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(intense music)

- [Narrator] You may have made it this far Crown Lake,

but don't congratulate yourself yet.

Midterm week will test you

in more ways than you can expect.

Even the most promising students

will find their breaking point.

So don't let anything steal your focus.

Because when it's time to cram,

distractions can be lethal.

(modem squeals)

- Midterm exams are 30% of your final grade.

Library hours have been extended for this week only.

So I suggest you use your time wisely.

- [Narrator] Some of you will crack into the pressure.

While for others,

pressure it's just a stone that sharpens the knife.

Hush my loves now don't you lie

Mama's got a way of makin' things right

If you think your words are right

Better close your mouth, shut your lips real tight

- Miss Rose is Heather, I know it.

- What makes you so sure?

- She brought it up yesterday.

- Wait, who pays your tuition?

- Promise you won't tell anyone?

It's a long story but the Roach Gang.

- You mean like, the mob?

So what are you going to do about it?

- We have to stop her.

She can't leak my secrets if I leak them first.

Plus, if she has dirt on me,

then she has dirt on everyone.

We have to get into her office.

- But how?

- I have an idea.

- It has come to our attention that illegal study drugs

are circulating this campus.

Crown Lake Academy has a zero tolerance policy on all drugs.

Anyone found connected to this behavior will be sent home,


And this, I promise you.

(intense music)

- [Chloe] Hey, is this a bad time?

- What's on your mind Chloe?

- So I have this friend and she has a secret.

She's afraid of might affect how people see her.

- I would suggest she start by confiding in one person.

And when she says it out loud,

it will feel a lot less scary.

- I'll let her know.

- Come on, I have to proctor an exam.

We could talk more on the way.

(light music)

- Just saw the news.

We did it.

- [Man On Phone] Well done, son.

- Now that Evan's secret is out,

I think I may have found a way

to knock Tiffany off her high horse, too.

- Man on Phone] Don't overdo it.

If you really want to help, stay out of trouble.

We don't need any more bad press about the company.

(intense music)

- Uh, she's not in there right now.

I just checked.

- Shouldn't you be studying?

- Uh, I'm waiting for Miss Rose.

We have a meeting.

(intense music)


- All right.

You be good, Lucy.

(intense music)

(heavy sigh)

- What are you doing?

We don't have time to snoop.

- Look.

These are photos of Miss Rose when she went to Crown Lake.

- She looks angry even then.

Wonder how old she is?

- That's my mom.

Wonder if they had a falling out?

Maybe she's part of the reason why mom left Crown Lake.

- You think Miss Rose is a bully?

- I think we need to keep looking.

Have you checked those cabinets over there?

(intense music)

- Bingo.

- [Miss Rose] Just gonna grab my lunch.

(keys jingle)

(intense music)

- [Woman] Holly, you coming?

(heavy exhaling)

- That was way too close.

- I just need you to do one more thing.

Make copies of these.

10 of each file should do it.

Come on Chrissy, we're so close.

- How are the midterms going?

- Not great.

I only got through half of world history.

- So, did I do something wrong?

(heavy sigh)

- No.

No, I've just been confused about a lot lately.

And I don't think I should be with anyone

until I know what feeling and who--

- It's fine if you're not into me or this.

You could tell me.

- Oh.


Look, all I want is for you to be happy.

Just be yourself.

OK, you've got this.

(light music)


(door squeaks)

- Good timing Miss Quinn.

You're up.

- Welcome to Perfect Pets, an online pet store.

I used HTML to build the website

and incorporated several hyperlinks

to make it function as a real shop,

linking photos of animals that are available.

I used Adobe Photoshop and a picture of my dog Benji

to create the landing page that you see here.

- Great work, Lucy. (applause)

Next up, Tiffany St. Mark.

- Wait, wait, what?


What, I wasn't ready. (laughing)

I wasn't ready.

(laughing) I wasn't ready.

- All right.

All right, uh, settle down, settle down.

Calm down, that's enough.

That's enough.

(intense music)

- Donna Wilson, body issues, ouch.

(hallway chatter)

- What is your problem?

- It's not me who said it.

It was Miss Rose.

Hate her!

You witch!

How could you do this?

- Miss Rose.

My office now.

(intense music)

- Well, they say that Crown Lake is a series of locks

And every lock has a key.

- Do you not like Miss Rose or something?

- [Nellie] I just get really weird vibes from her.

- Who's your mom?

- Dana Roth.

- [Girl] So what are we going to do?

We'll find a way to get rid of her.

- Some secrets are better off locked away forever.

- [Nellie] Together.



- [Miss Rose] Who's responsible for this?

- It was me.

- So defiant.

Where'd you learn that trait from?

- [Nellie] What's that supposed to mean?

- It means the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

- [Nellie] You're crazy.

- Detention tomorrow, 7 a.m. in the crypt.

- [Nellie] You can't make me stay here.

- Every word you say, is another hour you'll spend here.

You remind me of a girl I grew up with.

- [Nellie] You'll laugh when you have to help me.

- If you put enough poison in well,

you'll make yourself sick, too.

Tell me, do the other girls know how you got here?

- You have a good evening Miss Rose.

(escalating music)

(high-pitched ringing)

- Please tell me you didn't have something to do with this.

(transcendent music)

- This is ridiculous.


How dare you.

(intense music)

You had it out for me just like you had it out for my mom.

- You have it all wrong.

You'll figure out what this unlocks.

(interesting music)

Seems like you're very good at getting what you want.

(ethereal music)

Hush my loves now don't you lie

Mama's got a way of makin' things right

I can hear 'em talking in my sleep

Got one eye open while I'm listening

Hush my loves now don't you lie

I might look sweet but I don't play nice

- [Narrator] Next time on Crown Lake.

- [Narrator] Can you ever really know someone?

But at Crown Lake, looks can be deceiving.

You may think that you know me,

but you don't know anything about me.

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