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Hi, everybody. I'm Hoodadak.

The fifteenth of lunar January is just around the corner.

There is a tradition of eating five-grain rice on this day.

So I make five-grain rice today.

Five-grain rice is called OGOKBAP in Korean.

They are black adzuki beans and red.

My mom has grown beans.

My mom sent me a bean that I've never seen before.

Put the beans in the water.

kidney bean

Bring to a boil.

I boiled it for about 30 minutes.

You don't have to boil too much because you're going to cook rice.

You should wash the beans clean before you boil them.

Boiled water will be used to cook rice.

glutinous rice, glutinous (Chinese) millet

I really like to put this in the rice.

millet, sorghum

I will wash the grains clean and then cook rice.

I've drained enough water.

It's boiled beans.

I like beans, so I put in a lot.

You may add less beans.

Mix them together

It's a water made from boiling beans.

Season with salt.

Cooked glutinous rice needs a little salt to be served.

The water poured 1.2 liters.

Beans should be submerged.

I cook rice with a pressure cooker.

OGOKBAP has become very delicious.

Water control is important for OGOKBAP.

That way, the rice is well made and good to eat.

OGOKBAP is delicious even when it is warm,

I like it better when it's cold.

When I was young, my mom made a lot of OGOKBAP and kept it in the kitchen.

The next day, the cold OGOKBAP was so delicious.

I put some salt in it today, but I don't mind if I add a little more.

Did the traditional Korean five-grain rice look delicious?

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Behind me, I use vegetables to make various side dishes.

It will be eaten on the fifteenth of lunar January.

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