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Now there's a new way to do business

with the New York State and Local

Retirement System. It's the new

Retirement Online, and it puts the tools

you need and your account at your

fingertips. You can use Retirement Online

to view your account information, change

your address, update your beneficiaries,

even apply for a loanand you can do it

online instead of calling us or sending

forms through the mail. Go to the NYSLRS

homepage on the internet and look

for the Retirement Online logo. Select

"Register Now" to create your new account.

In a few minutes you'll be on your way.

Finding information about your

retirement benefits has never been

easier or more secure. NYSLRS is

committed to protecting your personal

information. That's why the new

Retirement Online has the same security

safeguards you use with online banking

and with other financial institutions.



and just a click away.

Your Benefits,

Your Way,

Your Retirement Online.

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