Practice English Speaking&Listening with: LevyGrey - Temptation (Official Music Video)

Difficulty: 0

welcome to the museum of temptation

got me in my zone utmost atella take you or me fuck you in the Mara when I made

it I know my name is here she gonna try to hold it and i said i

dare just give me the word that we lay i get to over to the right cool yes you

know i just want a then it's alter the mood i never confuse i hope that i thing

it entre cuz I know the shooters niggas they do yeah after that she know what's

clear yeah where you need it colorful

for make that she go make that she go call AFOL yo make that she go


let's go do some see we sure in dude as much take you to their room and let me

live out my no no no no no

for a meu was banging on that door don't police come now is me you were we should

I had a threesome I'd like a dick sometime but you I'd

like you me so if you ever need something

when you need it colorful make that she go go go make that she go make that she

go kind of fire

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