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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Judge Caprio Throws a Strike!

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(upbeat music)

(air whooshing)

Jody Gorvan?


Good morning, Jody.

Good morning, how are you?

You have a red-light violation on Roger Williams Avenue.

Do you remember this?

I do remember, yep.

I was going to the zoo with my children

and then I received that in the mail, so--

How old are your children?

I have four children.

I have a 15, 12, a 10, and a 9 year old.

Do you work?


Yep, I'm a nurse at Cherry Hill Manor.

You are?


Inspector Quinn, you might be interested in knowing

that, you know, recently, you know this,

that within a couple weeks ago,

actually, it was about two weeks ago

I threw out the first pitch at the Yankee/Red Sox game

(air whooshing)

in their series at Fenway Park.

(air whooshing)

And you have, you know, you have four kids.



And I was lucky enough to have four of my kids there.


You know, to join me on the field.

And so it was just, was, like, an unbelievable experience.


So I know the joys of parenthood.


You know, and it just so happens that by throwing out

the first pitch, the Red Sox won that game.



See, that's wonderful.

And they won three straight.

And then after that they lost six straight.

Oh, hmm.

Because they didn't bring me back.

They should have brought me back again.

(Jody laughing)

I got a call in to John Henry, Judge,

for you to pitch the rest of the year.

(all laughing)

I'm ready to get back in there; right?


I can say I pitched a no hitter at Fenway Park.

(all laughing)

I'm gonna give you a break on this.

Thank you very much.

Actually, I'm gonna use somebody's check.

I have from a gentleman by the name of Martin Dodo.

And he is from Melrose, Massachusetts.

Actually, he owns a company called AAA Radiators,

and he sent a check for $150 and said,

"Judge, use this as you see fit to help anyone

"you think needs a hand."

Wow, thank you.

Your fine is $85,

so we're gonna use this to pay your fine.

Thank you very much.

And we still have $65 left to help somebody else

Thank you.

with the same check.

Good luck.

Thank you very much, have a good day.

Take care of those kids.

Thank you.

(air whooshing)

Come on, how cool was that?

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That's it.

Move it, move it.

Nice! (laughing)

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