in the comments

At this point i will say thank you for watching

and say see you next time


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