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Hello, my name is Joff Summerfeld, in

2006 on the first of May I left Greenwich in London, and I spent two and a half years cycling around the world on my penny farthing

Returned in end of 2008 since my return I've been building penny farthings for a living in London

And then into the middle last year just I started to hear that little call and back of my ear

And I knew it was time that I've got to be back on the road. That's where I've been

Been Happiest on the Road and in different adventures, and that's the place that have to be so now I've closed down my life

I just move literally moved out of the workshop and

Now I'm homeless

on the streets of London and

I've just this morning got my American Visa. So now I'm in about a week's time

I'm going to saddle up with the penny farthing and head off around the world again this time though

I'm going west so I'm going to go across the states I get to the rockies

I'm going to turn left and just keep on heading South to the bottom of South America

After that don't really know where I'm Gonna go

I've got a hankering for Mongolia or somewhere

But it's - that's about eighteen months to get to the bottom of South America

And I have to decide then where where to go the reason I do all this on Penny farthings it comes

from when I very first started working for myself and

Previous to that I was a race engine builder in formula one and that first year for my holiday I cycled

up to Amsterdam, and really loved it. That's an old pre-war BSA bike and

This is finally this is how I'm gonna see the world on a bicycle

But I don't you know will make my own bike, but I don't want to make a touring bike a racer

What's the silliest thing I can think of and that's a penny farthing, so I went to Museum

I had a look at the bikes measured them up and made the first one and I rode that to Paris for the millennium and

Through my websites suddenly people are asking me to make them as well

And I ended up doing less and less race

Engine stuff and more and more bike stuff until I haven't done any racing stuff for years now

Just doing the bikes and that's how it evolved and the penny

They just think is mad they just think it's mad and when they ask you where you come from

And you say I've just ridden across country or halfway around the world they you know

It's it creates a great conversation your instantly innocent to everyone you're not a threat

Which is opens doors and and that's one of the real pleasures

With these quirky forms of transport they open doors for you, and that's that's brilliant

I mean, you just get to meet so many nice people and you get to realize as well that what you see on the news

Isn't the reality of the world the reality is that

99.9 percent of people in the world are just lovely and that's lovely to have that feeling

If any would like to follow me on my next adventure or have a look at the previous ones. There's a couple of places

There's That's one website

There's Instagram @joff_summerfield they all go to the same place or if they're really technically inclined I'm going to be

Updating stuff on Instagram which is @Joff_summerfeld or again Joff Summerfield on Facebook

And that we loads of stuff going up it will progress to be more

information videos hopefully and all sort of got free plans and over the coming months and years, so

Be nice to see anyone there go say hello. That'd be fantastic to say hello as well

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